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561476 tn?1220959376 // it tells how premarin is made and what ingredients are in it. I'll let you read for yourself, because this is just plain sick. The makers of premarin should be hauled off to jail. I've yet to decipher which of those ingredients is horse ****.
Avatar f tn my pain Dr had put me on a strict diet 3 years ago which is nothing from a cow, so no dairy at all, no beef in any form, no rice, no wheat of any kind no night shade vegetables.....but never looked at the ingredients of premarin. My pain Dr wanted me to change hrt meds but my family Dr just up the dose due to symptoms increasing so I will mention and get it changed. Don't know if it will help but can't hurt....thanks again.
Avatar n tn It seems that helping hot flashes is the one thing that almost everyone agrees estrogen does do well. What particular medication are you taking? I took Premarin for four months last year, and while it did help with the flashes and night sweats, it did little to help with my anxiety, stress and mood swings. If anything, it seemed to make things worse. I’ve never taken Effexor, but I have seen that it has been prescribed for menopause symptoms.
1112541 tn?1286314813 Hi, I have been taking Menersa for about 5 months and I feel like my old self. It took about 5 or 6 weeks before I felt anything but woke up one morning and said, "Wow! I feel happy and I don't hurt!" One of the ingredients is black cohosh. I won't take estrogen supplements and my doc suggested Estroven, but I liked the sound of the Menersa better and it is an amazing herbal remedy...for me at least. I wish you much success! I know how difficult this time can be.
2026160 tn?1328928087 Do not use cosmetics OR hair products that contain pore-clogging ingredients. These ingredients cause microcomedomes to form in certain individuals resulting in various lesions ranging from clogged pores and blackheads to inflammatory pustules. If you have doubts about yours, let us see the ingredient listing. Isopropyl myristate, cetyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, laureth-4, natural Vitamin E, most natural oils, cocoa butter and D & C red dyes all agitate acne.
Avatar f tn We are trying one more medication (premarin cream). If that doesn't work am I doomed to no sex life forever? This has been a nightmare and I can't find anyone else who has gone through it. Please help!
Avatar n tn I cannot get back to my regular excersise, have trouble moving, and have shallow breathing alot of the time. Currently, I am on stomach meds, premarin, and taking ultram for the pain. I would be very grateful fo any insight and suggestions. I think my doctor now is thinking Im just crazy.
Avatar n tn 10mg Crestor, Premarin Cream, Multi Vitamin, 400 IU VitaminE, 50mg CoEnzyme Q10 with 250mg LCarntine, 300mg B-6, 1000mg B-12,500mg Conjugated Linoleic Acid, 1000mg Cranberry Capsules, 600mg Alpha Lipoic Acid, 500mg Ester C, 1900mg Calcium as calcium citrate, 1200IU Vitamin D, 600mg green tea capsules. I have also been taking EVISTA, but I read where it can cause ovairan cancer so I have discontinued this drug at this time.
Avatar n tn I am on premarin (lowest dose) for 13 years due to a complete hysterectomy, no kids, I have been on 50 mg. of trazodone for 13 years, and am on Valium since my husband is dying. I am now at 220 lbs., 5'4" with cholesterol and triglycerides way off the charts of high. My endo says I am a "time bomb" and have the same rate of survival as a person with breast cancer.
Avatar m tn I heard through a friend today that some people have been cured of cancer with special diets. Is it feasible that the dietary ingredients which help with reducing cancer could be delivered in TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition)?
Avatar n tn Hi, What you describe could be a reaction to some of the ingredients in the synthroid. Some people have allergies to somme of it's components. Have you tried switching to a different brand? Or have you tried natural thyroid. I'm presuming you have hypothyroid and should be treated.
Avatar m tn did you research the ingredients of each one? I've found that many supplements have ingredients that are just as harmful as the other ingredients are beneficial. I'm far from an expert on testosterone, but from my research, blood testosterone is much more reliable than saliva... Do you have symptoms of high testosterone, such as abnormal aggressiveness (be objective), excess body hair, etc?
Avatar n tn -(...I have been on premarin for years, and have been reducing it for the last 3 months. Cutting the dose in half.... I will put up my labs next time..... I really thank you so much for your help. I have noticed on this site that many also have tremors from the meds as well. Some are hypo not hyper. Of course, it is a fine balance and can be many things....however, no matter what anyone says, the meds can be unstable. Again, your suggestions and thoughts are appreciated and incitful....
Avatar n tn OK, thats two words but that is what it does, makes you crazy. I have read about premarin drops for the nose, my rheumatologist told me that would swell the tissues and that could possibly cause the tube to close. I have also read about tubes being put into the eardrum to allow pressure to be released. I know exactly what you are going through. I have had it for about a year now and have been to the doctor and been told things like allergies, stress,congestion etc.
Avatar n tn estratest climara bioidentical synthetic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table -- Hormone Replacement Therapies Brand Name Type/Generic Name Route of Administration Strength (mg) Source of Active Ingredients Dosing Bioidentical ? Premarin Conjugated estrogens Oral -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vaginal cream 0.
Avatar n tn Sometimes, a bioidentical hormone is combined with another completely synthetic non bioidentical hormone, and the results is advertised as a natural product. Premarin for example is advertised as a natural estrogen replacement therapy because it is derived from the urine of a pregnant mare but it is not bioidentical to human estrogen and has been found to have devastating effects on women.
Avatar f tn Just quickly, natural doesn't always mean anything at all -- you still have to read the ingredients. Organic means a lot because at least you're avoiding toxins you don't need, but whether the food is more nutritious or not isn't settled -- but it does taste better, which means you can enjoy it without having to add a lot of unhealthy things to it to enjoy your meal.
120574 tn?1240771440 ) Can't tell that they help but afraid to quit. These were both recommended by my gynecologist. These both have natural ingredients that are supposed to help. I sure wish someone could tell us that these sweats or burns or flashes only lasted ___ years, don't you gals?! ha! My best to each of you!
Avatar n tn My dr does not recommend surgery for me because of the gastroparesis. I also take synthroid, premarin I have some stomach medicine to take has needed. I take prescription laxatives.Today is bad nausea reflux like I am going to be sick.I dont no what else to do.I have no gallbladder.I am careful what I eat but today is a bad day.Do I just do liquids today or what I am miserable. Thanks for any suggestion.
Avatar n tn Over the last 6 weeks I have been suffering the itchy arm problem, it is nearly always my right arm, normally any place between my lower shoulder & wrist, normally in the evening, sometimes during the day. I have been woken up by it also. I experienced this some years ago when I was taking Premarin HRT), but Eurax normally cured the problem, & it was only occasionally & it seemed to disappear when I stopped HRT, but this time the only relief I can get is a flexible ice pack.
Avatar n tn Use sulfate free cleansers Cetaphil is NO GOOD!!! I dont care what doctors say the ingredients are bad!! Go to Whole Foods and pick up these products.. California Baby body wash/shampoo unscented and Aloe Life Personal Gel Lubricant. They both are GREAT!!! Also if your health permits do a cleanse read the book CLEAN and or various detox cleansing books its eye opening! Our bodies are toxic and we wonder why we are in chronic pain. Yeast(candidia),parasites etc..we can control this!!!
Avatar n tn That didn't work for me so we tried vioxx, meclomen and all sorts of others that never worked. After my hysterectomy/oopherectomy, I had to be put on Premarin hormones. They caused the most God awful migraines I've ever had. After 3 months of weekly ER visits, he switched me to an estrogen patch, which releases the hormones more steadily into your body. I want to get off the hormones too due to all the bad press on them, and as soon as the "HOT FLASHES!!!" subside I will.
Avatar n tn Sex has often been painful or uncomfortable for me but now the pain and tearing is unbearable. Dr's said it is because of my age and prescribed premarin cream to replenish estrogen directly to the tissues; it does not seem to have helped any, but may be because I am afraid to use it often? There has to be something else we can do.
Avatar n tn I haven't had a yeast infection in 30 years, since my college days, until the dr. put me on Premarin vaginal cream. After 2 weeks of daily use, the itching, cottage cheese discharge showed up in full force. I used one dose of the Monistat 3 and then decided I needed quicker relief. MISTAKE!!!. I used the Monistat 1 cream and knew immediately that I was in trouble. I was up all night trying to get this out of me.
Avatar n tn I have tried different brands of lubrication--no help at all, premarin cream--also no help and I subjected myself to chemical cauterization to burn away the scar tissue at the advice of a doctor who thought that once the area healed, there would be an improvement--there wasn't! I have reluctantly endured painful sex for years which has caused a tremendous strain on my marriage.