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Avatar m tn There seem to be just as many reports of worsening depression and acute psych reactions with Tramadol as there are success stories, and I'm in no way denying that there have been success stories. However we have such a broad armoury of effective antidepressants now (35 in Europe, not including the weirder ones like L-tryptophan,5HTP, Melatonin, Hypericin etc) that I cannot see the use of an atypical opiate as anything other than a last resort.
Avatar m tn What one experiences may not be your's, because we all respond differently to these types of medications. Don't go by all the horror stories because the success stories far outnumber the bad. Unfortunately we only hear about the bad experiences, people who have found success in a medication have no complaints so they have no reason to post about it. You have a track record of it helping you, take it so you can feel better. Take care.
1390847 tn?1344661068 Hello, I was just perscribed Wellbutrin by my psychiatrist. I am currently taking Pristiq but that only seemed to help my anxiety so she just added Wellbutrin. I havent gotten the perscription filled yet becuase I dont like messing with meds and I am researching Wellbutrin, but I'd rather hear real life experiences...not just what websites designed to promote Wellbutrin says. Can anyone tell me a little about their experience with it? Side effects, withdrawls..? is it addictive? Success?
724811 tn?1291434386 I am on Pristiq (the new Effexor) and have not painted since starting the med a few years ago. Recently I set up all the things I need to paint, but I have no motivation to create. I have started to slowly mean myself off Pristiq and will be seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow to discuss. I have no sex drive and feel numb. Are these feeling due to what I am going thru in my life (divorce, losing most of my pets, moving, losing my condo, owing money)? Or is it a side affect of antidepressants?
Avatar f tn this fear has control of my life i think about it 24/7 and reading these post makes me more sad then happy im sad to hear so many other ppl suffer from this fear and not hearing any success stories im dying to try this 'pristiq' that was mentioned i pray it works for me if it does i'll let you all know :)
329994 tn?1301666848 I was on gabapentin 800 mgs 3 times a day for 3 years with little success. Then we tried lyrica with no success. Then I was put on cymbalta and it aggrevated my IBS and I lost 20 pounds in a couple weeks with severe diarrhea and vomitting. Lastly, I was put on savella but my blood pressure was through the roof and I normally have low blood pressure, low meaning, sometimes I am on meds for them. Also, I became hypoglycemic on savella.
1744001 tn?1311261690 I took it for 6 months and noticed my memory get 100% better, can't really say it helped by Bipolar/depression but i guess it works differently for everyone, i have heard some real success stories about Usana Anti oxidants and multi-vitamins and omega 3 with mental health problems. If you have tried everything with out much help i suggest finding a good doctor who specializes in alternative health or Usana Health science and see if they can help.
Avatar f tn it will often lead to excess worry that is unnecessary. You could gather thousands of stories from people who have experiences with a med you've been Rx'ed, and 1/2 of them will give you hope, and 1/2 will scare you to death and make you want to flush them. EVERY person has different experiences, allow yourself to have your own...try to be unbiased and let your doctor recommend what he feels is the right choice for you...then go from there.
Avatar m tn Mental illness can be exremely difficult to deal with at times, so I feel more hopeful when I hear about the success stories. I wish you all the best. I'll come on line and let you know if I try Seroquel or Lamictal. Thank you very, very much!
Avatar n tn I take Lorazepam (Ativan) - 1mg - occassionally when anxiety is unbearable. I take Ambien CR to sleep. So...any cocktail stories out there?
Avatar m tn I keep reading all the success stories and the "9 days clean!" and "recovery roll call" posts and I'm so happy for you guys who have the strength and self dicipline to quit so don't get me wrong when I ask, is there anyone on here STILL using hydrocodone? Is there anyone who hasn't had enough strength to quit for more than a day or so and is anyone STILL taking 10 or more pills everyday? I'm feeling alone and kinda left behind. Part of me wants to quit and part of me doesn't.
Avatar n tn 34 mother of two great boys. Had procedure done and for the last two months been feeling like I'm pregnant. Took pg test and it came back negative but still have the symptoms. Craving, cramps, sore breasts and going to the bathroom all the time! Is this normal for anyone? My hubby was snipped long ago so I'm not sure how this could be. Just wondering if anyone has had the same symptoms with and it turned out to not be pregnancy. thanks.
Avatar f tn nervous feeling) I have done alot of research about the different ADHD medications and I am reading conflicting stories (I know that everyone is different) I've had nearly a month to research. I have come to the conclusion that it may be best to take the Wellbutrin later in the day (same time each day though) after taking my Adderall first thing upon waking. Wow, that is alot. Sorry for the length.
196469 tn?1365391575 com Wyeth has won FDA approval for its new antidepressant Pristiq. Yes, the same FDA who has just told us "bioidentical hormones" don't exist, the same FDA who has told compounding pharmacists to stop using Estriol, the mildest of estrogens when it helped hundreds of thousands of women with menopausal symptoms. Yes, the FDA whose mandate is to protect the public has spoken again.
Avatar n tn I switched from cymbalta to Pristiq and I am having much better results with it. Savella was a nightmare for me!
Avatar f tn Some report great success with meds, others have noghtmarish experiences. Some do great with just therapy...some decide that a natural supplement approach is for them. All that really matters is that a person finds relief and a way that works for THEM in dealing with the anxiety.
Avatar n tn Within two days my husband was ready to have me commited. As soon as I got home I called my doctor and he put me on Pristiq. It is suppose to be a lot like Effexor without all the sight effects. It's made by the same company.So far the sweating has improved. I was also on 150mg a day. He has started me on 30mg of Pristiq, I wonder if I my be able to taper off of it also. I would like to get off any kind of drugs like that. Your tougher than I am with the Effexor.
Avatar n tn Thank you again for such enlightenment! Success stories are deffinately in need with all the negative information on TTC after depo. I too decided to decline any form on BC to get my cycle back after depo. I was really considering going back on the pill because 2 years ago I did get off depo, put on the pill and AF came to visit really quick! But it was heavy, painful, and I was still working full time, going to college full time and still raising my son alone....
Avatar f tn I looked and looked and looked all over the internet for a success story and I found none where a person tapered off and then quit and a year later it was all good. The only success stories are ones where people switched to prozac for a few days and then stopped the prozac. I am on day three off effexor and on prozac and I have had no withdrawal symptoms.
429155 tn?1205676864 had about 20 mins broken sleep, feel sick and ache all over, nausea, sweats hot/cold, have tried to sleep again - no success. Decide there and then to return the pills ( Oxy ) I am very very weepy and crying, I have lost 18 months of my life to those ******* tablets ( angry now, and more determined than ever to get my life back ). Saturday 14:30 Started writing this diary. Saturday 14:45 Tried to sleep again but arms and legs were going crazy, the pits.
Avatar n tn I take Effexor xr and have had success with my weight loss. My appitite is like not even there, and when I do eat, I eat less. I LOVE it. I take it for anxiety. Not depression, I am a pretty joyful person as it is. I have noticed that alot of these weight gain storys are from users that are taking it for depression, I don't know it this hase anything to do with it, just thought I would through it out there!!!
Avatar m tn The current rage in psychiatry is combining meds, since the dirty little secret is that double blind studies showed that neither meds nor therapy had a very good success rate. Also realize that stopping the celexa itself could have caused suicidal thoughts, as part of withdrawal. It's hard for you to know what causes what, and impossible for this stranger, the shrink, to know since he or she wasn't there. Do always question them and be assertive, after listening to their explanation.
Avatar n tn i to have simular steries to you all i spent 6 weeks in an acute nuro unit with what was thought seizure. stroke.tia. i am waiting to see another nuro these stories are all so simular to me i have found relif with increasing my serotonin levels with estilapram but due to spasms that will not ease i have to come off the treatment . its so frustrating and when i am less ill will post my tale to you .
Avatar n tn I am finally off and hoping that I can lose some of this weight. If anyone has a success story about losing weight after quitting lexapro, please post it. I could use one.