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Avatar f tn There is a natural premarin mde from equine's and a manmade version? Ive heard about HRT being made from the urine of female horses and how it is done, which I find crueeel ;( but guess my questions is what is the manmade version? Im on Prempro but dont know where it came from horse or manmade???
Avatar f tn My ob/gyn tried the patch after my surgery, but I thought I had a hot flash, so he put me on Premarin 1.25mg. Over the next couple of years, I tried to discuss alternative medicines with him because I really don't like taking medication, but he let me know that it was his way or nothing. Eventually I stopped seeing him. I also have spoken with my family doctor about alternatives but he too recommended that I stay on the Premarin.
1112541 tn?1286314813 I've done a lot of reading since I had my own adventures with Premarin, and if I had to do it over again, I would definitely try the natural, herbal approach before I ever considered using any hormones, natural or otherwise.
594293 tn?1222659580 Seriously though, it's a cream that the local health food store sells. It is supposed to be a very natural alternative to Rx progesterone. I have purchased a bottle but have not yet tried it out.
Avatar n tn i am 55, the past 3 years i have been dealing with annoying, disgusting vaginal discharge. My obgyn took many cultures, just showing vaginitis bacterios. I was given premarin creme, which works for a short time. I was given metrogel which helps helps while using it, but after use, the discharge returns. Sometimes associated with an odor. I feel dirty and smelly, Is there perhaps a natural alternative to this problem. I am healthy, eat a very healthy diet and exercise.
Avatar n tn I am having such severe mood swings that that the doctor put me on a low lose of premarin (I'm 54) I am still having pain/soreness on my left side. I hope I feel better soon - I am getting quite anxious- xanax is just a temporary fix for me.
Avatar m tn I know I been there with the idiots when I use to make natural progesterone cream for women as opposed to premarin which is made of horse urine and known to cause cancer.
135691 tn?1271100723 I'm going to lose my mind with all this hormone stuff. I take .90mg of Premarin daily and my weight is slowly going up, up, up. I am hanging onto 30lbs from chemo and it's all around my stomach! I'm eating less, starting to exercise and have gained 2 more lbs. Is it my Estrogen? If I lowered my dosage (which I want to anyways) would that help the situation at all? I know that having more fat around your abdomen can increase estrogen levels in your body - is that still true if I have no ovaries?
Avatar f tn But for women with no ovaries some do elect to take estrogen, but not the synthetic type of hormone used in Premarin which comes with a separate list of problems. There are some women who may not take estrogen. The amount that many typically take results in amounts approximately equal to six times less than what was in your system before menopause.
1344197 tn?1392822771 The term Bioidentical Hormones is not a medical term, it is a marketing term used to imply an exact copy of the hormones produced in the body. Providers of these compounds often claim they are “A natural, safer alternative to prescription drugs, Can help with weight loss, Prevent Alzheimer’s” and many others unfounded benefits. In addition, these providers often suggest that Bioidentical Hormones can only be obtained from a compounding pharmacy.
196469 tn?1365391575 Helps use fat for energy and keep it off hips Natural diuretic (water pill) Natural anti-depressant Facilitates thyroid hormone action Normalizes blood clotting Increases libido Normalizes blood sugar levels Normalizes zinc and copper levels Restores proper cell oxygen levels Prevents endometrial cancer Helps prevent breast cancer Increases bone building All due respect to your doctors, but I know this is a confusing area and the way I look at it, well, it is a specia
135691 tn?1271100723 where do you find Focus - it sounds like an interesting alternative. i don't blame you about the ritalin for your g.son - if you can find a natural remedy, why not? glad to hear the sage tea is helping your daughter. i've read some of your posts...i can see what a great source of comfort you are to your daughter.
Avatar n tn On one hand, this sounds practical, but I'm only 40 and wonder if it's better to keep the one healthy ovary as long as I can since I probably have a good 10 years until natural menopause? She is willing to just take out the 1 ovary if I want, but said if she were me with my family history, she'd do the whole thing. I'm just concerned about being on HRT for so long. What would you all do???
Avatar n tn Just want nechee to know that my DOCTOR told me that anytime you can take a natural hormone/durg, that it the way to go since it is NATURAL and not CHEMICAL. Do you think you have more infor than a doctor? Don't get me wrong, but you are just a researcher. Any Tom, **** or Harry could do that. Not saying that what you do is not important because it is, but PLEASE do not act like you have a medical degree. It is uncalled for to keep insulting all of us all of the time.
Avatar n tn was discovered the doctor took me off the premarin. In September 2005 after chemo treatments the doctor put me on premarin cream for dryness, etc. By Jan 2006 tumor growing again had to have radiation. Shrunk tumor, but again was put on the cream and testostrane gel..... Aug 2007 a tumor developed in Vagina (had bleeding) that was removed and it was cancer. At the same time the original tumor growing again and it has matastisted to lungs.
Avatar n tn Looking to a website and believing that this is true?
Avatar n tn I began HRT at that time with premarin and provera. About 5 years ago, the premarin was changed to estratest (estrogen plus testosterone) to help with a complete lack of libido since menopause. Then I changed the way I receive my hormones as of June 1. I began taking daily estratest and 2.5 of the medroxyprogesterone (Provera) with no break at the end of each month.
931415 tn?1244681111 It starts with the example of Suzanne Somers, whom I’ve mentioned before because of her belief that alternative medicine cured her of her breast cancer: "In January, Oprah Winfrey invited Suzanne Somers on her show to share her unusual secrets to staying young. Each morning, the 62-year-old actress and self-help author rubs a potent estrogen cream into the skin on her arm. She smears progesterone on her other arm two weeks a month.
Avatar n tn I've been taking it a little over a week now. This morning I took one like I usually do. I also take a premarin, a multivitamin, 81mg aspirin and a calcium with vitamin D3. This morning I started having an itchy pens and needles feeling all over. I'm just wondering if the vitamin B12 is the culprit. I have no rash just the prickly itchy feeling.
Avatar n tn I've been searching for answers for so long and have seen so many doctors, tried so many medicines, and alternative treatments etc. Everything just kept on progressing until I got to the point where I could hardly function. The most headway I've made has been somewhat recent. I've had some diagnosis that have been totally wrong, but the ones that seem to be correct are IBS, Fibromyalgia, Gastroparesis.
Avatar n tn Maybe a progestrone cream like wild yam (a natural progestrone cream) or some black cohosh and a really great multi vitamin B will help the last 2 help with the synthesis of the estrogen so it doesn't sit around in the body where it can just cause trouble! There are a lot of "over 30's or 40's supplements out now that have varying levels of these. Just a thought.
Avatar f tn ERT: The use of estrogen alone after menopause does not appear to increase the risk of developing breast cancer significantly, if at all. But when used long term (for more than 10 years), ERT has been found to increase the risk of ovarian and breast cancer in some studies. At this time there appear to be few strong reasons to use post-menopausal hormone therapy (combined PHT or ERT), other than possibly for the short-term relief of menopausal symptoms.
Avatar n tn I was given cortisone to use vaginally twice a week and premarin. The premarin caused problems and so he stopped it. Last week he told me that I would take the cortisone the rest of my life and to come back to see him in a year. I am confused with this and am searching the internet for information. That is when I found your link. I would also like any information on this subject.
307897 tn?1242422860 "It is always worse right before my period as well." There's a dip in immune function right before period where things can flare (such as susceptiblity to viruses). Very interesting... Maybe the approach to try is talking with different types of doctors about fungal/yeast perscriptions to try out. Or a pharmacist... Obviously the medical field doesn't have the answers right now, so creativity and trial is the only way to go. The book "the yeast connection" by Dr.
Avatar f tn I am 71 and also have this problem.I had a hysterectomy when I was 43 and the hot flashes continued They put me on Premarin. I took my self off after 20 years. I have gone back on premarin to stop the sweating Day & Night I am warm and sweaty but my actual temp is usually around 97.6. What is the answer.
Avatar n tn She's gone now, and he's in jail, and I am the only one standing by him. His natural father, nor his step-dad, have anything to do with him. While we wait for the trial, which isn't until January, I can only talk to him via phone. He doesn't want me to visit. His doctors give me updates on his progress, and we hope to have him clean by the trial date. It's been hard on me, but I stay cheerful on the phone. His bouts with paranoia and hallucinations are scary.
Avatar n tn Because as some of you may know, strep b is a natural bacteria in some of us, about 50% of us from what I understand. It lives in our gut and bowels. The problem arises when the strep takes over because the good bacteria was diminished at some point. So, if the good flora is not reestablished after killing the strep, whether by antibiotics or in my case Gintin Violet the strep will migrate back into the vagina via the bowels and take over again.
Avatar n tn I finally gave up and went to see a holistic practitioner who only works with natural alternative products. She diagnosed me with having an infestation of (candida, (yeast) throughout my body. I have been using her products and hope to see a difference. She also told me that all of the biopsies are not good, and that most of the time it will cause irritation.
Avatar m tn I'm a big fan of keeping your mind busy, positive self talk, and the enourmous power of prayer, however, there's just no getting around that the treatment uses up enourmous amounts of your natural seratonin. SO DOES the disease itself because your body is fighting always to kick out a virus....who feels good fighting a bug? After years of that, and THEN kicking it into high gear with wonder people snap.
Avatar f tn I was hoping the weight would come off when I went off the HRT but no such luck. So searched the internet for a more natural way to cope with menopause and hopefully lose this weight. I purchased macafem and Estrothin. I have been on both for about a month and see no difference. I have not lost a pound and the hot flashes are as hot as ever and still no libido. I have three more bottles to go, so I am hoping that it will kick in yet.