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Avatar n tn Also, some breeds, like Collies and breeds that were developed using the Collie could suffer fatal side effects from it. It's just not worth chancing it. Animals are like people in that none of them should be given medication that was not prescribed for them, and in animals it's even more important since they can't tell us if they are feeling bad from taking it, we can only guess from what we can see, and sometimes by the time we notice a problem it's too late to help them.
82861 tn?1333457511 With other nausea meds being completely out of our budget, we've begun using reglan injections. No side effects to speak of except for about 15 minutes of a little restless behavior, and then she's fine. It very effective on the vomiting as well and usually lasts a full 24 hours. Since reglan still has to be processed through the kidneys regardless, can you help me understand why the side effects are so much more severe with the oral meds as opposed to the injections?
1916673 tn?1420236870 Unfortunately, that means that what works on humans doesn't always work (and can in fact sometimes cause harm) for dogs. All that said, ONDANSETRON (Zofran) is safe for dogs and as an antiemetic works pretty well in most cases. It is interestingly recommended by IRIS, the International Renal Interest Society for stages 3 & 4 CKF in dogs.
14801663 tn?1436791766 While it is very effective, it also has some unwelcome side effects for kidney failure dogs, which is nausea. Obviously, if a dog already has nausea, giving Omeprazole (with the rare but possible side effect of nausea), will just exacerbate the problem. I think it's worth trying for a few days, but if it doesn't seem to be having the desired effect, it's best to go back to the vet and try something else.
Avatar f tn Although steroids can help a more healthy dog with poor appetite, they should not be given to kidney failure dogs. They have potentially life-threatening side effects, which include liver and kidney failure.
Avatar m tn Not sure how you hooked onto a 6 month old post, but if you hit the "back to forum" blue words, you will be directed to today's post. We are a fairly active forum and you will find a lot of support and information here. Welcome to the forum and that is great news that you have gotten to week 3 triple with no side effect. I suggest you go to the top and "post a question" and introduce yourself.
Avatar f tn It should stop any vomiting within 10hrs. However, be aware of the side effects and refer back to your vet if any seem to be starting. There is also a danger of some adverse liver effects with this drug, so I would use Milk Thistle as a supplement to help protect the liver while he is on it. Don't stop using the phosphate binder. High phosphorous will adversely damage the kidneys even more, so getting this under control is crucial.
Avatar f tn He had similar problems when he treated with riba/pegasys in 2009, so not sure if the incivek is magnifying the side effects or that he's just older and the treatment is so rigorous. He really wanted to avoid using an ssri if possible, and was on wellbutrin, then added ativan for acute anxiety. Both of them didn't address his most difficult symptoms, and he finally decided he needed an ssri.
Avatar f tn I think it boils down to which side effects you would rather not have, which side effects are relatively easy to handle, which drug is most effective in your situation, and which drug the doctor is most familiar with and most comfortable with in terms of your situation. I had the rash (but from Inf and Riba, not Inc), the nausea, the anal problems. The anal problems were easy to treat and control once I figured them out.
Avatar m tn While the decadron took the edge off the pain and brought it back to the normal intense levl she experienced daily, she was struck with horrible side effects, including being stuck awake for 4 days straight. This lack of sleep had a significantly negative effect on her colitis and her auto immune disorder aggravating them both.
Avatar n tn I have experienced on 4 occasions in the last 6 years a rather weird Diarrhoea attack which really is painful and scary. Here is a description of what occurs. 1. Sudden abdominal pain which increases in intensity over a short time. The same sensation one might get when they are about to get Diarrhoea. 2. I go to the toilet and try excreting whatever wants to come out.