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Avatar n tn I have had a post-concussion tensio-type chronic headache for 3.5 years (caused by a vehicle rollover). For the past 2 years I have been receiving Botox injections every 3 months and they give me almost 3 months of being almost headache-free. However, there is a 3-4 week period when the previous Botox injections wear off and before the latest injections start working (they take about 2 wks to work for me) when my headache is back and it's exhausting and unbearable.
Avatar n tn The severity of the post-traumatic headache seems to have no relation to the severity of injury. Post-traumatic headaches often take on the characteristics of migraine. Hope this answers your query.
799929 tn?1237608253 Hi, It is very likely that your friend is suffering from post concussion syndrome. Post concussion syndrome can occur months and years after the concussion. It is characterized by headache, and memory loss and irritability. It is hard to tell if this is what it is without a neurological exam. I would suggest you to ask him to get a neurological evaluation done as early as possible.
Avatar m tn If MRI is ok, then you may be having concussion. The symptoms of concussion vary from person to person. Headache, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, nausea vomiting, slurred speech and fatigue are common. Delayed symptoms include depression, irritability, sleep disturbances, seizures, loss of smell etc. A doctor generally looks for focal neurological or generalized neurological symptoms that would show there is a pressure on brain somewhere.
Avatar f tn Usually, such headaches and dizziness may result due to post-concussion syndrome and may last for weeks or months after the injury that caused from the injury of a fall, vehicle accident, or sports injury. In addition, patient may experience either migraine type or tension type headache. For treatment approach, first it is essential to get (MRI) done to detect the brain abnormalities after that injury.
Avatar m tn My daughter has hit her eye and we are worried about a concussion.
Avatar m tn headache, dizziness, vomiting, unsteady gait, excessive sleep, hallucinations etc. In all probability the fall resulted in an imbalance that the vestibular organs or the balance organs were not able to correct immediately. Hence, you felt the shakiness of the brain. However, please consult your doctor regarding this as it is important to rule out any head or neck injury. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn Three days ago i experienced a concussion with loss of consciousness i was probably struck in forehead by a large metal door, but i do not recall what occured. I was brought to the ER and a CT scan found nothing related to the injury. Due to the incident occuring at work i am being seen daily by a different Dr. I have been given confilicting information, and am very confussed about what i should be experiencing!
Avatar m tn I also hit the back of my head and had a severe concussion and brain contusion (bruising of brain) 1 year 10 months ago and still suffering with 24/7 dizziness, stuffy head, ringing in ears etc., When it comes to Post concussion syndrome it is really a collections of many many symptoms and confusing. You are only 3 weeks away so it may be too early to call it and most people recover within few weeks or months. I am the unlucky one.
Avatar f tn G'day. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right area-don't know where else to put it. I've had a concussion for about 9 days now with "usual, mild-average" symptoms. The last couple days have been like the first couple days, cannot rest my head at night from the pain, taking two 650 mg Tylenols when I think of it, also seem more confused & forgetful (before major loss of sleep). The last 48 hrs. I've slept for 40 min's.
Avatar f tn You can tell how sever your symptoms are only after you have recovered from the concussion. Post concussion syndrome involves prolonged symptoms. Usually headache is a common symptom. Memory is also commonly affected. It's less than a month since you have had the fall. Some people may have it even for six months.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old son had concussion in sept 07 w/ headache & visual, memory, thinking ability disturbance for a few hours after the injury. A CT scan revealed no bleeding. He has continued w/ fatigue and headache w/ feeling of pressure behind eyes. In Dec a follow-up CT essentially normal, tho mentions ventricles are enlarged but w/in the midline.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old son had concussion in sept 07 w/ headache & visual, memory, thinking ability disturbance for a few hours after the injury. A CT scan revealed no bleeding. He has continued w/ fatigue and headache w/ feeling of pressure behind eyes. In Dec a follow-up CT essentially normal, tho mentions ventricles are enlarged but w/in the midline.
Avatar m tn E three times - they said it must be post concussion syndrome and to take the recomended daily allowance of standatd painkillers,I did this and no improvenemt came. I went to numerous eye specialists who say my eye is completely fine and i have no detached retina,etc... I have no intellectual difficulty either. Now nine months later i am considering going to a neureoiligist as it is affecting my college life and my work. The type of headache changes from week to week.
Avatar m tn now i have been diagnosed with post concussion it possible for this to happen and how long will it last.
Avatar m tn I have suffered from 2 concussions. My first one happened tubing behind a boat in summer 2011. Fell off the tube and immediately felt dizzy, almost as if it took me a few seconds to regain myself. I had never felt that feeling before, but assumed the jolt my head took when it hit the water that I had suffered a concussion. I didn't begin to feel that "pressure headache" until a couple of hours later that afternoon.
Avatar f tn Loss of consciousness isn’t required for a diagnosis of concussion or post concussion syndrome. Post concussion syndrome occurs within first 7 to 10 days and until 3 months. Symptoms are variable including dizziness, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, loss of concentration and memory, light and noise sensitivity, headache varying from a tension type to cluster headaches. You need to consult a neurologist immediately.
Avatar f tn She said all of his symptoms are from the post concussion syndrome. She said 1st thing is rest. My huband has sleep apnea so he must use the breathing machine every time he sleeps. If you are snoring you need to get a sleep study. We found out my husband was waking up 200 times a night. He was not getting true rest until he got the machine in March. 2nd, she gave him this med: AMANTADINE aka SYMMETREL. She said it works by improving brain function.
Avatar f tn So, I had a phone consult, my doctor sent me to the ER where they did a CT scan, no bleeding thank goodness, and diagnosed me with post concussion syndrome. After about a month and a half I went back to my doctor who told me he wanted me to see neurologist to make sure nothing else was going on. Throughout this time there has been a gradual, slow but steady improvement in the symptoms, but I am still having problems.
Avatar n tn Dear Post Traumatic Concussion Thank you for submitting your question. I will answer your concerns to the best of my abilities, but please be informed that I am unable to offer a diagnosis based on your history and list of symptoms. I am limited in not having the opportunity to perform a full neurologic examination on your son, nor am I able to review the pertinent imaging.
Avatar f tn They diagnosed him 6 mo. later with Post Concussion Syndrome. He has now been having symptoms for 4 years. He has a constant headache, looses his memory, mood swings, depression, irritablity, trouble sleeping, and he got hit in the back of the head 2 months ago and now he just passes out at random. In the last 2 weeks he has passed out 5 times. Sometimes he just can't move his body. He has had many CT scans and a couple MRIs, an EEG..all came back normal.
Avatar f tn All the problems that go with a concussion. Anyways I have been to 3 neurologists and the last one finally said post concussion, I finally had my 3 year headache diagnosed as a chronic paroxysmal hemicrania and am on meds for it. Now I have sleep problems, I sleep to much. At least 4 naps a day, uncontrollable need for sleep. I went to a sleep study and have not heard the results yet. My question is, could this really be post concussion syndrome? does it last 3 years?