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Avatar m tn i use to use vicoden 7.5/300 ibeprophen and it made my ulcer worse. so now a doctor swiched me to percocet 10/325 tylenol and gave me some zantacs. do u think he did a good idead r is he an r -tard. i found no evedince of tylenol causing ulcers or bleeding in the stomach just liver damage if gone over the limit. i hope it helps with my stomach pain. ibeprophen *****.
Avatar f tn It hurts only on the left side of my chest along the line where the underwire of my bra is. Could this be another ulcer or still pleurisy? It feels very similar to the ulcer pain that I had.
Avatar n tn pain steadily increased and im wishing death right before they administer pain meds my sister gets ahold of my boyfriend who has recently bgun worrying that i have a problem he tells them not to give me anything becasue i have been taing percocet and may have a dependency they give me xrays and check me out for a stomach ulcer give me some tylonol which i begged for for an hour tell me to follow up with a dr for possible ulcer I dont know how much of this was withdrawal since its never
285332 tn?1196558035 I have no major symptoms like nausea, vomitting blood or anything although I have been taking percocet with ibprofin for about a year. I am a little concerened whether its a possible ulcer or just skeletal...
Avatar n tn Over the past month the pain is much worse and causing continuous pain and fever and malaise. Today an ent discovered an ulcer either on my adenoid or near it on the posterior nasopharyngeal wall. He said it looks superficial, but I am concerned becasue I have extreme pain, bad breath from my throat and dried old blood taste in the morning, and since this past weekend fever on and off, and stiff neck. I think its deep becasue of the excruciating pain despite taking percocet.
Avatar f tn a referral for a gastro consult was made(dr riske's recommendation) Mid January: pain became more severe and more frequent Percocet dosage: 4-6/day Mid February: pain is constant and quite severe Percocet dosage 8-10/day with very little relief Gastro consult date June 13 Pain varies in location but always on the right side and does not feel intestinal.
Avatar n tn pain steadily increased and im wishing death right before they administer pain meds my sister gets ahold of my boyfriend who has recently bgun worrying that i have a problem he tells them not to give me anything becasue i have been taing percocet and may have a dependency they give me xrays and check me out for a stomach ulcer give me some tylonol which i begged for for an hour tell me to follow up with a dr for possible ulcer I dont know how much of this was withdrawal since its never been
Avatar f tn had me take , percocet 5/325/ something like that not clock wise tho up to 3 a day . so that has helped some, because i also have peptic ulcer diease and cant seem to take ibprofins and stuff or i get stomach pain and start spitting up blood! So i beg you whats my next move?
Avatar n tn Anti-seizure medications found to be useful for neuropathic itching include neurontin and lyrica. It is very important that in neuropathic itching narcotics such as dilaudid, vicodin, percocet etc be avoided as these are well known to cause itching as a side effect and to worsen neuropathic itching. I recommend you continue to follow-up with your neurologist regarding the optimal treatment of your symptoms.
887340 tn?1258000626 Never had problems with Pen in the past and on the last day of a 10 day course I felt like garbage. I had to lay down to contain myself. I had been taking Percocet for over 4 months and my GP thought it was that. I stopped the Percocet but did not improve and with the amount of pain Im in I took it as needed. The doctor gave me Prilosec which gave me no benefit. About a week later I went to a nurse practioner who is associated with my GP.
1344069 tn?1276294233 The last 2mos have been horrible landed in the ER twice already with shortness of breath from the pain and was prescribes Percocet(which make me feel out of whack) I was told to go back to my dr which I did but she cant figure out what is wrong with me. I have horrible epigastric pains, im starting to get a really raspy sounding voice at times,coughing more than usual, extremely fatigue no energy what so ever to do anything, i just dont feel myself.
Avatar m tn As far as the pain pills-- I don't know if you are addicted to them, or if you are physically tolerant to them, or both. Medications like percocet are not generally hard on the stomach; the things that hurt the stomach are the 'NSAIDS' like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen... 'percodan' contains aspirin would be worse on the stomach than 'percocet', which has tylenol.
Avatar n tn I recently was able to stop my addiction to painkillers, mostly percocet or vicodin. I am now wondering what kind of damage I've done to my liver, kidneys and stomach. I had my gall bladder removed 4 years ago, and have had many stomach problems since, all the while I was still taking painpills. I also had a kidney infection since then. If anybody could let me know what it takes to cause serious damage to these important organs or what to do to find out, I would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar n tn i am 54,have diabetes type 2 ,i take paxil,oxycontin,lisinopril,metformin,percocet, august 2007 i had afib episode that lasted about day.i was given metropol 25 mg twice a day and he wanted to put me on coumadin but i was scared coz i had internal ulcer bleeding once so i refused and i was taking metropol for about month and everything was fine.i just had another a fib that lasted same time.he put me on warfarin 5 mg and metoprol 25 mg twice a day.
1982580 tn?1326381787 I was prescribed Percocet 30 mg up to 4x daily for budgling disc among other issues; I got sick of being dependant on medication to survive and quit cold turkey 3 weeks ago, but took one of my percs when I was having a very painful day; this was New Years day. I have literally had 1 30mg pill since before Christmas,but My pain feels worse than before I was prescribed them and I am till really lethargic. I do not want any narcotic or benzo or any other DRUG!
Avatar n tn No one can seem to find out what is wrong other than to keep giving me Percocet for the pain. when I was being tested for the Renal scan, the pain was so bad after they injected me with lacix(?) that I needed to stop and was taken to the ER. No stones were shown and all results are "fine". can anyone tell me what I should be looking for??? The pain never goes away, just the intensity increases or decreases. Please help I am feeling hopeless.
Avatar m tn If this pain just came on, there are chances it could be for a milder reason, such as reaction to something you ate, stomache virus, or irritated ulcer. Bad as I said, serious pain can indicate serious problems, and when it comes to your body and your health, it's always good to play it safe and not to grin abd bare the pain by trying to get through it alone.
Avatar f tn I started with Vicodin, then Percocet (my favorite), then after MUCH pushing from my doctor - he put me on Oxy (first 10mg and then 20mg). Both my husband and I didn't want to do the Oxy b/c we heard so many bad stories. What my husband didn't know at the time was that I was getting a great high (making me super mom - or at least I thought) from the Percocet. The Oxy never really gave me a buzz even with having to chew some to get them in my system faster.
Avatar n tn The slight increase in your liver labs may be due to the NSAIDS you mentioned you've been taking. If you are taking any narcotic pain meds (vicodin, lortab, percocet, etc.) those can cause the sweats and hot flashes. Pretty common side effect of any opiate therapy. My husband has Barrett's, but has never had esophogeal spasms. That problem seems to be my own territory. My mother has had espophogeal spasms as long as she can remember, and the older we both get, the worse it gets.
Avatar f tn Then, February two years ago, I started having female issues so they changed me from Vicoden to Percocet. For almost a year, I was taking 7-12 7.5 percocets a day. After running out early and feeling depressed all the time, I tried the weaning program and failed miserably. I kept running out early and buying from friends and begging from family. So, back in December, I went cold turkey. Made it 9 days before I went to buying them from friends.
Avatar f tn Ive posted previously saying that I am ready to come off of the Percocet (previously taken vic and norco). I've been somewhat tapering for about 10 days, only taking one or two hydro 2.5/500 when the cravings get really bad... pretty much was thru the physical withdrawl symptoms - it was more the mental ones that were killing me.
Avatar n tn I have been seeing a PM doctor for about a year and half and i need to get my pain meds changed. As of right now i am on the 7.5/325 percocet 3 times a day and its not cutting it. I have been diagnosed with akylosing spondylitis, RA, sacrolitis, and ulcer colitis. I have pain 24 hours a day, so i think a long lasting medication would be better for me.
Avatar f tn That worked for about a year at which time I started my first long term med, morphine sulfate ER along with Percocet for breakthrough pain. For some reason, when I tried percocet alone without the morphine, it didn't work as well. It could be because I was on 1/2 the dose they plan to switch you to but the percocet did help significantly when combined with the morphine for treatment of breakthrough pain.
Avatar m tn On July 4th I ended up back in the ER because of a bad side effect to the Percocet I was taking for pain. I stopped taking the Percocet and starting taking ibuprofen over the counter. Well I took too much and began to have stomach problems severe pain in the middle, heartburn and all the classic signs of an ulcer. The only other thing I was suffering from was severe dry mouth. I went to a GI doctor on July 17th and he put me on Nexium 2x a day.
Avatar n tn I have had a problem that would come and go for many years. I have been to the doctor and E-Room serval times, all the treatment they give works for a short time, and comes back. The problem was first thought to be GERD, with axcid as a 3-week treatment and change of diet. It worked at first then no change. After that I had turned 21 and began drinking with my friends on a regular schedule (2-3 nights a week), and during that time I can only recall one "attack" in about a year.
1155483 tn?1262436247 ) I have had two surgeries to stabilize the shoulder, repair the glenoid labrum and have two Hills Sachs deformities on the humeral head. Until recently, I have been on a daily regimen of 10-20mg Oxycontin in the AM and Percocet PRN in the evening if I've over exerted it during the work day. I have never increased the dosage of either medication and have never abused the medications in the 5 years I have been taking them. 2 months ago I requested to drop to the 10mg Oxycontin.
974371 tn?1424656729 Now I've been diagnosed with a small stomach ulcer/gastritis that produces the same pain I felt when I took probiotics. I tried more than one kind also. I posted a question on here asking if anyone had similar experiences but got no replies.
Avatar n tn Had my wisdom teeth pulled. Was on percocet for one week and did not experience chest pain. Mid Feb: Chest pain returns and regularly wakes me up in the middle of the night. I begin to experience sharp adbominal pain and frequent burping. I test positive for H. Pylori and am slightly anemic, other blood tests to show liver, gall bladder, and pancreas function all come back normal. Chest x ray also appears normal. Late Feb: Start taking the prevpac.
Avatar n tn I withdrew from percocet and oxys too.. Sounds so familier to me.. IT WILL PASS!! Just remember how Awful you feel right now.... I would suggest Xtra Strength Tylenol, heating pad and all of the above "gas" relief stuff you mentioned. You may start to get the runs in a few days and that is Normal w/d also.... the immonium will help! Try to eat something like warm soup and crackers also. Believe it or not it HELPS with the nausea and gas.