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324184 tn?1308079803 My partner has just stopped taking Cymbalta (60 mg after 3 + years) and started taking Pristiq (50 mg). She has been on it for 6 days and she has had diarrhea and vomiting for 3 out of those 6 days. Has anyone experienced these types of side effects on Pristiq? I know everyone is different and we're hoping that her body will adjust to it and start working. I'm also wondering if she is sick due to abruptly stopping the Cymbalta (her dr.
692643 tn?1372614827 it's a clinic and most shrinks leave that place anyway, I explain to my general doctor what was goin on and that I'm havin problems sleeping...jaw clenching is so noticable i ashame to go out..that was a sight effect from the zepreka... . by the way I was on Seroquel, but I was getting far as estrogen, u can strike a match on my so dry....I use dove and dove oil lotion hair is dry and fallin out...I aged over night...extremely moody..I can't make plans ..
Avatar m tn I am taking Pristiq and not sure if it helps or not. I was taking Eflexor 225 mg daily and this pristiq is only 50 mg. The withdrawal from Eflexor was terrible. Had nightmares and felt like I was fading away while trying to fall asleep. What does low magnesium have to do with depression? Never heard of that before. Can you get this over the counter?
Avatar n tn hell hell and more hell come off valium 15mg and pristiq 100mg. I have entered into an episode. mum and sister have bipolar...why was i put on this drug. i told dr i didnt want to after my research. After 1 week on 5omg felt great twoo weeks mania began dr said to increase to 100mg that is when it started to completely fall apart. Have been off both meds cold turkey on drs orders Have had to have 24hr supervision to get through it with two expert natural therapists. driving my hubby insane .
776095 tn?1243150488 I am currently on Pristiq i forgot the mg and buspar 15mg twice a day. the pristiq has helped my depression and the buspar helps with daily anxiety but not for when i go out and get really panicky. I used to take Paxil cr. 12.5 mg and it worked perfectly! I never had anxiety nor panic attacks when I was on it. I took it for about a year and stopped cause I gained ALOT of weight. thats when the roller-coaster of medications started.
Avatar f tn I would be worrying about that many memory issues at your age. I am 61 and don't have that many problems AND I'm on all kinds of drugs. I can't answer either way regarding your antidepressant, not knowing what drug it is. It ***** to not have health insurance! You could check to see if there is a community health center in your area. We have one here and they see people on a sliding scale depending on your income.
Avatar n tn My heart rate and blood pressure had some problems but both of us were able to pull through. My doctor and OB now tell me that I really can't take a risk again and that I should be blessed with the one i have so i won't be having anymore (unless i'm stubborn enough to not listen again). I hope this answered your questions.
Avatar n tn I took Wellbutrin for over a year and did not have any problems. Everyone is different and of course a lot depends on your health history. I only took the smaller dose as the higher dose turned me into a crazy woman. I just felt so uptight and my kids could get under my skin very easily. Good luck with it. I hope it helps you the way you need it to.
329994 tn?1301666848 The most troublesome were palpitations ( have Mitral and Tricuspid valve prolapses) ,nausea and stomach discomfort and the most horrible taste in my mouth. I woke up with it and went to bed with it. My Dr. lowered the dose by 1/2 but I lost all pain relief. When I tried to go back up the side effects started again. We stopped treatment and allowed 2 months to go by. It took 2 weeks for the taste to go away. She then put me on a trial run of Cymbalta.
Avatar m tn -I’m also a full time student who just changed careers to get my PhD in Clinical Psychology and am working on finishing up some credits as a senior prior to entering Grad school, as not all of my credits transferred into the School of Arts and Sciences from Computer Information Science Degree.
Avatar m tn I am having upper abdominal pain on my left side. I have also been having problems for the past six months with my stomach as well. I have been vomiting and am nauseous all the time. I had a colonoscopy and a CT scan but everything came back normal. The upper left side abdominal pain is just recent and I am worried that something is wrong. If anyone could help me that would be amazing thank you.
Avatar n tn I had horrible withdrawal symptoms including seasickness-like nausea, joint and limb pain, stomach cramps and diarrhea, mood swings, insomnia and probably, worst of all, the brain zaps or shivers. I'm going into my 6th week off the drug and while the withdrawal symptoms are not as intense, I experience some of these negatives effects every day, particularly in the sfternoon as I tire.
Avatar n tn I have a couple of acres on a hill to mow and weed eat and my husband has SEVERE back and knee problems and is unable to weedeat...and can't do the mowing by I have to do that! That's why I'm going ahead with the allergy testing at the end of the month, because if I've suddenly become allergic to grass, I will have to take the shots and hope I can build my immunity back up in time to do yard work! I feel for you with no insurance!
1390847 tn?1344661068 then right under my ribs i got a severe pain and now i keep getting chills and i feel really weak...i am also on Pristiq and in the past month or so i have felt absolutly no anxiety. So is this just anxiety or is it the medication reacting weird? Im scared..
Avatar f tn I need help and I am very confused? I have been on medication since I was 14 or 16 as of right now I have been taking Crestor, Pristiq, Pms Clonazepam, Seroquel XR. I have had Cholesterol since I was a child. I was diagnosed with bypolar from my M.D and have suffered from depression since I was little, I get panic attacks, migraines,constipation.
Avatar f tn I have been put on and was successfully using Paroxetine Sandoz to treat depression and anxiety, sometimes the stomach pain came back while on it and it was a persistent, pressing pain which made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I came off Paxil and tried Pristiq. Didn't work for my mental health problems so I came completely off all medications and then started on Lyrica and after 2 weeks went back on Paxil.
Avatar f tn Then next I started burning intead of being cold I looked for holes in my body because It hurt so bad. My husband called my mom and she came and seen me and said it was probably an allergic reaction. I was begging to go to the hospital, but instead she called the doctor at the office she worked at. He told her to give me benadryl. My husband left to go get some during that time I started shaking uncontrolable I was going from being ice cold to burning feelings going through my body like waves.
Avatar n tn It interferes with daily life so much I sometimes only think of this and have problems doing daily activities. Well, I am just trying to move on and make it part of my life. It would be great to meet-up with a doctor who can figure it out. Let me know your thoughts...
1448936 tn?1363209946 Ok so I had a very awful experience getting off of xanax and ever since then I have been dealing with awful stomach problems. I rarely have an appetite and when I am hungry and do eat my stomach gets horrible upset. I get so nauseous that I'm scared to be too far away from the bathroom. I take xanax occasionally and notice that I have far less stomach issues after I take it. I took one sat night after feeling really sick and was able to eat and fall asleep with no problems at all.
Avatar m tn My new doctor changed my antidepressant from Lexapro to Pristiq about a month ago to solve this problem. The second week on Pristiq I actually left my house to visit a friend twice and for the first time in years I enjoyed listening to the radio in my car. I also did not have the urge to abuse my Adderall. However, it also made me very angry, gave me night terrors, and bad stomach pains.
Avatar f tn I have been put on and was successfully using Paroxetine Sandoz to treat depression and anxiety, sometimes the stomach pain came back while on it and it was a persistent, pressing pain which made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I came off Paxil and tried Pristiq. Didn't work for my mental health problems so I came completely off all medications and then started on Lyrica and after 2 weeks went back on Paxil.
Avatar f tn Pristiq (Prestiq) works by restoring the balance of natural substances (neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine) in the brain. Pristiq (Prestiq) may improve your mood, feelings of well-being, and energy level. Pristiq (Prestiq) side effects may include drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, blurred vision, nervousness, trouble sleeping and excessive sweating.
1390847 tn?1344661068 I have had severe anxiety of throwing up since I was 2 and it got way put of control so I went to a doctor and was put on pristiq which I used to call my miracle drug cause it made my anxiety disappear. I have been on pristiq for probably 4 months now. Well like 2 weekends ago my brother got a.stomach bug and it seemed like all the great progress I had made with dealing with my anxiety just disappeared.
Avatar f tn After ruling out the heart, it was confirmed that Prozac was causing the problems. After a month of being off it and only experiencing tingling through-out my body (like my limbs were going numb) and slight anxiety because of it, I was given a new medication. This time we were going to try Effexor. We started on a higher dose which made me wake every hour on the hour, feel gittery and terribly ill. They lowered the dose and I still couldn't handle it.
Avatar n tn For the past 6 or 7 months my wife (26 yrs old) has had consistent stomach issues. The most constant symptoms are a distended stomach and severe gas pains. She has always had trouble going to the bathroom but since she's been taking miralax before going to bed that issue has been resolved. Recently her stomach issues and pains have gotten much worse.
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Avatar f tn I have only taken it a few times, I took Zoloft a while back and couldn't handle the side effects so I went back and he put me on Effexor. I have been more shaky and anxious and upset stomach... the same thing happened on the Zoloft. I don't want to be on this med any longer bcus of the bad experience I had with the Zoloft. I have been looking and the pristiq is almost just like the Effexor, I don't know what to do!?!?!?
Avatar m tn CT scan of the brain, chest and stomach. X-rays of your chest, stomach. Blood tests. Urine samples. (This Is mainly to put some ease to your anxiety with you heart though not really needed) Those are pretty basic tests but can ween out a-lot of random or not-so-random problems. Especially some bad things, or light/bad things. My best guess again: Anxiety. Once you rule off all of the other Issues feel free to ask around with what you find out. And keep us posted!
Avatar f tn It changes color because of the cholesterol that gets attached to it and the shape changes as it slowly makes it through the digestive system. Then to test my theory I took 2 laxatives and 1 hour later took my pristiq, within 4 hours my stomach was ready to empty after fasting all day, liquid diet. Sure enough after I finished I looked and there floating was the Pristiq and since it had only been in my stomach 4 hours it still had same shape as there was not enough time for it to change form.