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Avatar f tn I went cold turkey and it was hell honestly. By the sixth day I went to see my GP. He gave me lorazepam to quiet the anxiety and help me rest from all the lack of sleep. On day eight, I cycled 19 miles in one hour. I kept a positive attitude as much as possible and talked to the folks here. If you have any more detailed questions, ask away. I followed recommendations. I don't know what worked the best as I tried everything that was mentioned. I wanted this so bad. Here I am, day 41.
Avatar f tn Percocet can depress your respiratory system and Lorazepam is a sedative. They can be dangerous taken together because of the risk of OD. But if he has been taking them together for awhile and is under a doctors care he should be fine. I was hooked on Percocet and would take Lorazepam sometimes for panic attacks, never had a problem. I was also on anti-depressants. There is a risk. How much of each is he taking?
Avatar n tn , I have a friend that has been taking lorazepam 1mg tablets and oxycontin tablets for over two years now and I'm wondering how to get help for him. My friend takes 3 lorazepam tabs and two oxycontin tabs a day what are the possible side effects of abruptly stopping these drugs? What are the long term effects that these drugs have on his body,I know that the body is dependant on these drugs,how has his body changed from having a constant supply of narcotics in his system?
Avatar f tn You can take Percocet and lorazepam together, but it's best to take them a few hours apart. Taking them together can increase sedation and respiratory depression.
Avatar m tn You have obviously never needed to take any type of stress/anxiety meds. 1mg of Lorazepam is nothing. When I was taking it I would go to a psychiatrist, eventually he told me I could just have my rx maintained by my family doc. Even with a letter to the family practice Dr from my Psychiatrist, the Dr balked at the Lorazepam and tried to get me to take some new stuff that the "legal drug pushers (drug reps)" gave him samples of.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from post craniotomy pain for about 3 years and have tried many different type of pain killers and treatments, the only thing I have found really effective has been percocet 5/325. 2 every 4-6 hrs has worked very effectively and has greatly improved my quality of life to the point of being able to return to work part time.
Avatar n tn cut down by quarters at the last mg of ativan and within a month or two at most you will have successfully tapered off of both percocet and ativan and you can start healing your brain and body from the damaging addiction.
Avatar f tn My doctor perscribed lorazepam (ativan) and clonidine when I went off percocet a few years ago. I went to check into a rehab facility and because I was dressed like "middle class suburbia" they told me that I shouldn't check in there because I may not "feel comfortable" (the facility & nurse called me several times after I left and told me to come back and apologized).
558147 tn?1215723162 I've had 3 back surgeries and have been taking Percocet 10's for about 5 years now. I hate them. They have ruined ME, and my life and I want to throw my last few away but I'm so afraid of the withdrawals. Can anyone give me some idea of how long the withdrawals are for Percocet 10's and how long the severity lasts? Also, I just got a really cool implant, its a Neurostimulator by Advanced Bionics and it has reduces my pain with electricity!
689267 tn?1235245349 ativan(lorazepam) is very similar benzodiazepine in chemical structure and in its effects to alprazolam(xanax) and also shares the same abuse, dependence, and addiction liability. i was taking originally 6mgs a night for insomnia and panic attacks starting at the early evening and taking it up to going to bed.
Avatar f tn Hey Guys, Do any of you know the difference in these benzos, like which one is supposed to do what and what is stronger and less strong, etc? I've taken Ativan for anxiety as needed, and my doc mentioned switching to klonopin or xanax since the ativan doesnt work that great anymore...can anyone help?
Avatar f tn I know that it'll only last for about a week but I am a full time student and can't afford to stay home and in bed because of the cold sweats, diarreah, and just aching from head to toe all day. Does anyone have any advise?
147172 tn?1226761778 It puts the mother's body into shock no matter what your usage is and can cause pre term labor and/or miscarriage. If you are early ini your pregnancy, be honest with your dr and allow him/her to wean you VERY slowly. The drugs that normally would be prescribed to anyone coming off of opiates (valium, xanax, klonopin etc.) are EXTREMELY UNSAFE at any time during your pregnancy. They are all a category X and can and most likely will cause defects or brain activity reduction.
590279 tn?1286339622 ) it all comes back the next day and I have to take a Lorazepam pill again.. every day, to feel myself. I know this medication is not ideally supposed to be daily, though the neurologist said its not too bad if it provides relief. I'm just wondering if there is another medication out there with perhaps a similar chemical formula, that can actually kick this once and for all? It seems to be a vicious cycle I can't get out of, and it makes me very scared to try to start a career.
Avatar n tn One day I chewed 5 oxy 80mg pills and I knew I had to be done.I decided to go cold turkey and it has been a little over 2 weeks of absolute skincrawling anxiety wheeling hell!!! I has refills on the Norco and after 2 weeks I slipped. I sat and takled myself into it and took 8 norco the first day ( by the way I was taking 18 norcco at once) along with the oxyconton. Anyway the next day i took 8 and was found out by my fiance (who was pissed!!
2126606 tn?1346348724 Opioid-induced hyperalgesia is a condition where the increased use of opiates, like Oxycontin and hydrocodone, heightens one's sensitivity to discomfort and reduces their tolerance for pain. Essentially, people will increase the amount of painkillers they are taking as their discomfort continues to escalate, but the added medication can actually make their pain worse.
Avatar n tn 21 days ago,I made a decision to go to another doctor and get something to help me get off of them.I lied to him and told him I was getting them off the street.He was sooo kind,and gave me a prescription of Methadone 10mg 2 a day.I took 6 a day.By the time it was time for me to get my next prescription for the Oxy., I decided to try and get it. "Big Mistake!" first, only.The pharmacy had known about the methadone, even though I went to a different pharmacy.
Avatar f tn Percocet, while my Family Practitioner has me taking Lorazepam, Bupropion, and Venlafaxine. I have been taking this combination for several years now with good results except for occasional bouts of short term bouts (2 or 3 days) of depression and occasional panic attacks.
485077 tn?1222623740 Methylphenidate makes me eat everything in the house and makes me want to sleep for about 12 hours... Valiums make me grumpy... Lorazepam wakes me up --- but calms down my nerves so things don't make my heart race and my blood pump in my ears... So Xanax just calms me down. I am ADHD so that might explain a little... But seriously --- what are you guys feeling --- when you take these kinds of drugs --- that I am not? Is that the difference between an addict and a non-addict?
1930941 tn?1400111122 Hello....I am 171 days clean from Percocet and Alcohol. Most days I feel great. I see a counselor every week. But sleep does not come easy. I returned to taking Lorazepam 2mg at bedtime to sleep. I don't feel addicted to it just can not sleep well without it. I do not take it during the day. What is your opinion? I do not want any addictions. I have tried Trazadone but all I can say is Yuck. Ambien is addictive too.
Avatar f tn Hi there. I took an overdose once and had my stomach pumped. But you're awake now so that part I'm unsure about. What's important now is to make sure you don't repeat this behavior. Do you know why you did this? Do you want someone to talk with? You may also private message me. Ok?
Avatar m tn I was given morphine and lorazepam (ativan) via IV and then was sent home with a prescription for Percocet and Zantac and was told it was gastritis. I am on Percocet and Zantac, Ativan (stomach aches and anxiety), Yasmin (Birthcontrol), Bentyl (stomach pain), Phennergan (Nausea), Meclazine (dizziness and nausea), Nauzene (otc antacid-- Nausea), albuteral (asthma).
Avatar n tn I'm still on the percocet. It started out for pain relief for a serious illness I have. I've tried to stop taking them & no sucess so far. I don't take more then 2 at a time but am finding I need to take them every 3 hours about. I feel like I'm going to lose my mind when I do try to stop!! The doctor's answer is actually to put me on morphine & that would be worse I think. I was on it before & it made me feel "wonky" to say the least, altho it did help the pain.
Avatar f tn compassion and a load of stuff I am sure you guys know better than me ... what I need. I am nervous and mad and sad ... and terrified because I feel so isolated.
14051 tn?1238255332 In August the disk ruptured, went through months of PT with no help so had a laminectomy on March 11th. Now the tremors are out of control and his Lorazepam along with the muscle relaxers (methocarbomal 750) and percocet 7.5 are not controlling it which is not letting his back relax at night so is completely exhausted in the morning along with pain. Can you give me an idea of what it might be? My husband sees the surgeon on the 10th for postop.
Avatar f tn Life has really been on the up and up since. Do yourself a favor and come here often and commit to yourself that your only option is to quit. No matter the path you use to succeed.
Avatar m tn Methodone, and about 10 mg. lorazepam daily. I know I'm going to be tapering of the lorazepam for quite a while, and I don't want to be on Methodone during that entire time. How do I best switch from my present 15mg Methadone per day, to 90 mg codeine per day (realizing that I'm presently at about 6 mg lorazepam)?
Avatar f tn they were about the same in potency and effects for me and I loved them both, so much that they controlled my entire life and destroyed everything i once had. I was heavily addicted for over two years, adn was enslaved to the green 80 mg OC oxycontin tablets. it is so sad and pathetic, but you can perservere.
Avatar f tn i was taking vicodin 10-15/day for the last year or whatever i could get my hands on-percocet,oxyfast, morphine. also lorazepam. today is day 6 and im feeling really low. hanging in there i guess.
Avatar n tn Heroin, Vicodin, Percocet, Oxy's all break down in your body the same way and the detox is about the same. I am detoxing from opiates right now and was actually considering doing a bag of heroin to stop the withdrawals. I thought through the decision and realized it would be another bad mistake in judgement on my part. I am the Queen of bad mistakes. There is no easy way to detox cold turkey.