Ondansetron nasal spray

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Avatar f tn Went to urgent care,doc just looked at me and said i have Vertigo,recommended nasal spray and allergy pill.Tuesday had to go to ER bc i felt real bad,couldn't eat for days felt really weak and all. They run all tests,CAT scam as well,everything was fine they say. Gave me Valium and ondansetron.
789911 tn?1368640383 I am 1a- grade 1 stage 2 This is what I have been prescribed to help manage my side effects from triple therapy with incivek All as directed mild, moderate pain= acetaminophen,ibuprofen, severe bone pain= tramadol daytime nausea =ondansetron night time nausea =promethazine antidepressant =zoloft, celexa insomnia = lunesta anemia= procrit rash=clobetasol propionate,desoximetasone creme, dry skin/itching=aveno, goldbond , benadryl , zyrtec Potassium deficiency = kl
7734321 tn?1393763564 They also told me to stay on the tablets instead of desmo nasal spray til we sort my sinuses out ( this was better than what my private endo wanted me to do ). Over all im happy with the care im getting. I still feel pretty crappy, but i keep being told its early days yet :) Next thing on the agenda is a bone density test next week . And thanks Daniel for responding again. My Blood pressure and Blood sugars have remained stable.