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Avatar n tn any home remedies to help lessen the symptoms 4. how long will it take for the severe withdrawal to subside Please help me, i am so scared, this is so not like me, i can't believe this has happened and taken control of my life.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know how long my withdrawal will last. I was taking about 6-8 percocet per day for about a year due to back pain. I took my last pill on friday 6am. Is it sunday evenning 6pm. I cannot sleep and doing this cold turkey.
Avatar n tn As the morning goes on someone will be on to help you with that. Doing a fast taper..the withdrawal may not be to bad, not sure though as i said i went CT. Withdrawl feels like a bad flu. the worst being aroung day 5 but everyone is different. There are health pages here on the forum. Look up the Thomas recipe. It had help many here. Not sure about being done by Tuesday. Thats not even a week. We dont do this to our bodys overnight so it does take time for our bodys to heal.
Avatar f tn At home, the basic technique is to space out the pills you take on a consistent manner until you take only one at night, then half at night, than every other night and then none.
Avatar m tn I can relate to all of you on the symptoms your having from not taking percocet I have been taking percocet for about two years now. I work alot and finding time to curb this addiction is becoming very difficult. I have tried many times to kick this thing every time i have failed. The worst part for me is the restless sleep and that sick feeling. I would also prefer to stop cold turkey but I think I might need some help. I have tried taking a couple shots, Bad move, whatever you do don't drink!
Avatar m tn 5 (4 and then 3 a day) to come off of 10 mg methadone per day (3 yrs). My question is, if i use this percocet will i then withdrawal from it? Heres the details: day one thru 12 took 4 perc's a day to maintain. still symptoms but was able to go to work and sleep. mostly very fatigued and my thinking is erratic. emotional at times, feeling of insecurity, anger, etc. But nothing is as bad as what I had become taking methadone- isolated, aggitated.
Avatar n tn But if you have a massive addiction to Opiates to begin with and you are snorting one Opiate to replace the other, (because you stated that you didn't notice the percocet withdrawal~due to snorting the Vicodin) would it matter that you were not actually taking the Vicodin long enough to be addicted to them? Aren't they all in the same family Opiates? Isn't one just replacing the other, and if you did that kind of taper in 3 days would you not still feel withdrawal symptoms?
5790942 tn?1374337921 (got the perscription yesterday) What can I expect from my withdrawals? Has anyone taken this withdrawal medication? Any home remedies or helpful quitting ideas?
Avatar m tn I have been taking 5/325 mg percocet 5-6 times a day for 2-3 years of course it was half of a half a pill for ay ear as needed, couldnt even take a whole made me so sick, but of course your body gains a tolerance to the drug and am now up to current levels, I have painful bladder syndrome also known as Intercystial cystitis. I am a recovering crackhead/alcoholic and was in recovery for 16 years, then had to start taking meds due to awful bladder pain.
Avatar f tn I am not surprised that you are beginning to feel the withdrawal, and this is when most people fail at the taper. Yes, the .5 mg does make a difference, as you can see. There are otc remedies to help you through this tough time. Work is probably going to be difficult. I wish you luck and if you need anything---just post here anytime.
766993 tn?1235067612 for 2 years for awhile it was weklyu shots at er of dilaudid and morphine,inbetween percocet and vicodin.The past 3 monthsI have been on vicodin 10 pills a day no stop.Some say it is not alot but can some one tell me why within 6 hours i am in leg pain, arms, stomach pain mnausea and the next day idf i havnt taken any at bedtime i am so sick such pain feel almost like i could die or I read stories on here and different sites about how to taoer off the drug.
Avatar n tn It started when I had a wisdom tooth operation and was prescribed 5mg Percocet. Since then, my use has increased incredibly so much. I was spending hundreds of dollars a week; since I lived with my parents (I'm only 19), I was able to afford it. It began as taking just a couple of those to deal with the pain, which I couldn't get through due to a serious infection. I saved some for after I was well to experience a feeling of bliss that I had researched, and I enjoyed it very much.
467604 tn?1214942333 i had a teeth desiese that caused alot of pain and for almost 2 years i was on 750 of vicodin and percocet and i had my mouth taken care of but i found my self wanting and getting more vicodin and percocet and tylenol 3 i want to quit becuase of my kids but i feel like i will flip out and take it out on husband has no clue only my friend and she is not able to help me go through this.i am on day 1and i have not had anything in almost 24 hours.
Avatar n tn (lack of testosterone lack of sex drive) and tonight i seek what i know cant be found because there is no remedies for withdrawing from painkillers. tonight i am in withdrawal. u think lortab is hard to get off? faaackkk...try kicking methadone...or missing a couple doses cuz u missed ur appt and dr. isnt there all week... tonight i feel what u felt unless u still feel legs are kicking back hurts...
Avatar n tn I have to cut down and recently cut down to 10 a day and have experienced physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. I have some clonidine and don't know how much to take for withdrawal. What is the recommended dosage. My goal is to eventually cut down to 4 a day, but have been very uncomfortable at 10. I also take effexor and trazadone for depression, but I am so depressed right now. Hydrocodone, believe it or not has helped my depression and has given me something to look forward to.
Avatar n tn After I finished the project in mid-may, I decided that I needed to stop using a drug to get through the day, so I tried to just stop taking it. WOW! Serious withdrawal symptoms including joint and muscle pain, stomch issues, fatigue, depression and a strange hollowness in my nerves ensued. I didn't feel I could just stop functioning for a week or two or whatever it would take, so I used some hydrocodone that I had to help me get my tramadol use down to 100mg per day over the course of a week.
Avatar n tn He went through the typical withdrawal symptoms the first week and is getting better everyday. However, he has these vomiting spells. Sometimes it's only once, other times, like last night, he goes on all night long. Is this normal withdrawal? He does have an extra sensitive stomach (perhaps from doing so many drugs) and vomiting isn't out of the ordinary for him. But I am concerned that maybe there is something more seriously wrong. Any feedback is welcome.
Avatar n tn in the interim for the severe pre-op pain that I experienced as well as the short period of post-op pain that I endured. I was prescribed Tylenol#3, Lortab 7.5, Lortab 10 and Percocet and LOTS of it. I was legitimately in a GREAT deal of pain! The problem was, the more pain medication I took, the more I needed (and the more I TOOK). NOW, I don't HAVE anymore. I also have no legitimate NEED for the pain medication to ask my physician for.
Avatar f tn My pain Doc told me that I wouldn't have withdrawals being on the patch if I don't take the Percocet. It's hard for me to get through without the Percocet...for the pain and life but I have to do it. My appointment is 2 weeks away and I only have 10 Percocet left but plenty of Fentanyl. I have to get through. I'm tired of the lies and trying to get an early appointment, etc. Enough is enough. I can do this right??? Thank you again!!!
960021 tn?1270666282 For those of you who have been following me on here the past few days, you know that yesterday I got rid of everything I had in my apartment that I could venture to in a desperate time of need. I've been addicted to percocet for the past year, give or take a month or so.
Avatar f tn We can recommend different remedies to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. We will be here for you every step of the way cheering you along. You can do this!! Please take care and try to keep your head up.
Avatar n tn I was on methadone for about a year, and by the time I stopped it I was up to sometimes 80mg a day. I would take percocet for breakthrough pain, but I had a huge tolerance (I would take at least 3 10/325's at a time). Because Methadone would absolutely unexpectedly make me wasted sometimes, I decided to switch, so I started taking OC. I went into see a pain specialist, and told him that I was taking 60mg of OC a day, but that it really wasn't doing that great.
1470071 tn?1297628678 Hi to all and happy new year to all...If you can see my history I was using percocet and quit on my 30th birthday back in september...I lasted about 3 1/2 weeks and started using again. I quit again after thanksgiving for a whole week then slowly started using I'm up to my old ways again. So this will be my 3rd time quitting. How common is relapsing? I feel like such a loser, dummy, etc...
Avatar f tn Every percocet you take will prolong your withdrawal period. Acute withdrawal lasts about 3 days. By day 5 you should be a bit better and by day 10 you'll be well on way to recovery. Yes it's tough but it really is worth it. If you're going to do it, get rid of any pills in your house that contain any opiates such as codeine, tramadol etc You're going to feel as if you have the flu so treat it in the same way.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I'm new on here. Reading all your posts gave me the courage to post myself. I have an addiction to Vicodins. I initially took them for my severe low mid back pain. Mainly low back L4 & L5. I am very scared to withdraw from the painkillers since I know I will be in severe pain, I know I will from the withdrawal but way after the withdrawal because of my nerve & disc damage. What is the alternative to pain meds? Has anyone tried something that works?