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Avatar f tn what is meant by jumping off and half life? I have taken 3 tablets of 8mg subutex over the past 7 days for vicodin withdrawl. I don't want to stay on them or move to suboxone (which is what my dr wanted). I have only 7 pills of 8mg left. What should I do at this point. I took time off of work last week so cannot take any more. Any advice. I value advice from other addicts more that this doctor who want me on suboxone.
Avatar n tn I know he struggles and really wants to get better, but he went to a psych and was prescribed subutex which i knopw is an opiate and helps with withdrawels form the hydrocodone for him. I dont know how it satrted but I was off the percocet and I guess looking for that feeling again and I starting unfortunatel sniffing little bits of the subutex.
Avatar n tn I was on a total of 24 days with 2 days having to swtich back to percocet for a medical proceudre. I tapered down to .25 for 4 days before I jumped off and I asked my dr to prescribe clonidine for me just incase. I didn't need it at all. I wasa little sweaty here and there and had some mild restless arms but nothing that made it impossible to function and nothing that made it impossible to sleep and it was only for a day at most. I feel totally fine today~~. It svaed my life.
Avatar f tn I was on it at first but told my doctor that I was concerned that I didnt need that agent as I didnt inject, but what if I got in a bad accident and the hospital injected me with morphene? So she changed me to subutex and I am fine today. If you are taking subutex and think it isnt working, then you didnt go through the being sick before you take it. No it will not be felt to work if you go right from taking 20 vicodin a day to taking subutex without taking at least a day of withdralw sick.
Avatar f tn but i cant be sick and take care of kids which is why i tried the subutex hoping it would ease the w/d of the percs and it did. now i just want to not take anything and get a job. i need to know how long it will b in my system. i will wait til its out before i start setting up interviews. but i have to get a job soon or im going to sink financially bigtime.
1935227 tn?1323539678 This isn't a race - you didn't become an addict overnight and won't get off the drugs overnight either. Please listen to everyone and take their advice. Good luck to you. And congrats for wanting to quit.
Avatar f tn I am having my tonsils taken out on march 1st and have been taking subutex 16 mg/day for 10 months. I am an operating room nurse and have talked to a couple of anesthesia doctors and none of them no about this medication. I am also trying to get preg and my obgyn said its a good drug to be on when you have a baby for pain control, she said not to change any dose. Does anyone know anything about either of my situations.
Avatar m tn 3 days after I'm normal again, my friend calls with Subutex and I figured hell, I already relapsed twice into Roxy, lets quit this cycle. So I had the Subutex and got a hold of Roxanne right after that, leaving Subutex waiting on me like a naked girl in the closet.
Avatar f tn I've been taking subutex and xanax for about a year now. I was on percocet 30s and oxycontin 80mg but thought subutex was a good way for me to escape all the grief of withdrawing half the time. I take subutex in the morning and xanax at night usually. Then I started to mix them a little. Sometimes I felt really weird and not right plus was getting xanxious and worried. I've been to the hospital a couple times and thought I was dying.
Avatar n tn This pregnancy has been much more difficult, and I have been prescribed percocet. I was on subutex for a pain prb, which i became addiced to pills, and when i became pregnan, they switched me to precocet.
Avatar f tn I just don't know if I should continue taking the subs while I am on the percocet. I want off the subs really bad, but I only got 15 percs and I don't know how long it will take me to get another Dr appt. You see I'm on vacation, I went to the house Dr at the resort I'm at. I do go home today, but I don't know when I will get a Dr appt.hopefully soon. I'm also wondering, if this is a way for me to get off the subs, because I have been trying for months, and can't seem to get any lower than. .
Avatar n tn I went from 200lbs to 122lbs and my mom knew I wasn't eating even though I had a nice house, cars and a good job. The inevitable happened my supply stopped and because I was so dependent on the pills I started making my own perscriptions until the boys in blue arrested me. I understand that you can't miss work, kids to take care of but if you want to stop without the pain of terrible withdrawl there are five day detox establishments all over.
216878 tn?1196041120 My husband and I are both coming off a 4 year Percocet addiction together. We just ended 6 weeks of Subutex therapy and are feeling some discomfort coming off those, but we are resolved to never go back to our life on Percocet. We know that if we do, we will probably lose everything...our marriage, our jobs, our sanity. YOU CAN DO THIS. We all altered our brain chemistry with the drubs, and it will not return to normal over night, but it will one day. Try the Thomas Recipe.
Avatar f tn I am 14 weeks pregnant and addicted to percocet I take about 40-60 mg a day. I really want to get off but i cant take the withdrawal. I bought 8 suboxone pills hoping that they will help. My question is, how do I take it safely and can I take it for a week to help with the worst withdrawal symptoms without getting addicted to it?
Avatar f tn I just found out I am about 4 weeks pregnant and couldn't be happier, but i am addicted to percocet and need to kick the habit like yesterday! I have been taking between 300 and 390 mg of 30 mg percocet. i found out 5 days ago, and have started to taper down and have cut it down by %50 already. My questions are have i damaged my baby in these 4 weeks that i didn't know i was pregnant and was taking high doses of percocet? is it safe to taper and eventually stop while pregnant?
Avatar f tn My Name is Michelle, i am a mother of 1 and have a wonderful supportive husband, i had an operation back in March that caused some pain and was perscribed T3 for pain, well that didn't work so someone offered me a percocet big mistake, i got addicted to the percocet and started taking about 14 to 16 a day this was the course i was on for about 4 months, i was so addicted that just recently i admitted myself to a methadone program and i am feeling major guilt.
Avatar f tn My friend said that her doctor has perscribed her one Subutex a day and percocet ten mgs and 5mgs together before a ankly surgery. We are both addicts, I have been clean for 2 years with the help of Subutex (my life was a mess before that) So Im worried about her. She claims that the doctor doesnt want her to become addicted to pain meds so he is giving her the subutex once a day to prevent that.
662972 tn?1270169901 soo i swictched before i started toa buse them and start the vicious cycle all over again to go to a methadone treatment facility and its been over 6 months and its not only sved my life, but has given me structure, stability, motivation, and support...i think for all of these treatment methods which subutex sorry to say is only used durin detox and at the verry begininning of suboxone treatment then you are switched to suboxone so thos are the same...both ahve very long and brutal wd's..
Avatar f tn I have been on Subutex for a long while now and I am scheduled to have hernia surgery on July 10th. The surgeon is aware and so is my addiction specialist. My surgeon said I will need strong pain meds, he likes to use Percocet...well the Addiciton specialist, says the pain won't be that bad and I should only need Ibuprofen 800 for about 1 or 2 days! I told the surgeon that and he disagreed!!! He understands that I am scared about the pain medicine, but I believe that I will be ok.
Avatar n tn So only doctor's that prescribe suboxen test for it. I am taking subutex now and I am on probation for a DUI. So I axed the Dr. If subutex will show up and he said no, not on anything. I have to take random UA's for 6 months even though I got the DUI dropped.
1085335 tn?1256448445 Well to start i just signed up for this website and i am totally confused on how to add friends and all that so i hope it is easy to figure out...I am currently addicted to percocet and a friend is trying to get me to take suboxone...I was just wondering if that is addicting also? Any info on suboxone would be awesome also...I have an aquaintance that goes to the methadone clinic and is trying to get me to go...
Avatar m tn are subutex and suboxone identical...i thought suboxone was the one with the naloxone in is not recommended to take either while on meds like oxy...
Avatar m tn This is a great forum and the members are very helpful and supportive. I have been here for awhile now and just celebrated 5 months today. I used Sub for 10 days in June to get off a over 2 yr. pill habit of self medicating my chronic pain.
642313 tn?1244075322 search this site for subutex withdrawal and you will find that the consensus is that subutex really *****. Its a good way to get off hydros IF AND ONLY IF YOU STICK TO THE THREE WEEK PROGRAM THEN TAPER AND JUMP OFF!!!!! DON'T GET HOOK ON SUBS!!!!! As always seek out a good Doctor and take his or her advice. uNFORTUNATELY I didn't realize at the time that the Doctor I went to in Vegas was pretty much just a pill-pusher.....or maybe he just doesn't know how rough Subs can be....
Avatar n tn i am going every month from subutex to percocet and i always say im going to taper but then my doc appt comes around and i get more percs .
Avatar m tn Hello, I was on suboxone for a couple years and switched to subutex and have been on subutex for about a year, normally breaking my 8mg tablet in half and only taking 4mg. I am on my 5th day cold turkey, and I must say from what I have read about others experiences with tapering down and going thru hell for months, that cold turkey is the way to go. I don't feel excellent, but it really isn't that bad. I took my last dose Sunday afternoon, typically taking it around 4pm or 5pm.
Avatar f tn i had a car accident about 4 years ago where my head was turned over my shoulder and BAM i slammed into the idiot in front of me who was going and stopped for no reason...anyway...after the accident i didnt have any pain...then 2 years later is when i started taking first for eye surgery...then u know...for pleasure...i only took 7.5 at most at a time and maybe 2x a day at most...some days i didnt even take them...quit a few times and then they were offered again and took more...
Avatar n tn yes percocet is oxycodone and tylenol and it is hard as hell to come off of, but you are right it can be done. Percs were my drug of choice. At the end of my using I was taking 60 ten mg percs a day. March 11th has been one year for me. It is no cake walk but I am here to tell you it can be done. As far as the sub is concerned, he should not be taking that unless he is being followed by a doctor. Sub is a very, very strong narcotic, much stronger than the percs he was taking.