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Avatar f tn Primary-progressive, secondary-progressive, and progressive-relapsing are sometimes lumped together and called chronic progressive multiple sclerosis. Benign Types of Multiple Sclerosis In addition to the four main patterns of MS, 20 percent of the multiple sclerosis population has a benign form of the disease in which symptoms show little or no progression after the initial attack. Patients with benign MS remain fully functional.
Avatar f tn Now it is undetectable with the CT Scan. I also have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis which I got at age two so I am no stranger to doctors and hospitals. I am happy. My husband and I take trips. We appreciate each other more. My friends rotate taking me for weekly treatments.I was really angry at first mostly because I was sick for two years and my doctors missed the cancer. I also had to grieve. The surgery was not as bad as I thought. They had good pain medication.
Avatar n tn - In 1936, only 8% of patients were reported to survive beyond 20 years after onset of illness - In 1961, over 80% of Multiple Sclerosis patients were reported surviving to 20 years after onset of illness - 2002 – A patient with Multiple Sclerosis can expect to live to average population life-expectancy minus seven years (mean life expectancy - 7 years)"
Avatar f tn No I do not like having Cancer but compared to a lot of people I have a good life. I also have a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis which can paralize me and I am BRCA 1 positive with an 87% chance of breast cancer. If I get breast cancer the chances are it will be triple negative a harder to treat form of breast cancer. I was supposed to have a double mastectomy. I did not because I think they are coming up with new treatments for Cancer all the time.
Avatar f tn Relapsing/Remitting MS (RRMS) Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS) Primary Progressive MS (PPMS) Progressive Relapsing MS (PRMS) Rather than describe each one, it would be easier if you can share your sister's diagnosed type.