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Avatar n tn I came down from 4000 mg of Hydrocone (for at least a year)a day to 750 mg, 1 350 about 6 weeks I told the Doc early this month, and she gave me 1mg of Ativan to help me sleep. Everyone says wow, you did great, but now seems like the hardest part. I am trying (and was told by the Doc) to first reduce the Vics then the Soma and then the Ativan which all scare me. One counsler told me that the Ativan is not so bad, but I know it is addictive too.
Avatar n tn Also at S-1 and 2, the arthritis has destroyed the discs and I have one that is bulging at S-3. I take Percocet 10/650 one every 6 hours and 350 mg. Soma ever7y 6 hours. Sometimes, I don't think I'm going to make it from the bed to the pill tray in the morning. My rheumatologist and spine specialist both agree that I'm hooked on arthritis, not pain killers. I truly believe that without these medications, I would have stepped in front of a bus by now.
Avatar n tn I have tried both the oxycontin many strenghts the 80 mg are not very strong the bes ones are the oxycontin 60 mg but the problem is every 3 months like clockwork i would get very sixk vomiting and shaking very bad shivering in bed for at least 3 to 4 days every time i would get to my las few tablets like 8 hrs after my last dose this would happen it was crazy the pain mgt pac switched me to opana ER 40 mg twice a day v/s the 4 a day of oxycontin this is along with norco 10/325 10 a day 3 zana
Avatar f tn I've been through w/d many times off opiates (100-150mg hydrocodone,soma,8mg of xanax a day too all at once except tapering xanax)the worst was3months everyday snorting5-6roxi30's a day.
Avatar m tn hey maybe you can tell me what would be good to take for pain I had ADR surgery 4 years ago, since then they have been switching my meds around and I want to stop taking anything with Tylenol in it. They have me on 30 mg oxycontin, twice daily, 10/325 percocet 6 a day, soma 4 times daily and xanax 2 mg for anxiety. What are my options for the breakthrough pain, that is what I am taking the percocet for and I need to stop with the Tylenol already enough is enough.
Avatar m tn The doctor I go to is very good, but also very good at writing a monthly script of 90 Perc 10's and 90 Soma. It started out very innocently as trying to stop the pain and be able to work and pay the bills. Pain is a terribly debilitating thing. As time went on, I discovered that if I took two instead of one I felt GREAT. And then three and four was even better. Not only did it completely irradicate the pain, but it gave me energy, stamina, and a wonderful mood. How very, very stupid I was.
1684282 tn?1505701570 There is nothing better, nothing more satisfying for a physician than to see a patient succeed. And when it happens over and over again, it is just so fulfilling. When a young lady who looked awful a few months ago comes into our clinic looking like a model, full of energy, vitality and health, there cannot be a better feeling for a doctor.
Avatar n tn I suffer from chronic back pain, also called failed back syndrome, due to 6 major back surgeries. I currently take 8 Vicodin (10/500mg) and 4 Soma (350mg) to control my back pain and severe muscle spasms. Without taking these medications I am unable to walk or sit for more than a few minutes at a time and I terrified that the medications that I take will damage my baby. I have searched the Internet and have been unable to find any information on what my medications can do to my baby.
182884 tn?1259316506 lortab, neurontin, soma, flexeril, Lidoderm patches, Amitripilyne, Viox,Bextra,Percocet,physical therapy, pool therapy, accupuncture, epidurals, SI injections, Facet Injections, etc. I have been on Methadone for the past 5 years and also take Lortab for break through pain and also Celebrex and have a TENS unit. I have been to lots of specialist and everyone reccomends different things which Workmans Comp seldom will pay for.
4271307 tn?1353468375 Most addicts would have found their way to the bottom of that bottle of Vicodin by now. You only took ONE! Feel better and do some reading on addiction vs dependence.
225213 tn?1213738290 As for the Vic vs. Percocet.. honey, I don't know. Maybe one of the ol-timers could chime in here... whether it's better to take you DOC or something different. My guess is.. it doesn't really matter. Both may be tempting to abuse, and you may need help with it. Can ex-H help with dosages if you feel like it is getting out of hand? Also.. one day at a time honey.. don' worry too much, just have a plan in case..
994430 tn?1249530471 The oxy I currently take is straight oxy with no tylenol as my pain specialist was worried about my liver. My doctor prescribed percocet 325 for me. What are your thoughts on this? And, again, are withdrawl symptoms different for getting high vs. a legitimate pain use, or are the symptoms and severity the same no matter what? By the way, I have never used illegal drugs before and I have never abused prescription drugs, either.
Avatar n tn And the reason docs dont give morphine to anyone but people that have cancer ext, is because most dont know there ass from a percocet, They think people will git 'high' on it, but they give out soma to anyone with a stiff finger, do you know why????
Avatar f tn First, Hi to all and thanks. Ive been addicted to percocet and soma for about 2yrs now. Started after pulled lower back and knee problems. At first the prescribed amount 5/325 4 times was plenty but as many know it kept going up and up from there..average in end around 8-12 daily and a 3 month supply of 360 soma gone in about 3 weeks. I was poisoning myself and not feeling very swell to say the least. I finally took a long look in the mirror and realized I had a serious problem.
Avatar m tn 5 Yep these were the ticket,then after a few more months he gave me a 30 supply of .5 percocet which even still to the present he will only give me this once every two months. I've also been on (zoloft) anti-depressions for about 10 years first I was on celexa. Now it's 150 mg of zoloft which I take the generic ( Sertraline ) All of that was about 3 years ago. Now for the past 6-8 months I've been taking my allowed dose and more that I have aquired 90 count percs and 100 somas a month.
1392153 tn?1428627923 I've had cervical disc generation disease c3-c7 for nearly 5 years. I get facet injections about 3 times per year and take Soma and Vicotin as needed. My primary care doctor is always pushing me towards surgery, but I prefer the injections from my pain management doctor. There is no procedure to replace any liquids in the discs, but there are some replacement discs some folks have tried with from what I understand very limited success.
5957912 tn?1379940572 But it may depend on the meeting type you are at (open vs closed, beginners vs Step Meeting etc.) If in doubt, go up to the chairperson and ask about the group's feelings about sharing if you are using. in the early stages, its best to listen, and to just put your hand up to say you are a newcomer, you are struggling, and that you are an addict, so you can hear yourself say that out loud. Good luck to you. Don't ever let one person's comment stop you from getting your recovery underway.
Avatar n tn hep c My doctor in WA had me on one percocet a day and one soma occasionally 2 if necessary Basically 30 perc every 20 days, and 45 soma every 30 days. I have since moved to Alaska and lost my doctor and insurance. I am now forced to go to community health clinic that won't give me thing. Some people act like one a day for 9 years is absolutely terrible, while my doctor thought it was very reasonable under my condition. I have found where to buy soma off the Internet.
Avatar m tn For the past 6 years since my wreck and surgeries I've been taking percocet for pain management and soma for controlling muscle spasms in my back. I'm functioning well and am even attending nursing school in two weeks. In 6 years my dosage has only increased from 5 mg four times per day, to 10 mg per day. I'm lucky! Anytime I take more than I should, I get extremely sick. So abuse has never even been an option. Now comes the drama!
Avatar n tn now here I am.. an admin to get people clean and I'm on fentanyl ..percocet and SOMA ..lyrica and other meds...I have multiple sclerosis and fibro ...what do I do? ..
Avatar m tn i am 49 years old i have been taking 2 40mg of oxicotin time released for about 2 years before that i was taking vicodine or percocet 4to5 times a day the pain is caused by rhumitoid arthritce frozen shoulders both that caused by the rotor cuff being torn many times and not getting it fixed now it is so bad they cant operate because the soft tissue is just about gone and no way to sew it back also severe lower back pain i raced snowmobiles and motorcycles in the late 70s and early 80s so my body
363110 tn?1340924019 I currently take ibuprofen, and I am prescribed oxycodone(percocet) 7.25 (3.25 acetaminophen) and methocarbomal, but I only take them when I need to and they don' t really work either.
522415 tn?1242941355 I am currently on several medications for a variety of illnesses but for my fibromyalgia pain I take oxycontin-120 mg every 12 hours, percocet-10 mg three times daily, and soma 350 mg three times daily.I have no side effects whatsoever (I started the oxy at 20 mg twice a day and have increased slowly to my current dose after 5 years). That said-I started out with tylenol #3 years ago! I am lucky that I have a Dr where there is a lot of mutual trust. I see her monthly.
182884 tn?1259316506 I have been to have all agreed that it is a Back problem, but some of the diagnosis have been different. DDD vs Facet Disease VS SI disease. One Dr.
Avatar f tn 5mg that is 2 years expired and some Soma. I haven't taken any of those in a long time. I wonder if the Lorezapan is still good that it would help me in a few days with some of the symptoms? I just didn't realize that there are so many people out there in my situation. This forum is amazing and I too would love to come back here with a great sucess story and help others. I am reading that I should take Vit b and c to help?
Avatar n tn It's so sad, but right now, the best Christmas present I could get would be a bottle of percocet. Isn't that sad/sick/morbid? Lord help me.... Anyway, I just wanted to let everybody know I love you and believe in you. You aren't alone at all. You are each so special and wonderful. I hope that doesn't sound too corny, because I mean it. I love each of you.
Avatar n tn I have the boring Robaxin for leg cramps and I have Soma. Will probably use the Soma instead of the Robaxin, but that damn Soma is addictive too. I am on 10 mgs daily of Valium and 2 mgs daily of Xanax and about 150 mgs of Hydro. It is the hydro I want to completely stop. I wil deal with the rest later. Here is my question (realizing you nor anyone one else but the good Doc - where has he been lately anyway?