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Avatar f tn with low dose you sleep well. less than 50. as you up the dose until 100 it works as an MS . as to increasing energy i don't believe it because it lessens the dopamine as an antimanic. but because you don't have psychosis any more you are not tired from that so you feel better and also a good sleep makes you more energetic as thesea said. seroquel works on the 5-htp and is good for depression it's the only AP prescribed for depression by the FDA.
Avatar f tn yes that is a low dose and honestly the lowest dose of any med is a good thing..... when i have more than 1 or2 nights of sleeplessness i reset my time clock with 3/1mg. of meletoin at bedtime..sublingual from gnc....i also use it when traveling as it is very hard to sleep away from home....
1255936 tn?1296627061 Yes I know I need to maybe start seeing a good Psychiatrist to get to the bottom of my Anxiety and Depression. Doc suggested Seroquel and starting on a very low dose...to aid with my Effexor. My problem is that the Anxiety is bad...effecting my work and life in general. I am frustrated with taking baby steps. What is the dose for treatment of such disorders and not just a low dose for sleeping?
Avatar f tn I don’t have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder so I don’t believe I should be on this medication to begin with but I know I am on a very low-dose. As well I have been on clonazepam for 14 years, 2mg in the morning and two at night. I have tapered myself off of the clonazepam so I’m down 0.25 mg at night and one in the morning. I really want to come off of the quetapine and I was wondering how to start coming off of it?
534105 tn?1226160777 I asked him about the possibility of a withdrawal reaction and he assure that one month at low dose (25mg) is not going to have any bad impact. I stopped taking the seroquel one week ago and I am feeling very fatigued, depressed and lack of motivation. It seems like it is a withdrawal symptom from seroquel, but I am not sure really.
Avatar m tn Quetiapine - dose, causes, effects, therapy, drug, examples, person, people http://www.minddisorders.com/Py-Z/Quetiapine.html#b#ixzz1uQLmSTAh I hope you dont drink any alcohol, and drink plenty of green tea, as an antioxidant. You might want to go back to the Doctor, that prescribed you the Seroquel, and tell him you are now having liver problems. Then you can try to wean off slowly, while replacing it with something easier on the liver....
Avatar n tn Could any of these meds somehow contributed directly/indirectly to a stroke? Zyprexa (Olanzapine) 1.25 mg (once/day) Remeron (low dose) Seroquel Quetiapine (25 mg (once day) Zopiclone 7.
Avatar n tn Im also schizophrenic and taking a low dose of quetiapine (seroquel) 300 MG AT 9pm daily. My endocrinologist ordered 200units injection every 2 weeks injection but my psychiatrists says No dont do it. What should I do? Ive read so many opinions online - some MDs say take the testosterone and some MDs say dont take the testosterone!
Avatar m tn I lost the woman I loved because of this problem. Sometimes I can have an erection and sometimes I just can't, or it's very weak. I've been taking quetiapine and lamotrigine to treat bipolar disorder for about 1.5 years. My doctor says the cause of my dysfunction is that I have low sex drive, and it makes sense. Is there any suggestion?
Avatar f tn My Doctor prescribed me a low dose of Prozac at 12 weeks. I'm 30 weeks now and haven't had any side effects. I was having severe anxiety attacks and couldnt even get out of bed and have never had anything like that before being pregnant. I feel so much more myself with it. There are many options for antidepressants while pregnant. I would suggest doing as much research as you can and then talk to your doctor to find a solution. Good luck!
Avatar f tn If you find it necessary to go that route, start at a low dose and stay at each level a while and give it a chance to work before increasing the dose. Be aware of potential side effects, especially at higher doses. Based on my experience, it can be a good idea to have someone close to you know that these meds can cause addictive behaviors so they can watch for signs of trouble, as by that point, you might not be able to be objective. I'm not trying to scare you off from taking the meds.
603015 tn?1329866573 The first few doses of seroquel are very likely to hit hard, even at low doses...I slept for the best part of two days when I first strted it, the effects of the quetiapine are probably having a battle with your hypo mind... The good news, IMHO is that you will get over the initial effects of the quetiapine fairly quickly, the chemical benefits build up slowly but the initial sledge-hammer effect only lasted a couple of days for me. Good luck, take care.
Avatar n tn Thanks Doctor, so a manic episode can present as severe anxiety? There was nothing euphoric about it.
Avatar f tn I was on it once years ago for my MVP (mitral valve prolapse), and not only did it help tremendously with the palpitations and PVCs, but also helped to reduce my anxiety a little too. I was on a low dose though, only 10 mg. Travel...that's a pretty significant dose, so please be careful with that BP. You should notice a pretty decent improvement with the increase. Also, if you're ever taken off of the Inderal, you're going to have to be vigilant about watching for rebound hypertension.
318928 tn?1248181016 Milk levels were reported for 2 breastfed infants exposed to venlafaxine plus quetiapine (#4099) (11). Timing after the dose was not specified. When sampled at 6.5 weeks postpartum, the milk level was 371 nM at a maternal dose of 75 mg/d of venlafaxine. In the second case, at 9.5 weeks, the milk level was 1179 nM at a maternal dose of 225 mg/d. In both cases, infant exposure was estimated as <0.1 mg/kg/d and psychomotor development at 12 months of age was reported to be normal.
Avatar f tn that I can become dependent on them as well. How risky is a low dose trazadone? I know you said that someone you were in contact with did get it from trazadone. My Dr. tried to reassure me that in 38 yrs. of practice she never saw anyone get TD from trazadone, & that 50 mg. is a low dose, but there is still a risk. Any sugggestions? Thank you!
Avatar f tn I take 300mg of quetiapine (seroquel) a day as a mood stabiliser and sedative as have sleep issues. My mental health is under control, but its always going to be an ongoing health issue. My doctors made sure I was happy with being pregnant and called me once it was confirmed. I need to start reducing my meds and be off them by the third trimester. The only worry I have is sleep as without these I dont sleep. But I have a supportive partner and family.
Avatar m tn They repeated that line like a mantra as the weight piled on. My question is how low will my dose have to be before I lose some weight. I no longer believe a word the clinic says. I'm fat as a spring hog. I have always been slender no matter what I ate. Should I consider suboxone? Heartfelt thanks to each and everyone.
Avatar n tn It's been horribly agonizing. I was never on a high dose (1.25 mg/day) but it was high enough to not be able to quit cold turkey (tried 4 times). I worked with my pdoc and had my wife on board and tapered over 5 weeks and finally, when I was down to 1/4 of a 2.5 mg tablet twice a week, cut the strings. I'm currently on day 17 and this past weekend was simply hell. I can't describe it. On any day I can experience panic, anxiety, depression, feeling like a zombie all within a couple hours.
8520825 tn?1398515060 ) I am quitting seroquel, and I was wondering if you could help me. I was put on 1200 mg's nightly dose; for about a year. I am currently taking 600 mg nightly; trying to taper off this medication so i can regain my ability to feel emotions again. I feel like a zombie. In the beginning it helped me by stabilizing my mood, and helping me sleep. I discovered that the numbing affect, and other side affects like weight gain, and acid reflux was something I don't like at all.
766412 tn?1234896883 When I was taking seroquel, (quetiapine), I found it to be a really stabilising drug, I didn't have any real extremes of mood, and weirdly, never cried. My only problems were that I got very tired at times, and often got cramps in my legs, but after awhile taking it those things became less harsh. Good luck with it.
Avatar f tn When slowly taking patients off of it I would typically give them low dose Prozac (Fluoxetine) which eases the withdrawal and then discontinue the Prozac which has almost no issues. In your case you are probably past the worst of it but it may take weeks before your symptoms resolve. Talk to your medical provider about the possibility of getting a few weeks worth of a benzodiazapine which should be quite helpful in getting you past the worst of it.
574118 tn?1305138884 On the contrary it\s my energy which is high and my mood low. The more I up my mood I sleep better and more calm. I use seroquel for up to 2 years to control my mania without affecting more or less my mood, so i don't an AD any more in 10 years. What irritates me is that I take 150 of seroquel. I add 1 risperidone. Actually they are equivalent; for each 1mg of the latter is equivalent to 100mg of the former.
1349329 tn?1276988802 My Dr. has prescribed a low dose of Seroquel for me to help with sleep while I'm detoxing. I did an internet search for information and found a website that sells this Medication and you don't need a prescription. I'm going copy and past what it says about how to take it etc., Read everything it says, it is "Totally Crazy." Drug Name Seroquel (Quetiapine) Drug Uses Seroquel is masterpiece for treating schizophrenia or bipolar boisterousness.
574118 tn?1305138884 375 mg Risperidal ( risperidone AP) 1mg Seroquel (quetiapine AP) 25 mg Tegretol (Carbamazepine) 100 mg A nice coktail !! [Tegretol was 200 mg but I withdrew to 100 mg only since it caused me a headache, even now on 100 mg I sleep more in the morning. I use it as my MS. Of course the dose is a joke but can't tolerate more] Here is my theory is that my mania was only AD induced i.e. not in origin or nature.
520191 tn?1355639002 She said the olanzapine is for the pyschosis but she said it was a low dose she wants to see how i react to it, well last night i took 5mg of olanazpine and I couldn't sleep at all so then i took 200mg of quetaipine and it still took me 4 hours to finally fall asleep and i woke up feeling terrible. The pdoc said that the olanzapine would make me sleep but it didn't and it made the queiatpine not make me sleep as well. Has anyone else had this problem?
520191 tn?1355639002 >>>My pdoc wants to put me on Effexor but my therapist doesn't think that's a good idea strange that your therapist understand psychiatry more than your pdoc. INDEED any AD will cause mania after a while (can take months, weeks or even a few years, the longer it takes to produce mania the more difficult to extinguish it). This question I asked here long time ago whether there exists an AD that doesn't drive you manic. Nobody came up with an answer simply because it doesn't exist.