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Avatar n tn At some later point in pregnancy the placenta takes over the progesterone production. So hopefully by that time you'll be able to come off the prometrium.
Avatar f tn I take it with food so it won't make nauseated. My doctor put me on it to stop my bleeding and since I've been on it I've had none. I only have to take it for 2 more weeks I think. 5 weeks total. My doctor said it was completely safe. And it stopped my problem. So I'm not worried.
Avatar n tn I started spotting on day 7 of taking the Prometrium and then more bleeding on day 8 but nothing substantial and so I continued to take the Prometrium. The bleeding stopped by days 9 of taking Prometrium so I don't know if this constitutes a real period? I was t start taking Serophene on day 3 of my period so you can see my dilema... Was it a period, or should I expect to get my period AFTER finishing the 10 days of Prometrium?
Avatar n tn However, the Prometrium might help the lining to eventually stop bleeding. Without progesterone, the lining won't shed evenly and only some of the lining will bleed and some will stay. That causes bleeding to continue off and on. The Prometrium helps to make the entire lining shed. Your experience is not abnormal but hopefully the bleeding will stop within the next week. If not, talk with your doctor again.
Avatar f tn Wow that is really interesting! I thought that you needed to stop taking the prometrium to get your AF. I will be starting my second round around the 10th. I hope this works because I am so frustrated, I took 5 pregnancy tests before I was ready to stop the prometrium. It is so heart breaking--I hope that this is your lucky month! Good Luck!
Avatar f tn How many hours after beginning prometrium did your spotting stop? The doc really doesn't think it's due to miscarriage because the bleeding should start once my hcg stops rizing and not before. I'm trying to stay positive and just wait for the next round of numbers...
Avatar n tn 5 which they told me was fine but to keep taking the prometrium. I thought 5.5 sounded really low, but I didn't get to talk to the dr just a messenger who couldn't tell me if they should be higher. Also, my spotting has gotten lighter. Let's hope things keep going the right way. I noticed many of you said the prometrium would make me tired. I'm not sure I can get more exhausted :) I guess I'll find out. Thanks again!!!!
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed 100mg Prometrium to stop lone term unexplained vaginal bleeding. It does not seem to be working.. Has anyone experienced a period while on Prometrium??
191907 tn?1200622479 The clinic told me to stop taking my prometrium on Thursday which I did. I am not feeling any cramping or having any spotting/bleeding. Infact physically I am feeling exactly how I felt before they told me that I am miscarrying. Does anyone know how long after I stop the prometrium I should expect cramping and bleeding?????
611020 tn?1290575229 So, from what my doctor said yes you will still miscarry even if you are taking the prometrium it doesn't stop it from happening. It will not prevent spotting bleeding or cramping. I have been spotting since the 22nd and been on prometrium since the 28th. So you will still bleed on prometrium. Is this sound clear? I'm listening (haha) to my husband while I'm typing!
Avatar m tn I thought my estrogen was deficient to cause bleeding?! Now what should the protocol be to stop this bleeding, it is picking up speed and in a few days I will be hemorraghing! BTW I am the orginal poster who lost her password and MEDHELP never sent me the password reset so I had to re-register!
Avatar f tn So I get a prescription for oral progesterone (Prometrium). Taking 400mg (2 pills a day). I spent $200 on the pills only to find that suppositories are more effective. The nurse told me today, while drawing my blood, that I can use Prometrium as a suppository. I'm hesitant and wanting to know if anyone else has and if it worked well for you. Will be getting lab results tomorrow to see where my progesterone is at.
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me Prometrium last month to take 10 days before my period was suppose to start and I stopped it when my period came. I just started spotting again yesterday it is not a lot just when I wipe. I just want to know if I should start the prometrium again. My husband and I were hoping this was the time it was going to happen. Any suggestion would be helpful.
Avatar n tn hi i'm also on prometrium but my dr told me to take it when my period is suppose to come im supposed to take a preg test and if its neg then take the prom to make me get my period and start all over again.
Avatar n tn Im not trying to be mean, just wanting to let you know. It may take a while to get some response but dont give up. Some ladies on here might not know alot about prometrium and are waiting for others who do to answer your posts. And everyones in different time zones too. I dont know too much about prometrium...Ive read good and bad things. Ive heard that it helps to rebuild the lining of the uterus. One of the risks with prometrium is blood clots.
Avatar n tn I was also prescribed prometrium to get pregnant and was supposed to take up to 12 weeks 200mg/day orally but didnt take it because I didnt think it was safe. But I just found out I was pregnant again almost 4 weeks along and had lab done on Monday and my docotor called me and said my progesterone levels are really good, now I wish I would have taken it last time. Hopefully it works with this pregnancy, I have been trying for over 3 years to have a baby.
Avatar n tn didnt work so well, it will always be a question for me bc when I first found out I was preg they did my hcg levels and they were great untill I started using the PROMETRIUM and then the numbers started to drop, I know it's suppose to help you but not so sure. For my son i did a totally diff suppository cream which I carried him succesfully to full term. I am beginning to think I should have let the pregnancy progress on it's own.
1287560 tn?1272220121 Don't know if this will help or not but I had my Progesterone and Estrogen tested on the day of my 3D transfer and again today day 4 post transfer.
662447 tn?1333299746 It's been a real rollercoaster for hormones after m/c (to be expected) I wounldnt stop bleeding so I was put on birthcontrol pills then I wouldn't start bleeding. I was given 5 refills of my perscription that worries me. Will it take multiple months to get regular or is this one round going to jump start everything. Thanks for the help.
Avatar f tn I'ld like to know is anyone on prometrium suppository, because i'm on it & my Dr. said to stop by 12th week. Has anyone of you heard about it- any sucess stories. Dr. says after 12 weeks placenta would take care of it. I'm really scared.... This is my 3rd preg, after 2m/c- so scared. Any advice is appreciated.
300926 tn?1253586116 will see me one more time next week then I will go to my reg. OB. However the fertility dr. wants me to stop everything at 12 weeks. That makes me so nervous. I've read some women still take the baby aspirin and metformin for a while. I will check with my OB as well. I pray we will both be fine.
Avatar n tn if negative - ie NOT pregnant - then I have to stop taking the Prometrium until the nest cycle day 15. The reason I have detailed this is because everyone is different - so you really NEED to speak with an OBGYN (fertility specialist) about whether he thinks you need Prometrium. I'm NOT SURE THAT YOU CAN TAKE PROMETRIUM IF IN FACT YOUR PROGESTERONE LEVELS ARE FINE - OTHERWISE YOU WOULD BE CREATING AN IMBALANCE - SURELY? oops...
490183 tn?1361217553 Since this is my first round of Prometrium, I need to know if it will STOP AF from coming. Or, will it add a couple days to AF's arrival?? I know once I stop the Prometrium I'll start bleeding a couple days later, but I'm really scared to stop JUST IN CASE, I am prego. I already know from experience that I'm one of those women that doesn't have prominent HCG when I become prego. I've done an HPT 1 day past AF, and gotten a BFN. Then tested 5 days past AF, and gotten that BFP.
Avatar f tn 8 and my dr wanted it to be at least 15 so i was supposed to stop at 10 weeks saturday was the first day without me using them everything seemed fine but at night i went to the bathroom and when i wiped there was a spot of blood in the paper it was BRIGHT RED i wiped a couple times and it got lighter in color and stopped after that went to the bathroom like 10 times in 20 minutes just to see if i was bleeding more but thank god i didnt have anymore blood i came to bed to lay down and inserted an
Avatar n tn I am taking 200 mg of Prometrium this cycle starting 2 days past IUI and they told me to test at 14 dpiui and if BFN to stop the Prometrium and AF should come within a couple of days. I usually only have an 8-10 day luteal phase. Last month on the 200 mg (didn't do IUI, just Clomid and bd), I still only had an 8 day luteal phase. This month, however, I'm at 10 dpo today and still going strong. My BBT is still up so hopefully no sign of AF for a few days.
1310773 tn?1317099045 -s If I get heavier bleeding should I stop taking it? I had a blood pregnancy test yesterday but was negative :-( but my progesterone was 202 at 8dpo yes that's correct 202!!!!!! Is it possible it's implantation? Doesn't progesterone supplements prevent spotting?
199922 tn?1224790306 I had it with my 1st pregnancy (ds who is now 3 1/2), didn't have it with 2nd pregnancy (ended in m/c at 6 weeks), and just had some brown spotting at 10-11 dpiui with my now 3rd pregnancy. My RE doesn't believe in it and told me to stop my Prometrium when I started spotting because it was "AF trying to come". Anyway, I went with my gut, kept taking it, and got a faint BFP the next day. Boy, were they surprised when I called to tell them!
Avatar f tn my dr. prescribed me a medicine that is given to women after birth to stop bleeding. a week later it finally stopped, but when i went in to my dr. he found a mass in my cervix that resembled a sac. my dr. then ran blood tests to make sure my HCG levels were dropping. after about a week my levels finally went back to normal and a 2nd ultrasound showed the mass was no longer present. so i was told to give it about 6 weeks or so and i should see my period. i just went back to my dr.
Avatar f tn Does your doctor do ultrasound monitoring of your clomid and does your doctor check your blood pregnancy test. Prometrium can stop bleeding but it would be also good to find out why you are bleeding abnormally so soon after clomid before you start another cycle of clomid.
Avatar n tn I continued with menstrual bleeding for about 31/2 weeks and went to see gynecologist who gave me pills to stop the bleeding and it stopped for a few days then started up again. I was into week 12 of tx and so sick that i ended having to have a hysterectomy. Everyone is different. See your gynecologist so they can check and see what is going on. I wish you luck.