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1331804 tn?1336870958 So later in the week last week, I called my doctor and told him all of this and stated that I was going back to the original dose of 30 mg in the morning AND at night. At this point, I was about to toss the Opana ER and go back to the Morphine ER BUT before I did that, I researched more about Opana ER and discovered that it takes 3-4 days to reach a steady state level in the bloodstream so I decided to stick with it awhile longer.
Avatar n tn i am on 30 mg opana er and 5 mg opana. they are good, but they have been causing severe drowsiness so much that i have been nodding off at work, and have been asked to take a medical leave of absence. Now I dont know what to do they don't want me to come back till i'm drug free, but i have chronic back pain.. i cannot work w/out pain med..its too much pain to handle...right now im seeing about getting a spinal cord stimulator put in..
Avatar n tn Ive been taking oxycontin 80, (6 day) & dilaudid 8 (8 day) for 15 years due to many health issues ... I was just put on opana 40 ER (4 day)& Opana 10 (4 day). Since i've been on the new meds i think i have been blacking out; l be doing something and i open my eyes and i dont know where i am, or what just happened, Are these seizures??? Or Withdrawals ??? Both?? Does Anyone Have Any Input?
1331804 tn?1336870958 , 60 mg) with the 60 mg of morphine sulfate ER you get 120 mg per day. Now, converting that to Opana ER. Opana ER is 3x stronger than morphine; hence, 120 mg of morphine = 120/3 mg of Opana ER per day (i.e., 40 mg). Therefore I should be taking 20 mg of Opana ER every 12 hours NOT 30 mg of Opan ER every 12 hours. The 40 mg Opana ER includes all of the breakthrough percocet I take per day and the total in morphine sulfate ER I take per day.
725248 tn?1316165845 My doctor has me on 20mg opana ER, 15mg oxycodone for break through pain and 5mg valium for muscle spasms. The problem is its not just break through pain, its pain all the time and heaven help me if I try to do anything around the house, a friend barrowed my lawn mower, and just lifting it out of her truck killed me, doing dishes kills me, mowing my own lawn kills me. I am so tired of being in constant pain.
Avatar f tn I do trust my doctor and he is a very reputable physician that has been featured on the local news in our state but despite this, he did not apply a cross tolerance at all when he switched me from morphine ER to opana ER (you may remember responding to my post on this subject awhile back). In fact, it was even more medicine than I was already taking in both morphine ER and breakthrough pain medicine in the two 30 mg opana ER pills I take per day.
172023 tn?1334675884 The Opana ER (basically, a long acting narcotic related loosely to Dilaudid) seemed to have no effect on me whatsoever except to contribute to the nausea. The Norco, for severe pain seemed to be the only thing that helped slightly. All those meds....and I was still having a lot of pain. I decided that I was unwilling to surrender my future to methadone, or to Fentanyl, or to whatever else that would contribute to turning me into a grey and lifeless version of myself.
Avatar n tn long-acting opioid (Opana ER), short-acting opioid for breakthrough pain (Percocet 5/325), anti-depressant, valium, muscle relaxer, anti-convulsant (Gabapentin - this medication is a key component in reducing the nerve pain), and an anti-inflammatory (low dose over the counter Aleve). I also go in for epidural steroid injections every 3 months (these injections have helped me a lot with the low back pain but not so much with the leg pain from the nerve damage).
Avatar f tn Oxy IR 4Xdaily for BT pain. The PM Dr. wanted to start me on Opana ER 20 mg. 2X day along with only 80 mg. Methadone. Insurance reasons stopped that so he increased Methadone to 150 mg. a day and NO BT meds!!! Awful!! I go back on Monday and want to try Opana ER...but Methadone is very helpful, except for constipation...
682426 tn?1226725071 Azordegan at River Oaks Hospital April 2008 - Gallbladder removed with lots of scar tissue and some bowel adhesions So off course started with Lorotab, Norco up to 20-30 a day, Durigesic patches eventually ended with Morphine/ Avinza CR / Opana ER....In addition with Ambien, Soma, Valium and Xanax. Now I didn’t take them all at the same time these are meds I have taken and of course built up a tolerance.
Avatar n tn I really did feel the same once I got off the Lexapro but 3 months after stopping it I got hit with the sciatica and leg pains that sent me to the ER. I have been battling ever since. I sure would appreciate anyones expereince (positive or negative). I am a 52 year old professional female, about 5'8 and 180 lbs. Thanks so much!
363110 tn?1340924019 MS Contin (Morphine ER), OxyContin, Nucynta ER, Opana ER, Fentanyl, BuTrans. I was on MS Contin for about a year before switching to Opana ER and before the MS Contin I was on short-acting opioids only. I have Percocet for break through pain, which isn't helping much anymore. I plan to talk with my doctor about a different breakthrough pain medicine as he only wants me to take a max of 3 per day which hasn't been very useful to me.
725248 tn?1316165845 It's available in Europe but I can't find it's availablity in the US. If anyone can please let the board know. Opana ER is an extended release form of Hydromorphone (Dilaudid). Opana ER utilizes the TIMERx delivery system and not the OROS delivery system. although they are similar they are not the same. In March of 2010 the FDA approved Exalgo (Hydromorphone) extended release which is an OROS (delivery system) drug. It appears to be the same as the one available in Europe.
Avatar f tn , very strong analgesic, very addictive, mainly used for treatment for addition, but is becoming more an more common for chronic pain relief), then there is oxycontin(time release oxycodone) and ms contin(morphine time release), both of these have become major abuse problems in the us and worldwide, ppl find that after sucking the coating off and chopping the pill up you get all the oxycodone all at once giving a rush identical to heorin.
Avatar f tn This pain is now not only in that area, but has also moved around to encompass my entire hip area (inside hip, front of hip, side of hip, back part of hip) my lower back on that side (right) and radiates down my leg, mostly on the inside, but somewhat on the outer leg also. I've also been getting burning, shooting pains in my foot that may or may not be related. The pain has increased to such a point that my normal pain meds are not touching it at all and neither is my muscule relaxer.
11826602 tn?1429923801 I have been shooting Daulidid 8mg for the last year or so. It got so outa control I finaly asked for help...instead of a rehab that'll just keep mentioning the problem for however long then you go right back to it....so I'm doing a home rehab. My house my toilet my..you get the point much more comfortable place to detox. I was up to about 20-30 pills a day. Then when I said "I NEED HELP!, I DONT WANT TO BE LOOKING FIR THAT NRXT HIGH ALL THE TIME!
Avatar n tn I have severe chronic stabbing pain in my lower back with shooting pain down my right leg. I am on Opana ER 40 mg every 12 hours. Hydrocodone 10/500 every 6 hours. Soma, neurontin, and cymbalta and klonopin for depression and to sleep at night. I have no fusion and my 3rd opinion surgeon says there is nothing else they can do. He said unfortunetly some people's bodies do not heal correctly and I happen to be in that percent.
Avatar f tn It was hot and red, and awful looking. That scared me. Not enough though. I just started shooting below it and kept going. It looks better today. I kept myself to 12mg today and 4 hours. Except tonight, I did a full 16. I am going to try and NOT use for 8 hours. Tomorrow, I will do every 4 during the day, and do only 8mg each time. Tomorrow night, I will do 12, none during the night. When I get to that point, then I can determine the next phase.
Avatar m tn My nuro gave me enough to last me 2 months and I have another appointment with them on Tues to get a refill but they are not a pain management group they only do surgery. I have ultram and opana 10mg er and I have had them since back in Feb but I have not taken any of them because like I said they are stronger than what I really need. I just want to stop being a slave to these pills. I hurt and have taken them for so long. Even though my tolerance has not gone up but to 3 a day.
Avatar m tn No need to apologize. I don't even understand myself! Thanks for everyones advice, the one thing I do know is Meth is NOT for me!! I am so glad I had all of you to help me or I probably would have just gone with what the dr said. I guess I just wish my dr would have listened when I first started telling him that I needed adjustments to my meds. I honestly believe I wouldn't have abused if my pain had been controled.
680303 tn?1239988440 MS contin is not really a huge drug if abuse but IV drug abusers love it.like dilaudid, neither r absorbed well in the GI tract so shooting those drugs is more what u here on the streets to get the "buzz" But u dont take ur meds for a buzz cos u r not an addict..which will make this much simpler for u cos u will not crave mentally..u just need to get thru the physical part if u r not an addict.
199177 tn?1490502134 I am considering going back to rehab (I just got back 2 weeks ago--I got off Opana ER). I had tapered a lot on Opana--for 4 months. I will private message you some more info.
Avatar n tn I slept maybe 6 hours in the first 3 weeks, and ended up in ER. Fortunately, I wasn't working then and just grew roots on my futon and watched the history channel all day. I wouldn't leave the house at all, my girlfriend got me food. I'd walk the dog and get 10 yards and turn around. My neighbors looked at me in disbelief. They must have thought I was on LSD or something. Sounds like you are right on schedule, right where you are supposed to be.
Avatar n tn Ihad a disc replaced and spinal fusion six months ago. The pain started shooting down my left leg two months after. My dr. told me to expect some nerve damage since this was the fourth spine surgery in two years. Just had an MRI and they told me that there is scar tissue surrounding the nerve root. They have offered Lyrica to help with the nerve. But I am going to start physical therapy next week, and I have found that the less movement the less pain.
Avatar n tn )how many types are cysts are there and which are likely to be most cancer? last trip to er,er dr suggested gyno appt (jan 11th)since I have worrism symptoms (almost 100lb weight loss within 10 months,hair loss,chronic severe pain,bowel probs) then dr tell me it's nothing to worry about, how did you find out it was cancer? Ty and God Bless!
Avatar n tn so here I am addicted and completely sad and worried!So I finally took action!and the results......Ultram ER 200mg 1 once a day.I know little about this drug,it was prescribed to me to help with the pain of withdrawal,good idea or bad?well hopefully good!I have 15,2 weeks is usually the amount of time I have bad withdrawals.I think I have hitt rock bottom so I am hoping I will have a successfull recovery with this method.
Avatar n tn I myself held a hangun licence about 10-12 years ago (just for target shooting you weren't allowed to carry them outside) but after the Dunblane massacre in 1996 were a guy killed 16 primary school kids and their teacher (with a LEGALLY held gun) the government banned all hangun possession.
Avatar n tn i am and addict i was shooting 30 roxy 30s a day till i was broke trust me.... and now clean 55 days today good luck buddy help i helped.