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324184 tn?1308079803 Cymbalta and Pristiq are both Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs). After abrupt or tapered Discontinuation, the following Symptoms occurred at a Significantly higher rate in Cymbalta patients: dizziness, Nausea, headache, Vomiting, irritability, insomnia, Diarrhea, anxiety. A gradual reduction, rather than abrupt cessation is recommended.
324184 tn?1308079803 My partner has just stopped taking Cymbalta (60 mg after 3 + years) and started taking Pristiq (50 mg). She has been on it for 6 days and she has had diarrhea and vomiting for 3 out of those 6 days. Has anyone experienced these types of side effects on Pristiq? I know everyone is different and we're hoping that her body will adjust to it and start working. I'm also wondering if she is sick due to abruptly stopping the Cymbalta (her dr.
759115 tn?1257001090 My best results were with Effexor XR (a couple years before the Cymbalta and pristiq problem) Effexor XR just worked much better. (unfortunatly after 4 years even at 300Mgs a day Effexor stopped working for me) Now I must take very powerful combinations of Tri-cyclic antidepressants and mood stabilizers just to get a theraputic effect. My body has slowly become antidepressant resistant. A fate that I do not wish on anyone.
Avatar f tn I was taking Savella 50mgs twice daily and blood pressure went to 180/100.Stopped it and went on Pristiq 50mgs once daily.Went to Dr. and blood pressure was 179/93.Are these meds casuing this?I have always had normal blood pressure.I am obese and have family history of high blood pressure.I have taken cymbalta and quite a few years ago took effexor xr and didn't have any probelms with blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Would you recommend stopping Effexor and switching to Cymbalta? Will Cymbalta reduce the withdrawal effect? My daughters were both recently put on Cymbalta, and their depression is much better, and they claim they are "thinking more clearly". Thanks for your input.
Avatar f tn Celexa makes some gain serious weight very fast and some lose. Who knows about chemistry. But BE CAREFUL!!!!! Go to a Cymbalta forum and read other comments to make a sound judgement. When getting off, be sure to start another med to help you thru it and not spiral out of control.
1442059 tn?1340244552 I have depression and anxiety. I did try Cymbalta and it helped with my depression but did nothing for my anxiety so I quit taking it. The above poster is right, this med is stimulating so if you do decide to take it start at the lowest dose possible. You might want to consider taking an antidepressant that helps both anxiety and depression. Keep us up to date and let us know what you decide to do. We're here for you.
Avatar f tn response to most antidepressants, but for some reason Cymbalta is the only one that after a full 3 months at high dosage, never helped me. Other SNRI's like Effexor and Pristiq have worked for me in the past, but never Cymbalta. That's just me it may work fine for you.
Avatar m tn ), but they seem a little out of date and have worse side effects. So that leaves me with Pristiq or Cymbalta (Remeron is another choice, but I haven't heard much about it). I've read the side effects and dangers for both, but am uncertain which one to go with. Pristiq seems like it's very similar to Effexor, so would it have the same sexual side effects?
Avatar f tn ahelping others validates my reason for being here and since I can't work as an RN anymore I need to still help if I can.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago to Pristiq 50mg. The first week I took 30mg Cymbalta then 2nd week and since, no Cymbalta and only Pristiq (still taking buspar & Xanax prn) I feel I'm noticing small improvements in the past cpl weeks but not back to normal. Today is a rough day with anxiety/adrenaline/agitation. I so want outta this hole and praying it works for me. Anyone else have success switching to Pristiq? Would like to hear how long it took for ppl to notice a difference.
Avatar f tn I just started Pristiq and Im also on ativan and abilify............wondering if anyone else has taken these meds together.I felt great after taking the pill last night now today im kinda scared and spacey feeling...any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Just hot my thyroid levels at a good level. I switched from pristiq to cymbalta back in November. I am tired ALL the time. More than when my thyroid was out of whack. Could the cymbalta be causing this and if so, what if I took it at night?
Avatar f tn I have been on Remeron for a few months and it has really helped with my anxiety. Recently my Doctor added cymbalta for nerve pain. This is only my third day with the cymbalta and my anxiety level is shooting through the roof. Also I have this dang ringing in my ears that does not want to go away. I questioned my doctor about taking remeron and cymbalta together and asured me that they work great together. I honestly don't know if I can stand this feeling. My husband wants me to hang in there.
Avatar f tn my friend is considering taking cymbalta for depression after trying effexor and other depression drugs. Has any one taking this drug and is there a difference? What about lexapro, prozac and zoloft? We have an appointment with a psych next week and would like to know as much info as possiable before going so we can make the best decision for her meds. thank you for your advise.
455167 tn?1259261471 To start, I'm taking 50mg pristiq and 75 mg effexor daily for 7 days, and then 50mg pristiq and 37.5mg effexor for the next 7 days. My therapist has suggested this dosing to make the transition gradual. I was just curious as to anyone elses experience with such a change, good or bad.
Avatar m tn This was in the hope that maybe I could reduce or get off Wellbutrin (memory problems) if the Pristiq did not cause sexual side effects. I have been on Pristiq for a month and a half now. The transition was seamless. Within two weeks, I was no longer clenching my jaw and stopped using the mouth guard. I am also seeing a lessening of the sexual side effects. I did not have any of the sweating or dry mouth, but that may be because I have been on an SNRI for awhile and my body was used to it.
Avatar m tn I was taking savella 50 mgs twice daily and blood pressure shot up to 180/100 so got off and went on Pristiq 50 mgs and blood pressure shot up to 179/93.Dr put me on blood pressure medicine.I am not convinced that I have high blood preesure.Has anyone had this probelm?
603543 tn?1255298050 There are other meds out there that can be just as helpful and deal with anxiety. Both Effexor and Cymbalta are known to trigger anxiety. I've also heard of folks have a problem with extended release meds. Best thing to do is see your doc. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn been on zoloft, paxil, celexa,effexor, lyrica, cipralex(lexapro), maoi's, etc..wondering if pristiq works, or maybe cymbalta? only snri i was on was effexor, which didn't do much but also had a brutal psych. any info would be helpful. thank you.
Avatar n tn I have tapered every antidepressant you can think of and still got withdrawls. Unfortunatly SNRI's like Cymbalta tend to have a long and harsh withdrawl. Pristiq took me 8 weeks for the withdrawl to end. Effexor took 6 weeks. Cymbalta wasn't too bad as I remember, but I wasn't on it for that long so maybe that was why.
329994 tn?1301666848 I took Cymbalta for 4 yrs and finally just got off of it. While Cymbalta did help manage both my depression and muscle pain, the side effects were what i hated about it. I never had digestion problems from it, but my stomach hurt constantly and my appetite disappeared. Eating became a chore and if i got distracted with school/work responsibilities, i would forget to eat, sometimes for 2 days. I also developed hyperhydrosis and always had a chemical/metalic taste in my mouth.
Avatar f tn I was told this was my depression resurfacing and had to be on new meds. I was put on Xanax XR for the anxiety and Cymbalta for all the pain I was experiencing and my depression. With in two weeks I was feeling great again. This time, the only side effect I had, almost immediately, was being very lethargic in the mornings and that is from the Xanax XR (because I take it at night).
1348086 tn?1370786785 A lady that I work with has been taking Cymbalta for a few years and she says it still works for her. Could it just be me? Has the Cymbalta quit working in less than 2 years for me?
Avatar f tn If your in need of an SNRI, then I must suggest either Effexor or Pristiq. IMO Cymbalta is the most over rated AD on the market and in talking to tons of former Cymbalta users they report the same negitive effect you are having. Some (very few) do OK on it, but I seriously question this drug as I have seen so many people (including me) fail on it. In fact one persons screen name on this forum is "CymbaltaHurts.
Avatar m tn You must know that one size does not fit all concerning drugs. Some people had a bad experience with Lexapro and went to Cymbalta and it was a life saver and the same is true for Cymbalta. Final word, I woud choice between Lexapro and Cymbalta and you must note that i'm not a doctor and you should talk about it with you doctor prior making a decision.
1452582 tn?1285096944 He said the klonopin was a band-aid, and the Cymbalta will really start fixing the problem with my neuro-transmitters and serotonin or whatever. He said that Cymbalta could initially CAUSE anxiety (which is apparently what I have), so the Klonopin will help with that. He also said I should take the full prescription for the Klonopin (.25mg three times a day). I'm really not wanting to go on all these drugs, and wanting to get better on my own.
Avatar m tn I'm worried that the combination of Cymbalta and Wellbutrin can cause this. Is the combintation of Cymbalta and Wellbutrin safe? Thanks very much!
692643 tn?1372614827 I would really suggest you should get a full check up by your doctor, get your homones or lack of them checked out. Are you having issues with menopause or with the meds? It's hard to tell which. I know from personal experience Hpylori can be treated, mine was. (though I still have GERD) If your emotions are all over the place on cymbalta, that might not be the best "class" of drugs, I believe Pristiq is in the same class. Do you have a psychiatrist?