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Avatar m tn At first my wife had urinary infection, few weeks later she started to have fever and stomach problems, the docter told her it was a gastroenteritis. I bought her omeprazole and gave her amoxicilline, that worked. She felt fine, but few weeks later she had urinary infection symptoms again. The doctor gave her antibiotics again, that helped her.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed 40mg Omeprazole, but bought the 20mg Omeprazole over the counter and have been taking 2 each morning instead. It ha been 3 days (and three doses) and I have had EXTREME severe diarrhea. My stomach is nonstop gurgling, I can't keep anything down, and I am constantly in and out of the bathroom even throughout the night. The gurgling is so intense it wakes me up from sleep. I did some research online and read that Omeprazole can cause Hepatitis and liver issues.
Avatar m tn i would just like to say that my doctor prescribe me omeprazole and as you may or may not know, omeprazole has a lot of side effects including headaches and diarrhea... so now to the details of the question, me and my girlfriend had sex about three and a half weeks ago to be exact, for the first time. i used protection in the intercourse but she didn't used protection when she gave me oral. so i been paranoid because today i feel headaches and that feeling of getting a cold.
Avatar f tn I developed really bad gas during treatment and it stuck around after eot and got worse. Now I'm having bad diarrhea and nausea and think it may be due to the Omeprazole. I take 40 mg daily and am thinking about going down to 20 mg. I found a study that says Omeprazole can cause SIBO (bacteria) in 50% of patients. I can't get into a gastro doc for another 2 months and think the diarrhea and inherent pain and nausea are driving my BP way up.
568812 tn?1379165794 Hi thanks for your comments.
Avatar n tn When I eat peanuts my mouth burns and feels sore and then I get horrible stomach cramps followed by severe diarrhea, when I eat wheat I get sick with stomach cramps and diarrhea, when I eat eggs my throat feels itchy and swollen, when I eat diary products I have a hard time breathing and can get sick enough to vomit because of all of the mucus production.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed a medication called Omeprazole which I believe is an acid reduction medicine. It worked real miracles and the problems all vanished. In the last few weeks I have since come off beta blockers after surgery and am still on Aspirin. I have stopped the omeprazole so I reckon this makes you correct in that the beta blockers must be the culprit.
Avatar m tn Two months ago while i was taking the last course of antibiotics, I have belching, bloating, indigestion and a bit of difficult swallowing. So, I went to GI hospital and had endoscopy performed and tested for H. pylori. H. pylori clotest came back negative. They look at my esophagus and it was ok. I was diagnosed with gastritis and due to inflammation of the at the end of the digestive system and gerd due to difficult swallowing.
Avatar f tn He suggested a laxative to make stool softer and to continue with omeprazole. For the last week, when he passes gas, there is some diarrhea in his undershorts. Today, when he passed gas there was clear mucus. Can anyone explain what may be going on?
Avatar m tn s and that I still had some inflamation still evident and was advised to continue with my omeprazole and not to over stuff my self so that the inflamation can heal entirely. I started taking probiotics last Wednesday and will continue. I have a question with the brushing, why is this done? My doctor also indicated I had slight reflex so to stay away from spicy foods.
Avatar n tn Hi. My doctor told me a few years back I had IBS. I've had two colonoscopies, in 2010 and 2015. Both came out clean, per different doctors. The 2015 one was in march. In November 2015 I drank a cuban coffee, felt a spasm and ended up with on and off diarrhea for 5-6 weeks. When it wasn't diarrhea, it seemed like a blockage. The diarrhea was water shooting out at one point. By the end of the 6th week or so everything finally died down.
Avatar m tn I am going to have to wait another 2 weeks for results and am back taking the omeprazole but my stomach is constanlty bloating up after eating. Is this a side effect of the tablets?? i have been taking these tablets 6 weeks in total but i am stil suffering severly with bloating and my stomach is constanlty rumbling. Does this sound like h pylori or does anyone else suffer sever bloating from these omeprazole tablets.
Avatar n tn Hi. My doctor told me a few years back I had IBS. I've had two colonoscopies, in 2010 and 2015. Both came out clean, per different doctors. The 2015 one was in march. In November 2015 I drank a cuban coffee, felt a spasm and ended up with on and off diarrhea for 5-6 weeks. When it wasn't diarrhea, it seemed like a blockage. The diarrhea was water shooting out at one point. By the end of the 6th week or so everything finally died down.
Avatar m tn Also you could have too much stomach acid. You would try over the counter Zantac and see if this helps or omeprazole. But omeprazole can cause diarrhea in a lot of people so if that happens stop taking it. Just take it once as directed on the box and see if it helps your stomach. I would see a doctor and see if they can figure out which of these things it is. They may want to do an upper GI test or an ultrasound of the gallbladder/liver kidney. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Now within the last 4 weeks I have been having nausea and one day I did vomit and a call to my doctors office suggested to push fluids and make sure to take my Omeprazole. I did and my symptoms subsided. I stayed on the BRAT diet for about 10 days after thinking I possibly had a virus or ? I started to eat a more regular diet and then started getting nausea again, and the feeling of regurgitation. I take the Omeprazole twice daily.
Avatar m tn s patients usually have low or no acid which makes me concerned about taking this. And I read about ensuring you space out when you take omeprazole. I also have low ferritin and was taking iron, which I saw online is contradicted. Does anyone have experience with taking this?
Avatar m tn I ate more meat, food rich in fiber and psyllium fiber. My stool are now formed and soft in my first Po-Poh in the morning and after 30 min, my second po-Poh is watery again. What causes this? Is this anxiety related? Should I continue taking antacids?
Avatar f tn I recently had 12 inches of my colon removed and now the attacks are much shorter and less painful, but the bowel surgery caused me to have diarrhea all the time. I had diverticulitis and IBS and was in bad pain a lot. Now I don't have that pain at least. I hope you find a solution to this problem. I don't travel without my heating pad. It seems to help when I put it on my back and lay down, but not flat down. I use pillow props.
Avatar m tn Stools still a yellow color with thin, fluffy consistency, though not really any diarrhea. Back pain still off and on. I was told to continue omeprazole, and to go ahead and begin taking a teaspoon of pepto bismol once daily until my stools began to look normal again. More blood was drawn to check my pancreas for pancreatitis, but it all came back clean. The next day I had a normal looking bowel movement, but of course it was very dark because of the pepto (which is a known side effect).
Avatar m tn after i have my bowel movement in the morning (which is occasionally diarrhea) i feel alot better. then ill eat and ill have to have another bowel movement usually which is along with rumbling noises and bloated. but sometimes i eat and i feel fine, my stomach just rumbles. i am a 19 year old male, the only thing hereditary in my family is heart issues. i have been dealing with alot of anxiety issues, especially since my mother passed away over a year ago.
149087 tn?1258453820 The bruised rib, sides of the abdomen and breast cannot cause acidity and diarrhea, but probably the painkillers you took to overcome the pain may have caused this. Stop all painkillers and see if it helps. Also take an antacid gel or a proton pump inhibitor like omeprazole and see. In all probability this will help. Apply warm compress and local analgesic cream over the bruised area. If symptoms persist consult an orthopedic specialist. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Avatar f tn Three common side effects of omeprazole are nausea, mild diarrhea, and headache. Omeprazole also lists as possible side effects, though not common, of constipation, depression and anxiety. I remember getting a nasty headache while on omeprazole myself, unlike my usual migraines. The doctor suggested I go off of the drug, see if the headache stopped and go back on it to see if it started up again.
974371 tn?1424653129 As the day went on, I got a little better. A couple of hours ago, I started getting that knowing pain in my stomach just above my navel, moving up under my ribs. I take it you mean by the anti spastics you mean the Dicycomine and Kevsin. They seemed to help some but was told to stop them when I had the irregular heartbeat. I used to take Prozac years ago but was pulled off that when I was agitated and developed tremors but I was also on Reglan at the time and think it was that.
581954 tn?1223391496 Is it possible for this to be a side effect from Omeprazole? And how long does it take to get out of your system? I have heard it could take 3 months and I have heard it won't take longer than a week??
Avatar m tn Following a valve replacement and triple bypass I was discharged from Hospital with a number of drugs and a new one being Omeprazole. I did not know why it was prescribed but after a number of months taking it I decided after discussion with my Doctor to stop taking it. A few months later through the night I got this terrible chest pain on a scale of 1-10 I guess it was 7-8.