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Avatar n tn In case you haven't see the FDA list of Adverse Effects of Prozac (which is as you know an SSRI just as Celexa, Paxil, etc are) here it is (and thats an old list and reliant on the proportion of doctors who actually reported adverse effects): "FDA Statistics (Gained through the Freedom Of Information Act) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FDA REPORTED PROZAC CASES; TOTAL 35,230 (1987:-1995) ALL FDA COSTART REACTION TERMS IN DATA ALPHABETICAL TERM ORDER - 04/10/96 -
Avatar m tn Hi! Weakness, fatigue and dizziness could be the side effect of Vyvanse and Prozac, which also caused loss of appetite in your case. Hence, you need to talk to your doctor regarding adjusting their dose and timing in order to reduce these side effects. If the side effects reduce, you will be able to eat. However, if this does not help, you will need a change in medication. Other than this make a conscious effort to eat and drink water, soups, juices etc. Take care!
Avatar m tn Hello, I hear that you are struggling to eat as a result of loss of appetite. This may or may not be related to the medication you are taking. I would recommend sharing this information with the doctor who prescribed these medications for you so that he/she may assess your symptoms and choose the best course of action. Warmly, Dr.
Avatar m tn I've never heard of Vyvanse. It sounds to me like you may be experiencing side effects of Prozac. It might be an idea to go to your family doctor and tell her or him about the symptoms you're experiencing. Good luck.
1330182 tn?1279819500 The issue I am concerned about is the daily morning anxiety ( I have loose stools every morning and moderate anxiety which seems to subside later in the day) I have started taking the K first thing in the morning which is slowly decreasing the intensity of the anxiety. My other concern is the loss of appetite. I have went to 134 to 120 since 6/22/10. I started a low dose of Zoloft yesterday because I did have success when I was on it 4 years ago.
Avatar f tn which were anxiety, nausea, loss of appetite , insomnia. The doctor put me on 10mg of prozac and 5 mg ambien for sleep. I have gotten worse instead of better...I do sleep that's a plus. I was told you do get worse before you get better... But this is horrible!!! I just need support from someone who's been there... I'm really struggling!
Avatar m tn After reading a lot of forums, I am finding that the increased anxiety, terrible headaches, loss of appetite and the wired, jittery, trembling is normal for a few weeks until it gets into your system. I will stick it out. My question is this, I had a very strange thing happed a few nights ago. I woke up and started to go into a panic attack because of my headace.
Avatar n tn Hello Trixb, I have had the same problem for a long long time. I have had chronic sickness, loss of appetite, and was also told I could have BS or Crohn's Disease......I have been back and forth to the hospital for 2 years havin CT scans, X-Rays, Bariums, Ultrasounds, Camera's down my throat and up my back passage also. Still nothing!
219241 tn?1413541365 I have just started Fluoxetine a few days ago, which I have already had some nightmares and loss of appetite from. I know they say it takes at least two weeks to kick in but I was taking St John's wort prior to this (my doc knew of this) My serotonin levels were extremely low. I was weepy but not depressed, well, maybe a bit around period time! Anyways, I have since found out the generic is Fluoxetine but the trade name is Prozac. I didn't realise it was that and would never have taken it!
Avatar n tn Insomnia Vivid and violent dreams Inability to detect dreams from reality (The world takes on an other-worldly aspect) No emotions Inability to feel guilt or cry Nausea Loss of appetite Rash; Breathing or lung problems Heart fluttering Shaking - jitteriness Unusual energy surges at times producing super human strength (adrenalin rushes) Memory impairment Hair loss Blurred vision or pressure behind the eyes Inability to discontinue use of drug and increasing own dose Cravings for
Avatar n tn I was told I had Prozac Poopout. Over several months they tried me on 8+ different SSRIs and a couple of others Xanax etc. while I was still on 10mg, prozac. I ended up with severe reacts. to all even tho lowest dose. Only 3 I haven't tried,effexor, Zoloft, Welbutrin. June '03 I decided enough I stopped the prozac since they said it wasn't woking anyway. I was o.k., still taking 1/2 1 mg. ativan at night only expecting to get off, then last Sept. my husband was told he needed open heart surgery.
Avatar f tn I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of days, but was thinking I would take the 20mgs of Prozac every other day to see if this helps reduce some of my anxiety.
Avatar n tn I had a lot of side effects (jittery, racing mind, insomnia, dizzyness, nausea, loss of appetite, and now fatigue) BUT, they've been disappearing for the last several days and SO HAS MY ANXIETY. It's been quite a bit better. I sure hope it continues to be better like this. The PVCs are even happening less. I think I went two days without noticing one. Awesome. I'm cautiously optimistic.
Avatar n tn All the literature out there seems to say that a symptom of cirrohsis is loss of appetite and while my husband has been diagnosed as having cirrohsis, he has the appetite of a horse. I mean, the man is eating constantly, and thankfully for the most part it is healthy food but my worry is that maybe with all this scarfing, his liver is having to work maybe too hard? Could this be a problem and is he harming his liver???
Avatar n tn Bronchitis, Rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes), Yawn. Endocrine: Weight loss. Musculoskeletal: Muscle pain, Back pain, Joint pain. Urogenital: Painful menstruation, Sexual dysfunction, Urinary tract infection, Frequent micturition. Miscellaneous: Chills Infrequent - Prozac (Fluoxetine) Side Effects Infrequent Prozac side effects occurred in at least 1 in 1000 people. Allergic or Toxic: Chills and fever, Urticaria, Maculopapular rash.
Avatar f tn I hate to post again so soon but I know I need to take care of myself for my son. I am having trouble eating lately ~for obvious reasons~ and I have noticed I have dropped a couple pounds. I'm not really worried except that my appetite is not coming back. At what point do I need to worry? I apoligize I know this seems silly but I just have so much going on right now it's slightly overwhelming. Also any tips on how to not miss my husband so much?
Avatar n tn I am severly depressed much of the time, but do not experience any sort of weight loss. However, I am not on any sort of antidepressant, aside from the odd St. John's Wort tablet. I have heard of incidents like your's, though, and hear that it is a somewhat common side-effect of Prozac.
Avatar n tn due to the side effects eg decreased appetite vomiting and weight loss, i have been put on paroxetine. im a 5'9" male and weigh 60 kg (132 ibs) and am very self concious about my weight. is there anyway of increasing my appetite and weight? please help!!
Avatar m tn It increased my anxiety so much, I had nausea, absolute loss of appetite, and fatigue. I decided to stop it after I just couldn't take the side effects anymore. I stopped taking it 20 days ago and am still suffering from the side effects, although they have improved slowly, day by day. Little did I know that Prozac has the longest half life of all SSRI medications and can take up to 4 to 6 weeks for side effects to stop after stopping the drug. Good luck to you and you'll get through it.
Avatar n tn My doc recently prescribed me Topomax for migraines as well as some nerve damage. He also mentioned the side affect of weight loss (which will be a blessing if this is in fact true since I could stand to lose some weight). He started me out on 25 mg for a week, 50 for the second week, 75 for the 3rd week and 100 4th week. Can anyone tell me how they felt on the Topomax as far as the weight loss went? Did they feel not hungry? Nauseaous? Stomach pain?
Avatar f tn There ARE ADs out there that will not cause weight gain..........some are even known to cause weight loss. If ANY part of your depression centered around your weight, your doctor should not have put you on one that is notorious for weight gain. I looked up the side effects for Celexa and found listed under GI: Anorexia and decreased appetite. But please understand that we all react differently to medications. I've known people to LOSE weight on Prozac...........
Avatar f tn Dear All, As you know I was in the process of weening off Lorazepam when I decided to swich to Xanax. Besides restless and depression, I've also experienced a loss of appetite and needless to say that this the rollercoster with the throid that started in May I lost about 30 pounds. This gives me a lot of anxiety which obviously does not help to get the appetite easily back to normal.
Avatar m tn reaction with other medicines, even over the counter drugs, or HERBS One should not take anything that might increase there Serotonin while taking prozac for risk of "serotonin syndrome" ST. Johns Wart is a popular Herb that should not be taken with Prozac. It comes in prescription only by DR.
Avatar f tn does anybody know? I am looking specifically into taking Prozac, because research shows it helps those suffering from bulimia as well, which I'm dealing with, in addition to the depression. Any help, suggestions, anything...would be greatly appreciated. I was on Prozac 20mg sometime ago, and looking back I'm not sure if it helped or not. I am thinking perhaps the dosage needed to be higher, more like 40mg, but I'm concerned about the liver side effects.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was on Prozac for 8 months and gained 10 pounds (I gained it all within one month). I quit Prozac 5 weeks ago with no weight loss yet despite watching what I eat and working out massively 7 days a week. The dr. put me on Topamax which she said would help me lose weight. Does anyone know how long it will take or how I will feel physically once it kicks in?
Avatar n tn I am currently in cymbalta and klonopin and have been for the past 5 years or so. I have lost a great deal of weight. Close to 100lbs in fact. I don't think that much loss is common and much of it I attribute to added stress and that I stopped drinking alcohol for the most part.
Avatar f tn I was on Prozac for only 8 day but on the 8th day I experienced most ALL the bad side effects listed! Anxiety, nervousness, chills, cool pale skin, dry mouth, confusion, tiredness, weakness, trembling & shaking, restlessness, drowsiness, loss of appetite, burning in my chest, I thought I was going CRAZY! It was a nightmare! The next day I decided NOT to take it. I was a little shakey in the morning but the rest of the day I felt fine.