Red bumps on skin like bug bites

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Avatar n tn I just got these bug bites I think they were from a type of fly that was flying around. And I have a bunch on my legs and some on my arms and one on my hand. They are red and slightly raised. They itch and hurt. When I scratch them they get bigger and red and inflamed.
Avatar m tn Both have been very uncomfortable, with the ones on the penis healing over time. Unfortunately, the bites on the scrotum do not seem to go away and have become large bumps. I have about 10-12 of these bumps and everyday a few of them itch intensely. I also went to planned parenthood, in fear that it was some type of STD and the nurse said she hadn't seen anything like it in the 15 years she has worked there.
Avatar n tn Hello, Since all three of you are having it at the same time,so I would suggest you to get evaluated for scabies. Rash in scabies is usually found in the folds of skin and they are red blister like rashes. It is an infestation of the skin with the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. It is characterized by intense itching, usually at night and by small insect-type bites lesions on the skin.
Avatar n tn In this condition there are acne like bumps due to keratin deposits in the skin resulting in red unsightly bumps. Another possibility is acne. Acne is common on the chest, back and shoulders as the skin is very thick here and there are more sebaceous glands in this area. Another possibility is eczema, dermatitis, bacterial or fungal skin infection etc.It is best to consult a dermatologist and get the diagnosis confirmed. I do hope it helps. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn I have had what could be 2 separate conditions since the beginning of July. At the beginning of July, I had a friend's kittens at my condo for the weekend. They were itchy & I was itchy. Fearing they had fleas & not wanting to infect my cats, after they left I did a thorough cleaning. At the time, I had no visible signs of bites - just a rash that was very itch. My cats did not show any signs of fleas then, nor do they now.
Avatar n tn They still itch. I have about thirteen on my left leg, and 5 on my right, They are small bumps with a dark edge around them. I'm starting to freak out becuase I have been back for 5 months now and they still itch, and some have changed in size. Do you have any idea of what this could be?
Avatar n tn They look like normal bug bites (though my bug bites usually turn to welts), but I cannot see an entry point. They are raised and red and usually appear in groups of two or three. They usually only appear between my breasts and my knees, and on my arms and back, and also sometimes on my feet/ankles. They are very itchy and unsightly. I'm not aware of any allergies, but to be sure I have changed my deodorant, lotions, detergents, soaps, etc. Nothing helped.
Avatar m tn As the day went on, I counted 35 red, itching, burning, stinging bumps that looks like regular bug bites but they don't feel like them.. Some are small, and in a line, I have 15 just on one arm....and some are quater sized or larger, they're hard and swollen and scattered all over. It seems that they are spreading and I even have them on my fingers, toes, and the heels of my feet. There's even some in the middle of my back that is always covered up.
Avatar n tn My son (9) has developed small red bumps on his skin that start out looking almost like a mosquito bite and then some get a small blister on top. The first two showed up on the inside of his elbow and now are showing up on his stomach and chest, these are the only places we have found them. There are probably around twenty of these on his body now. They itch at first but then don't seem to bother him after that.
Avatar m tn some are identical to a bed bug bite.. red, raised lumps in the skin. There are a few others that resemble mosquito bites.. where they're less red, and more of a large welt. As I mentioned above.. I'm thinking this may not be a result of bed bugs.. since we sprayed and bombed the room, and I'm still getting bit. However, I'm not sure. Has anyone had anything of the sort? I'd appreciate any and all input.. thanks!
Avatar n tn So, recently I've noticed random red bumps on my skin. The first cluster was below one of my breasts, and then I started noticing more around my stomach (except these weren't clusters) and on my chest. Today, I've noticed about three clusters of raised bumps on my arms. It looks like a bug bite, but after looking more closely I can tell that these are clusters of bumps on my arms. I tried popping one to see what would happen, and a water substance came out.
Avatar f tn For over a month I have been getting bitten in my apartment by some mysterious critter. I have itchy red bumps that look like bug bites all over my legs, arms, stomach and, occasionally, collar bone. I saw a dermatologist about 3 weeks ago and he said that they looked like bites since they generally comes in rows of 3. He assumed they were from bed bugs. I've become so paranoid that I clean my apartment with lysol everyday. I had a bug guy come in to look for bed bugs and he didn't find any.
Avatar f tn one on the left side of my upper chest, one on the right side of my neck, and one on the tip of my index finger that isn't terribly itchy (yet). I haven't been able to figure out the cause of these bumps. At my house, we have had fleas (three times, in fact) and, therefore, are very good at identifying them and their bites. These don't look anything like the flea bites I've received in the past. Those were always more like pimples that only grew in size when scratched.
Avatar m tn I am a 32 yr old I have always had clear skin about a month ago i started gettin red bumps that look like bites all over me mainly in my sides and arms they recently started to apear on my hands and feet. They go away and return they itch so bad. They covered my legs one day I can not take it anymore please any feed back will be great.
Avatar m tn Started Friday 1, 2, then 3 next thing I know like 15 in 2/3 days time. It hurts him and I am so confused. He has a few red bumps and started the ithing also and I feel like I am not being a good enough parent cause I am jobless as it is and now I cant get them the help they need. Please someone if you have any idea PLEASE HELP!!! we dont have fleas or bed bugs and I have sprayed for bugs and stuff I am so confused!!
Avatar f tn I have noticed some other people post about the same sort of problem. I have been getting "bites" on my arms, legs and some on my torso on occasion. I live in a guest house, and we bug bombed the house and washed everything that was in there and I am still getting these weird red bumps. My dad is a nurse and says they aren't scabies. They start off as welts, similar to how a misquito bite starts then they turn into small bumps and stay for a week or so.
Avatar f tn I have lots of red pimple-like spots on my lower abdomen, upper thighs, and a line of them up both sides of my abdomen up to my arm pits. Nothing on upper abdomen and chest, except a cluster of them of both areolas only. My doctor and dermatologist think they're bug bites, although they don't look like any of the bug bite photos I've found on the web. What's concerning me are the ones around my nipples. They aren't anywhere else on my breasts, which seems strange if it was a bug.
Avatar n tn I also break out what looks like some sort of bug bites, and the itch so bad. I didnt have bed bugs I threw out my bed, i was treated for scabies twice, i have no pets, no one is effected but me, These appear mostly on my arms, my hands and the top of my feet itch periodically. I have been to teh doctor 3 times. when it first happens it looks like I have just been bitten by some sort of bug, then they itch really bad, then they flatten out and start flattening out. I really cant figure this out.
Avatar f tn They are just single spread out through out my body one fades away then new ones come for the past 3 months I've had between 3-6 at a time. They are either small red dots inside my skin, or bigger itchy red bumps that look just like single bug bites and itch very bad, both rashes last anywhere from 7-14 days.
Avatar f tn it leaves tiny red itchy dots, sometimes white in the center (like a pimple). it seems like a bug bite in that it suddenly itches and soon a red dot develops. the dot goes away in about 24 hours or so, but the itch continues. i have asked entomology (bug) experts and nothing fits the bill. they suggested looking into a medical cause. premethrin based creams (used for lice, etc) have cured some of my siblings. still there is no bug to be found.
Avatar f tn The first day or so after I got there, I had a couple itchy bumps that were like mosquito bites. I had a larger on my buttocks. I didn't scratch them but the one on my bum got worse and itched more. It turned red and got a little scab on it...soon it became a bigger, darker scab and it oozed pus. It also hurt to sit down (rubbed against my pants, underwear etc). It has now doubled in size and is a big black scab that hurts when I touch it.
Avatar m tn I threw away both and have been treating the apartment, but remain skeptical with this diagnosis. Does this sound like bed bug bites? Do symptoms from bed bug bites sometimes take time to appear? Any ideas what this might be? Many thanks.
Avatar m tn Back in April I noticed that the lower part of my buttocks and the inner thighs were itching. I developed red bumps that have remained there for now almost 4 months. The bumps are red and are rather large... they are raised from the skin, more like hives - they are not smooth and are rather bumpy. They itch specially at night. At times while I apply some cortisone paired up with antihistamines, they will calm down and go dormant... but only to come back again on the same spots.
1648969 tn?1304960340 21mo old keeps getting red bumps that look like bug bites at first then after about 3 days get a hard little blister he also has a red bottom and wheezing this has been going on all year so far. In Jan he had bad wheezing was taken to doc for a fine rash on belly and fone on bottom culture showed strep. Afew days later he had red patches all over his body, excema, started using derma-smooth, white dove and free and clear laundry det.
Avatar m tn They dry out and then start itching and leaves a scar. They're not bug bites or mesquito bites. I dont know what the cause is or how i can make them go away. My skin is very fair and its extremely noticable. Is this common?
Avatar n tn I have red bumps that appeared around my elbow (about 6 of them). They looked like bug bites that didn't itch or anything, but as the bumps reside, it's leaving my skin discolored (kinda like a light bruise, but with no pain or irritation). I pulled a hair out of the center of one of them, and a small amount of white fluid came out (very very small amount). I had one on my opposite arm on the underside also, but the bump is gone and it also left with the same discoloration.
Avatar m tn The first morning i had two on my face, one on my back, and one on my collarbone. The next morning i got another on my back and two on my head under my hair. this morning i got another one on my back, one on my upper stomach, and one one the underside of my forearm. they're not acne and not chicken pox, they itch and are sore at the same time. please help! :) thanks.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend began to scratch his back later on and he too has begun to show small red bumps on his back. They do not look like bug bites and have spread by all the scratching. Can anyone tell me what they think it could be?