Ramipril and allopurinol

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Avatar n tn I am also suffering from Hypothyroidism since 1980 and taking 125mg Thyroxine Sodium. I suffered from Gout in the year 2007 and am taking Allopurinol 100mg (tab.zyloric). Please advise if the medication stated above is correct. My breathing becomes heavy on physical exercise.My age is 60 years and I have recently superannuated from a responsible Givernment service. SATISH23.
335873 tn?1264917069 I would be very aggressive with your blood pressure control. You should probably try the ramipril or an alternative ace inhibitor and have your kidney function monitored to look for problems. You could also consider being on an ARB or a diuteric.
Avatar n tn Shes already on zoryl-3 (glimepiride 3mg),piodart-15(pioglitazone 15mg), X-met( metformin 500 mg) besides that she is on antihypertensives( ramipril and hydroclorthiazide), allopurinol, hypolipidemic (atorvastatin). Her blood sugar is still high in the range of 240-270 mg/dl. I request you, and Sir/Maam please do take this message into consideration to inform me about the treatment options. Should insulin be started, her glycosylated hbA1c level was 8. And any other treatment options.
Avatar n tn While repetition of inflammation periods have extended, I still get them once in a while, even after taking Allopurinol daily and Colchicine during the flares. I experience enormous fatigue and periods of time in which I am not able to think straight...somewhat confused at times. I suffer from borderline high blood pressure (140/90) for which I take Ramipril 5mg daily.