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Avatar f tn I went from going to the gym daily and working 12 hour shifts with a smile to sleeping 9+ hours a night and still needing a nap or two and I cut down my load at work by nearly half. I maybe did yoga twice a week in my first trimester. All labs were normal and I didnt have low iron or anything, just a very demanding little fetus building the great wall of a placenta apperently. It was like I was hit by a train of exhaustion.
Avatar n tn Hi I sadly miscarried on Tuesday/Wednesday. It has been an emotional week. I passed a large clot on Wednesday and it was brought to the lab for testing but I'm sure that was the placenta/embryo. I then was scheduled for an ultrasound Wednesday afternoon which was the most emotional/gut wretching experience ever.The songographer had no idea what she was doing or even looking for.She had to finally do an transvaginal ultrasound which was horrible since I was still bleeding.
1806721 tn?1554337007 I'm 8w4d today. I'm still feeling sick - sore throat, body aches, and fatigue. This has been lasting for 10 days now. I cancelled my RE u/s scan last week because I was too sick to drive myself. Next appt is this Wed 11/19. Hope the baby is doing okay. Morning sickness is still the same. Been trying to eat as much as I could. Lost 5 lbs (123 down to 118) so far getting close to the 5% warning threshold.
1806721 tn?1554337007 I'm 10w4d today.  Not sure why I skipped week 9.  Anyway, I have accomplished a lot in the past two weeks: - Went for high risk OB clinic nurse intake on 11/21 and saw the genetic counselor on 11/25; - First OB panel came back ok except that I'm slightly anemic with hgb 11.4, which is odd considering that I had iron overload and an hgb 13.2 five weeks prior to this draw.  I wasn't happy because the panel was incomplete IMO. No thyroid checked, no homocystin, no iron study, no vitamin D, etc.
Avatar f tn It is what made love the whole pregnancy. Just enjoy it while you can! Everyone is different but by the 3rd trimester I was miserable from head to toe. I am now in the 2nd tri with my 2nd child. I am loving it!!! It is when I started to feel like doing anything. Enjoy these good days. You might not feel so great later. Relax and enjoy your gift.
Avatar f tn U/s in the 1st trimester are most accurate..any done,after that they are not b/c babies grow different..
Avatar f tn My symptoms stopped at week 13th and by week 17 I didn't feel pregnant at all. I am 31 weeks pregnant and my boy is healthy and active. The second trimester is supposed to be the easiest trimester to get through but If you are really concerned talk to your Dr.
1645527 tn?1309712121 I went by the ultrasound because I was still in the first trimester and it's usually pretty accurate at that point.
Avatar f tn That's how I was when I got my anatomy scan!! Right now I want her out already the first trimester is by far the shortest :p good luck and stay healthy both u and baby!
140437 tn?1215113342 I have been paranoid my whole pregnancy so far. I felt like the 12th week would NEVER get there! But it did and now I'm 19 wks! Try to relax- I know, easier said than done. Before you know it, the time will pass. I agree, having so much info accessible to us now can be helpful but it can also give us a bunch of stuff to worry about we would never have thought of on our own. Best wishes!!
Avatar f tn I was starving for most of my first trimester (it got better by about 10 or 11 weeks) even though I ATE CONSTANTLY! I started carrying snacks like granola bars, peanut butter crackers, Greek yogurt, string cheese, bananas & trail mix or mixed nuts with me at all time. I had to eat something about every 1-2 hours or get that stavred feeling & then eat too much which made my bloating and constipation worse!
Avatar f tn Hello, I need some peace if mind. I'm 6 weeks and have been bleeding lightly for a week. I can wear a pantyliner all day and only notice when I wipe. My doctor can't get me in until Monday. Had an u/s this monday and doctor said my cervix is closed and the tech saw fibrods. Could that cause this bleeding. Also doctor said it was too early to see the heartbeat but saw a mass. What does all of this mean? I'm worried and confused.
Avatar f tn Up until yesterday I experienced NO nausea. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I'm glued to the couch with no energy or appetite. Any suggestions on what to do to ease the nausea??
Avatar f tn But it didn't last too long by the time I reached my second trimester it was gone. I remember reading during the time that prune juice helps, maybe try that. Good luck!
Avatar n tn No that should be fine, all baby's have different heart rates, and some of the baby books say that week by week it goes up, i know at 6-7 weeks mine was at 115bpm and at 12w 160, so it does change.
Avatar n tn Taking it week by week but I am happy with the progress. On Friday, I noticed a pea size tan spot on my undies and have been having some white discharge. It is not mucous but dries like plaque. I have also had my symptoms reduce from weeks of bad nausea to very mild in the last 24 hours.
Avatar f tn It's not uncommong at ALL for first trimester ultrasounds to be off by a day or two either way. It's nothing to be concerned over. Once you are out of the first trimester, ultrasounds can be off by up to 2 weeks either way. The fact that you are seeing all of the appropriate growth is what matters, like Clysta said.
121828 tn?1333468091 last pg, my bbs hurt right from the beginning, I wasn't tired at all in the first trimester and I had an inquenchable thirst... This time I was so tired the first trimester I began to wonder if I had made a mistake and it didn't stop at the end of the first trimester... I am just now really starting to feel like myself again... This time my thirst seems to come and go. I was that way for a while but now it seems to have passed... Oh and I almost forgot...
8489354 tn?1405631362 It varies in severity, but it is always there. Went to my doctor last week because the left side of my face was numb and tingling. He gave me Tylenol with codeine and said it's fine as long as I'm not taking it daily. Had another appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was pretty good, and no protein in my urine, so that was good at least. He said many of my symptoms are migraine symptoms as well. Any tips on getting some relief? Anyone else experienced this? I'm 30 weeks today.
Avatar n tn And Hill- I found out I was pregnant by taking two home pregnancy tests. I know what blood work you are talking about though, they have to wait until after you ovulate to make sure your testosterone levels, etc...are all normal. We've been trying for over a year, now, so I'm hopeful but not too hopeful. I'll let you know how it goes...
1363880 tn?1277836789 May 26th (LMP) -Jun 1st = week 1 June 2 - June 8th = week 2 June 9th - June 15th = week 3 June 16th - June 22nd = week 4 June 23rd - June 29th = week 5 June 30th starts the first day of week 6 therefore you have COMPLETED A FULL 5 weeks and are beginning the 6th week. You would be considered as 5wk 1 day today. Which is the same thing as technically being IN the 6th week. I hope this helps with the confusion.
676143 tn?1312945371 hey glad to hear your 12 week app went well :) i have mine on thursday and i'm so nervous x but i cant wait because then it will feel more real to me and i can relaxe a bit more x
175662 tn?1282217256 Has anyone else traveled during this time frame of pregnancy? Is that considered the 4rd trimester since it's the starting weeks of month 7? Is this safe for me to be driving down, alone, and being in a strange place, alone while that far along?