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Avatar f tn See if his doctor can write him a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose, for sleep. Clonidine is very helpful for the creepy-crawly feeling and control of blood pressure variations. It will make the withdrawals easier. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter.
232875 tn?1196112630 I am going thru withdrawl , last night thought for sure I was just going to die. My chest is burning, my heart rate is high, blood pressure was high but I take blood pressure meds to control it. Have not eaten, have had the chills and feeling of doomed. I was awake for nearly 48 hours slept some today, I was afraid to fall asleep. Every time I closed my eyes I would see funny flashing colors.
1390687 tn?1281160839 i wound up in a hospital because i threw 250 times a day and started throwing up blood. i got dehydrated. my blood pressure and blood sugar shot up out of control. coming off of this is far worse than the patches and they sucked. i am on my 3rd day now and slowly getting better. it is the hardest thing i have ever done. i feel for all of you and i blame dr's because instead of figuring out what was wrong with me they just shelled out pain meds. you have got to find a dr that wants to help you.
Avatar f tn I think I did it pretty quick-and like I said, I am not as helpful as these great people on here. I went to the doctor today who was so rude-I have naturally high blood pressure and didn't feel well last night so went to him this morning for maybe clonidine as suggested on forum. He was a jerk. Said you can't "feel" blood pressure-that it was probably anxiety. I have anxiety medication as so many people here recommended during my browsing. So, follow these people-they are great.
Avatar m tn She also gave me a scrip for clonodine for my blood pressure which I have to watch. Your dose is high to jump from but certainly not a record here, not saying I won't really respect your toughness for pullin this off. I'm with ya man, I never never imagined this had a hold of me so hard physically. What an experience! I forget one of these nice poster's here, said it's supposed to be this hard and miserable so we don't forget it. God bless ya, Steve and give you strength! Post when yu can......
Avatar f tn I just started taking the benzos to help with the hallucinations, the high blood pressure due to the anxiety. Ive found this forum to be very supportive, my eldest know, supportive,vs the other ones who.just complain. I had another post, retred weiner, i wein so i dont get sick ;c. My oldest kids know, but not to this extent. My lilone doesnt, he just knows momy takes alot of meds and it takes time from.him. its time.
Avatar f tn I am for the second time comming down off of percs. flu feelings etc. i have noticed that when i took an abian at night, all the pain went away. so in the morning i took 1/2 of an ambian and it worked. no pain. i quit cold turkey twice and this time i'm using the helps and i hope to get my knee operated on soon so i don't have to go through thins again!
Avatar f tn Once weaned, however, they said the baby was fine. It's probably more dangerous to have the high blood pressure associated with severe migraines than to take the Percocet. I suffer migraines and I'm praying that I don't get one in the next 7 1/2 months. If I do, then I'm told that that's the medication I'm supposed to take. For me, I can't just put ice on my neck and sit in a dark room. It's way too painful. Hope that helps.
Avatar f tn First time on this site and it seemed to have alot of knowledgeable people on this subject. I have been taking ocycontin and percocet for seven years now. My dose 120mgs three times daily for a total of 360mgs daily and around 6 TO 9 percocet witch is ocycodone at 325 mgs each pill. I understand that this is a huge amount of drugs to be putting in my body on a daily basis but please know that I do not abuse them as everything I take is all prescribed and never take more than my prescribed dose.
210982 tn?1280987495 but my Dr put me on 50mg from 7.5/500 of the percocet. I had never heard of Tramadol and when I ask the pharmasist how it compared to the percocet, he said it was way less effective, so I was confused why my Dr took me from such a high dose of percocet to such a low dose of Tramadol...I keep reading that people say after a while of not being on the meds they realize the pain isn't as bad as they thought...I am just scared...
Avatar f tn But I got through it and the next day I decided to go to the doctor and get some benzos for anxiety which was just a small dose enough for like 5 days and some clonidine to get my blood pressure down (when my doctor saw how high my blood pressure was he was scared for withdrawal is horrible). Anyway, my point said you took one percocet. If you really want to succeed in this now, whatever percocet you have laying around THROW DOWN THE TOILET.
Avatar n tn I see my GYN tomorrow, to discuss my meds while pregnant (I also have to take 2 blood pressure meds as I have renal artery stenosis and ultimately have high BP). general practitioner told me yesterday that my GYN is NOT on board w/ being on the percocet while pregnant (and it sounds like I may have to switch BP meds too). My pain magt dr. told me that it's not an ideal situation to be on percocet while pregnant...but that you can't just come off of it either.....
Avatar m tn If you keep worrying like this your blood pressure is gonna go up.. and that isn't good... Your doctor is being honest with you.. it isn't a super high chance... and if it happens they treat it.. they keep him/her another few days to make sure the baby is comfortable and that is that... Lots of women get back troubles.. or ever have an injury while pregnant.. they know how to deal with this.. as long as your doctor knows and you do not increase your dose.. I wouldn't worry as much as you are..
Avatar m tn You have to want the clean life more than the high and you will succeed. Keep posting and we will help you along.
Avatar m tn - I said that you probably could detox safely at home IF you have no serious medical conditions. I have high blood pressure; when I told my doc I was detoxing he suggested that I take my BP three times a day, keep an eye on it. I was fine.
Avatar m tn I stopped 4 months ago and my blood pressure went to 160/110 so the Dr said I had to take it and refused to give me blood pressure meds because its fine when I take the meds. 2 questions: How should I taper to ease any side effects? I am a professional and a father and do not want to become a monster through this. Could the raised bp be a withdrawal effect? If so how long should I expect that to last. Thank you anyone that takes the time to read and reply.
Avatar n tn If you feel like you are going to pass out when you stand up then your blood pressure is too low and you need to cut back. You will also need immodium and an over the counter sleeping medication.
Avatar n tn I know that this was because of the percocet use. DONT do this to your baby, any mg of oxycodone is too much because it stays in your blood and theirfor your baby's. Just because he isnt born addicted doesn't mean he will have SERIOUS neurological problems growing up.
Avatar n tn I go to a pain clinc where they put me on Neurontin which makes me too tired to work and tried Bio feedback which didn't work for me. The Percocet helps the pain but I feel I am addicted. Some days I feel like I need something really bad and I do not know what it is and then I realize after I take the Percocet I feel better. Sometimes I have that needing feeling during the day and want to take the medicine just to make it fo away but know I have to work.
Avatar f tn Well, I am not a doctor, I would think that the fact that you are getting off them now would greatly avoid the risk of WD in our baby. Just be very careful to work with your Dr. And check your blood pressure. They day my daughter was delivered via emergency c-section, I could not take a pill and started to go into WD. My blood pressure shot up and I started to go into convulsions. The baby went into distress that's why I had to deliver 3 months early.
Avatar f tn is this normal? and short lasting?) and much anxiety and panic. I'd appreciate any info offered to help educate me so that I'm realistic in what to expect and for how long (I want it over with yesterday, smile) to return to normal from percocet and the patch? Also, how soon should I be reduced to the 25 mg patch? It's been two months now on 50mg, but first month changed patch every 2 days instead of 3 bec of w/d so bad.
Avatar f tn usually doctors will prescribe PRN medications to administer if blood pressure gets too high. They will also provide medications most of the time to keep him comfortable and an anti-siezure medication if he is at risk for siezures or DT's. I do not recommend a sudden cold turkey detox without discussing with his doctor. Note, I am not a licensed health care professional.
Avatar n tn Well, my mouth still feels raw, and am getting more little blisters, and I think it may be a reaction from the Percocet. Bob, I know you are gonna make it, and my heart will be with you. I know it won't be an easy thing to do, but you will make it because you want to. I am trying to find a site on aol, that use to be here, ask a dr or something like that. Do you know what I'm referring to? Have a great holiday yourself, if I don't hear from you before.
Avatar f tn You should return to him/her and address these issues. If you want to discontinue the percocet he should be willing and able to assist you. You are certainly welcome here but we do have an Substance Abuse Community that you may want to post on also. Others will post with their experience and suggestions. I wish you the best and urge you to contact your physician. Please let us know how you are doing.
12953 tn?1270757997 Right now I take on percocet pill I think it's 10/650 mg (yeah I know it is)before bed and it helps me to sleep and relieves my pain til the next night. So that's it. Again thank you for your responses and if anyone has anything else to add I will appreciate that also. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Avatar m tn Otherwise, your body goes the opposite direction and causes higher blood pressure and symptoms you are describing. The clonidine should work for your sleep, try to not use the Ambien as much. Also, you might try Ambian lasts much longer than Ambien...I've used them both and there is a big difference. I would start the clonidine again, for sure...and then scale it down. Hang in 15 is something to be proud of!
Avatar f tn I was recently prescribed Percocet for my migraines because they cause me to be bedridden and make my blood pressure go sky high. The Doctor said being in Thai much pain out worse for the baby but I'm still nervous I'm 27 weeks. Had anyone has to take it while pregnant and hope did everything turn out?
Avatar m tn before i stopped my hands were going numb,,mostly at night..and im not laying on them,,i figure might b my blood pressure....gonna ask doc bout same thing...good job on day 7...ill b there tommorow...take care.
1973988 tn?1325985488 Mentally, I am not addicted to these pills because I love who I am when I am sober and the high from percocet cannot compete with the high that I get from being myself and meeting my own personal goals in my life... I have overcome an addiction to Xanax 5 years ago and I learned a lot from that experience, and I believe that it's God's will for me to experience a bit more of the rawness of feeling "dope sick" and hopeless.
566544 tn?1219441277 So on month 4 I was only taking 2mg for 3 weeks and then off. I still take clonidine for my blood pressure and it does help with the w/d, I also take extended release xanax for my anxiety disorder, and for my knee and hip pain use a compounded pharmaceutical gel called KGCL, ketaminegabapentenclonidinelidocaine, and it works so well for me. Suboxone isnt for everyone and shouldnt be taken for any longer than needed.