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Avatar f tn I have GERD and a hiatal hernia and have been taking omeprazole twice a day every day for a few months (I had been on Prevacid for several years before the omeprazole but insurance won't cover it any more). If your main symptom is burping, I would try going off of the omeprazole and switching to gas-x or some other type of gas relief medicine. As long as you aren't having a lot of problems with heartburn or acid reflux, you would probably be fine to discontinue using the omeprazole.
Avatar f tn I have the same problem which I, too, thought might be caused by Omeprazole. I did find, like CalGal, a link between Omeprazole and a cough, and it was also causing itchy skin down my spine area. Changing my PPI to Lansoprazole recently has not made the slightest difference, and I continue to cough all day and all night, a dry, irritating cough. I also have gastritis, oesophagitis, a Hiatus hernia, none of which had been symptomatic other than nausea, and a lack of desire to eat.
Avatar f tn I'm currently taking lexapro for anxiety & depression and Omeprazole for Gerd and just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant. My doctor said the benefIt's outweigh the risks but I'm reading some really scary defects online and I'm wondering if anyone here has had good/bad experiences with them?
Avatar f tn A whole week later and I never cough any more. My advice is, if the cough is a quick onset and there is no reason for it, check your home first for anything that could cause an allergy.
Avatar n tn since started taking omeprazole have developed a cough and tenderness to the asaphagus is there any-connection?
Avatar n tn For the past couple of months I have felt fine all day and when it's time for bed, I cough my head off. I had an upper respiratory infection, but I got antibiotics and the mucus is gone, but I can't get rid of this cough. Does anyone have any idea what this could be??
Avatar m tn Dear Sir, I am 42 years old, 6' tall and have been slightly obese for the past few years (14 - 17 stones). My upper bowel and thorax seem easily affected by stress/ anxiety and I occasionally suffer from what I imagine is upper irritable bowel syndrome, with associated muscle tension and spasm in the chest. My stomach bloats easily and I have treated the problem, quite effectively for short periods of a few days/weeks with Proton Pump Inhibitors like Omeprazole.
Avatar n tn it starts first thing in the morning when i wake, i have the acid pain, usually with bloating and then i have this chesty cough and sore throat. my chest is also tight and painfull. after a couple of hours every thing eases off and returns normally in the evening after having dinner. are the two related and should i go back to g.p would really like some advice as im a professional singe and the chest problem is making it very difficult.
Avatar f tn Also you can take OTC Omeprazole and see if this helps. Cut down on caffeine, alcohol, smoking, fuzzy drinks and spicy food and see if this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I am really getting concerned. I never had cough problems and I have always drunk a lot of milk and eat dairy products with little or no interference. So I don't think dairy is doing this but not sure since I am getting older and things change with age right? Anyway, I am thinking of going to the clinic for a throat culture. Will that be enough to find out the problem. I don't have health insurance. Can mucus cause this much trouble?
Avatar m tn Exercise triggers coughing but I may be able to workout for 15-30 minutes before and then when done start to cough. Again, I cough hard until something comes up and then less so...also laughing makes me cough...
Avatar f tn would you say its safe to mix Zantac 75 and omeprazole..??
449683 tn?1211443972 In this condition acid reflux back in food pipe and irritates throat causing chronic cough. Drugs like omeprazole, pantoprazole etc are prescribed for 4- 6 weeks. Other rare possibility is round worm infestation, commonly seen in developing world. Thsi condition is diagnosed by stool test and drugs like albendazole are prescribed (single dose suffcient). Although, you have been through lot of investigations, could try for these too!.
Avatar n tn JACKABCD's suggestion regarding Omeprazole is absolutely on the mark, it can be extremely effective if used as directed and if the condition that is causing the distress can be controlled with the medication. Was a cause of his easophagitis discussed? If the valve that keep the acid out of the esophagus isn't working correctly, medications aren't going to be very effective, in my opinion and experience. Like Risha78 suggests, certainly adopt a low acid diet.
Avatar m tn Evening ladies and gents. For the past 6 months I have suffered a cough which lasts for up to 45 minutes each time. It happens when I either lie down or sit at a weird angle. I finally plucked up the courage to see a doctor about a month ago. After an X-ray which was all clear he said it was acid reflux. He put me on a course of omeprazole(21) days worth. By day 5 the coughing had stopped completely, but I got head aches instead.
Avatar f tn It is working very well, my readings are fantastic and I've lost some weight. Within the past couple of days I have had a persistent, dry cough and I am so afraid that it's from the Victoza. I used to take Humalog and my insurance stopped paying for it so the doctor put me on Apidra. I developed a persistent dry cough but the doctor was very skeptical that it was connected to the Apidra. He switched me to Novolog and, voila, the cough went away.
Avatar n tn Symptoms are coughing, wheezing as unable to breathe, also his windpipe feels tight and lungs feel bloated. Doesn't seem to happen any other time of the day and I've tried changing washing powders of the bedding etc incase that is causing it but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas as to what it might be please? Drs have given him penicillin and antibiotics but nothing seems to work.
Avatar n tn Would it be advisable to see an EMT or Respiratory Specialist for a second opinion. I am 62 yrs old and in excellent health other than the cough. Thank you for any suggestions.
Avatar f tn I got a cold around the 3rd week in March, it was pretty bad with fever, chills, cough, aches etc. but by about 6 days or so i felt much better and only had the cough remaining. It has now been almost 6wks of a constant daily cough. I have horrible bouts of coughing which are followed by vomiting and a light headed feeling. I have been terribly fatigued for about 2 weeks with this because it just takes everything out of me.
Avatar m tn Hello i have been having phlegm for the past 3 years and everytime i take antibiotics it works for about 2-3 weeks but it will come back again i keep myself fit but running as my caa (long distance runner) and the top in the nationals but this phlegm is disturbing me can you give a solution i have phlegm and cough and every time i cough alot of green phlegm or brown phlegm comes out and my chest hurts when i cough please give me a solution to this answer please Thank you from:Jabir
Avatar n tn One key thing is once I fall asleep after coughing, I do not cough while sleeping and if I wake up in the middle of the night to urinate I don't cough. Once I wake up I don't cough until about 30 minutes or until I get out of bed.
Avatar m tn The cough only occurs about every 10-15 minutes as a tickle in the throat and it rarely ends up in a coughing fit orin a shortage of breath. Love some help. Thanks.
1183343 tn?1300886765 Even though endoscopy is not suggestive, consult a doctor and take omeprazole and see if it helps. Other than that log in what you eat, and see if there is a co-relation between cough reflex and food types you consume. If all factors are ruled out, then a psychogenic factor will need to be examined. Take care!
Avatar n tn 8) My stomach got better after this but not my cough. This cough still continues and occasionally I cough blood in phleghm. When I cough, if I drink some water or eat something it gets suppressed for sometime. Cough is severe when my tummy is empty. If I lie down I do not have cough at all. I feel the tickle for the cough coming up somewhere from my stomach or lower esophagus area.
Avatar n tn but what is the cough and funny taste and wheezing from. Could I possibly have an infection that won't go away? Asthma? Any suggestions? I'm getting very frustrated! Thank you in advance!
Avatar m tn Hi, Constant heartburn and first thing in morning annoying cough Had it for months now, Doctor put me on omeprazole which solved problem, but as soon as I stop problem back within 48 hours. Just finished 3 month course (40mg a day for month 1 and 20mg a day for months 2 and 3) - finished on Friday, heartburn and discomfort back on sunday!
Avatar n tn Sometimes the attacks are violent and I am unable to talk or do anything but cough and cough. Occasionally I start to sneeze. Other times the attacks are more mild but still involuntary. And finally, there are times when my through scratches and it feels like sandpaper or needles and I need to cough to try to relieve the sensation. It also feels like the water strips the mucous off my throat, but ice cream has also been a problem.