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Avatar m tn i am a diebetic and am on metformin,glyberide, and pioglitazone. i need to manage my sugar better. i tried exercise, cutting out most carbs in my diet. but i get attacked by pasta and pizza from time to time. i really have cut back a lot on my diet but need other tips so that my a-1c gets better. any ideas?
Avatar m tn Hi ill; I'm a liver patient who's researched choline quite a bit. I don't have a source for this tip handy, but I've read phosphatidylcholine (aka Lecithin) is the best choline supplement for the liver. There are choline chloride and choline bitartrate supplements available but I've read these can actually stress the liver due to the extremely high, but short lived blood levels taking choline in this way generate.
Avatar m tn I had to literally make myself eat. I lost 15 lbs and then I went to fill the prescription. It was a no-go. This medicine cost $429/month at my local Walgreens. I can't afford that every month. So, since September, I've gained the weight back and am afraid to go back to the endo to tell him that I love the victoza but can't afford it. My insurance company specifically excludes this medicine. Not even a letter from my doctor will get it for me. I'm hugely disappointed.