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2110255 tn?1334192149 pain that occurs outside of the control of my long acting opioid medication, Opana ER (12 hour extended release oxymorphone). Breakthrough pain may not occur everyday as for the most part long acting opioid medications do work as they are supposed to. Percocet is a short acting opioid medication that is used a lot for acute pain...pain after surgery or for a short duration until an injury has healed.
Avatar f tn I mean, I know Oxycontin is slow release, but percocet is Oxycodone and how is that different from the Oxycontin? I thought they were the same only, one was slow release and one was not, but there must be another difference... Right?
Avatar f tn I normally take percocets 3x/day (5mgX2) Is the correct conversion 10 mg oxycontin = 1 percocet? I am looking to find a non-narcotic pain reliever this summer that will be helpful so I can get off them in the summer when I have time away from work......but for now, I need to figure this out...... Any suggestions on the conversion would be lovely..... Thanks!!
1529480 tn?1291880734 This is my first day coming to this site. I just joined and posted this. I have no idea why I put that pic in I do not see a place to edit comments I have posted either!
Avatar n tn The only difference between percocet and oxycontin is that oxycontin is oxycodone ER (which means extended release) schedule II's are the most addictive, second to Schedule I's which are analagesics (pain relievers) with no theraputic benifit. such as heroin. Norco- is basically lortab with less tylenol. Norco is hydrocodone with 325mg of tylenol and Lortab is hydrocodone with 500mg of tylenol.
1161075 tn?1262992028 Don't be confused with Oxycodone ER (extended release) tablets. They are available in higher dosage tablets. The brand name for Oxycodone ER is OxyContin. You are taking the immediate release for what I imagine is break through pain. There are several opiates stronger than oxycodone. I am assume because of the high dose of Fentanyl you are on that your physician may choose to stay away from stronger opiates for break through. I hope this information has been helpful.
Avatar n tn percocet 10/325, oxycodone extended release 20 mg. I started taking more and noticed that if i just take a lot every day, I don't ever get a migraine, at all. So I'd say I'm taking btween 80-100 mg. total a day. Last week I tried to stop, because I am getting close to my due date and don't want to have a baby born addicted. Well the withdrawals were awful.
Avatar n tn I have multiple medical issues, and being that I'm a 34 year old public school teacher and still function on par, I often feel like I'm 70 years old. I've been taking 60 mg. of oxycontin extended release, and 80 mg hydrocodone daily for spinal disease and slipped disks at L5, L6, and C5 for about 2 years.(My neck is only a bulging disk, but causes migraines as well, which I take Relpax or Fiorcet.
Avatar n tn What's going to happen when you stop the percocet? Back to sub to get off of the percocet? Can't keep that up or you will just continue a bad cycle! And the xanax can bite you QUICK. Before long you will find yourself having to taper off of it, if you don't already! Just think about what I am saying before you talk to the doctor. I am just worried about the cycle you are getting into! All my best!
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention, the amount of percocet, vicodin, and tylox (primarily percocet)I have been using on a daily basis. 6 years ago I was introduced to percocet (maybe it was matter, its all the same in one way or another)by a friend who had had a wisdom tooth pulled. I knew nothing about them before that night, though for some reason, I cant ever remember being happy before them....but I guess I was.
Avatar f tn Anyway, my new doc stated that the patellar tilt is causing lateral compression syndrome and, although he did not say this, I am assuming it may be why I have grade III chondrosis in the medial aspect of the patella as well. He said through examination with my leg fully extended that he could almost get his thrumb up under the medial side but the lateral side feels pretty tight. His treatment plan that I have just started is to throw the guantlet at it to try and avoid surgery.
Avatar m tn They are both Oxycodone, but Percocet is the faster acting instant release medicine which also contains tylenol, and is typically taken every 4-6 hours, OR as needed for breakthrough pain when used in conjunction with an extended release med. Oxycontin is the long lasting extended relief form of oxycodone that does not contain tylenol, and is typically taken every 12 hours. So you are coming off of them now? Are you weaning yourself off them?
Avatar f tn I am also prescribed percocet and I get 150 pills a month and I take it in addition to extended release morphine for chronic back pain. On average, I take 25 mg of percocet daily and up to 30 mg a day along with 60 mg of morphine per day. I have never had a morning after headache from the percocet. The maximum dose of acetaminophen that can be taken daily is 4,000 mg. So with 325 mg in each pill, you took well under the maximum dose.
Avatar f tn There are several different extended release formulas so do not get discouraged it just may take time to find which one works best for you. Call your Docotr and let them know and then go from there. You may want to consider having your Docotr write only a small amount of the next medicine you try this way if it does not work for you then your not out the extra money if you have to switch again.
Avatar m tn You will NOT overdose at 25 micrograms of fentanyl. By now, you are no longer what is called "opiate naive" having been on hydrocodone and then percocet. Yes, if a person who has never taken opiates slaps on a fentanyl patch there would be respiratory problems and perhaps even arrest. BUT - that is not where you are in the opiate realm. I went from 5 to 6 norco a day to the 25 mcg patch and had no trouble.
Avatar f tn Otherwise, you can expect constipation due to the extended release, and make sure you eat when taking them. I had to or else I got shaky and weak when it came into contact with my stomach. Risk of dependence is always there, but I find with Percocet it's much worse because it's every 4-6 hours instead of every 8-12. Don't bank on the Morphine lasting the full 12 either, seems like it can last 8-10 at best for me. Hope this helps some!
566544 tn?1219441277 Since i itch badly during withdrawal, and I'm again itching badly when I take methadone, I'm considering just switching to percocet and withdrawing off it. Five years ago I took myself off oxcycontin with no symptoms, and I've come off vicodin and ultram just as easily. I don't understand why methadone is such a bugger. My assumption is that percocet would be easier for me to tolerate weaning off if, at least in the itch department.
Avatar n tn I assume that means 5mg of oxycodone but im not totaly sure and is there such thing as sustained release percocet if so im going to take those back.
Avatar f tn Just to point out, it would likely be OxyContin (which is long-acting) along with percocet or oxycodone or some other immediate release narcotic. I feel for you. I had joint replacement in my thumb, which failed five years ago. I wound up with complications and also wound up overmedicated through trying to control my pain. (I also have other pain issues; fibromyalgia, RSD, nerve pain, a herniated disk in my back and very bad arthritis in my hips and one knee and back.
484378 tn?1209909492 I am sorry but i am not familiar with your former dose of hydro...but percocet is oxycodone and is supposed to be stronger than hydrocodone which was my DOC as well...depends on the milligrams and all..
Avatar f tn Opana is some serious stuff no matter extended or immediate release if u research it u will find out it is stronger than dilaudid and WAY WAY WAY stronger than oxy I was on it for five or six months and it was hard as hell to come of even with the use of suboxone because like I said in the other reply I was in full blow withdrawal for three days and that was even taking ALOT of suboxone and it didn't help a bit.
Avatar n tn oxycodone does have accetamenaphen (tylonol) in it and IS NOT extended release. Oxycontin does not have tylonol in it. It is extended release.
Avatar m tn Also, oxymorphone and hydromorphone come in both extended and immediate release form. Fentanyl is also another long acting med to look into. Oxycodone IR or roxicodone is a good immediate release med for chronic pain. I had no idea morphine raised bilirubin levels. Of course stay away from any combo meds that contain acetaminophen or tylenol such as vicodin and percocet. Hope this helps. Take care.
667913 tn?1242704088 Oxycontin is slow release and you don't have to take it as often(usually every 12 hours). Oxycodone is faster release. Percocet is oxycodone but it also comes stronger. Does she have a history of drug dependence?
Avatar m tn is trying to remove the tylenol from the meds. I started on 15 mg of extended release oxycontin and was prescribed 10/325 percocet for breakthrough doses. The 15 mg is not working well enough. Would it be ok to take a 10/325 percocet with a 15 mg oxycontin E.R. at 6 am and then a percocet 10/325 at noon and another 15 mg oxycontin E.R.and a percocet 10 at 6pm followed by a 10/325 percocet at midnight. By my deduction this would be 70 mg of oxycodone in a 24 hour period.
11214965 tn?1416272755 When the percocet stops working and you need multiple dose escalations, your doctor may suggest changing to a long-active / extended release opioid analgesic, like Duragesic. There's another problem with Percocet -- it contains tylenol, and too much tylenol can stress or even damage your liver. What I enjoyed about the patch was that you put it on, cover it with a bandaid or other protector, and forget about it for 48 - 72 hours.
Avatar f tn oxycodone and oxycontin are they same thing and labled as such dont have anything but oxycodone in them.The difference is one is immediate release and one is continuious release.Thus the oxy-"contin." Some things like Percocet have tylenol in them.
Avatar n tn I use these for pain, but they do not work as they used to so when I am in pain crying, I take more, and end up running out early. Oh, I am also on MS contin at night (one) extended release, but I still feel it when I am out of percocet. I thought they were both opiates, so why do I get w/d when I am out of percocet? Is it my miond? UGH I hate this, but I also hate being in so much pain I cannot walk.
Avatar f tn - MS Contin (Extended Release Morphine), - Nucynta ER (ER Nucynta) - Ultram ER (ER Tramadol, brand) - Opana ER (Extended Release Oxymorphone) - OxyContin (Extended Release Oxycodone) - Exalgo (ER Dilaudid) - BuTrans Patch (ER Buprenephrine) - Fentanyl Patch (ER Fentanyl) MS Contin, Opana ER, and OxyContin are typically prescribed 2-3 times per day or every 8 to 12 hours. Exalgo is prescribed every 24 hours. The BuTrans patch last 7 days and the Fentanyl patch lasts 48-72 hours.
Avatar m tn What you do need is an extended release formula. There are others availble besides Oxycontin. You should be on an extended release medicine and then use the roxicodone for break-thru pain. This is the way it is traditionally prescibed. I am surprised your doctor has not done this for you. it will greatly decrease your pain levels. I suggest talking to your doctor about changing your medication regimen to include an extended release medicine and this will help you alot.