Prometrium vs compounded progesterone

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1344197 tn?1392822771 Examples include oral esterase, estradiol transdermal patches (Climara®, Vivelle®) and the vaginal ring (Estring®). Prometrium® is an oral FDA-approved bioidentical progesterone product. The next misconception is that progesterone-containing skin creams protect the endometrium. This is false; these creams are not strong enough. In addition, some creams contain an inactive progesterone precursor that the human body can't metabolize.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Providers and compounding pharmacies often include Progesterone claiming additional health benefits. The fact is progesterone does not add additional benefit and should only be included when a woman has not had a hysterectomy. Progesterones should not be prescribed in women whom have had a hysterectomy. Progesterones may increase breast cancer risk, promote weight gain, cause depression, increase cholesterol, and do not prevent bone loss.
798555 tn?1292791151 Many types of meds of the same brand are 5 times higher cost in the US vs another country. Well if this bill is true we all know someone who cant afford more expensive non-thyroid drugs now if they have to pay the jacked up US price. For this reason I am surprised at the lack of concern with this informational thread.
Avatar n tn The info is great and shows you after testing just how to obtain Estrace, Gynodiol or Prometrium -- all natural non-compounded bio's that can be prescribed or obtained over the counter at any pharmacy. You can order saliva tests from the pharmacies or on line. You don't need a script for that. I would ask if you need to wait a while to be tested since you are still not too far out from you surgery date. To find a compounder who can maybe then recommend a doctor if you need one, try www.iacprx.
Avatar n tn my skin is also very dry this year ,,but the arms I know just what you mean ..good luck !! im on prometrium & estradiol.. was on before didnt do nothing ,,my skin seems to be a little better ..
Avatar n tn Part of me really thinks it is the stress of everything that happened, now compounded with being unable to conceive. My family history includes all sorts of women who have conceived late in life. Pregnancies and deliveries themselves, even with Amara, are really easy for me. Maybe I'm just in denial, but I don't get it. I'm really hoping the DHEA will make a difference. I believe that doctors have given up hope and this is their "last shot.