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Avatar m tn At first my wife had urinary infection, few weeks later she started to have fever and stomach problems, the docter told her it was a gastroenteritis. I bought her omeprazole and gave her amoxicilline, that worked. She felt fine, but few weeks later she had urinary infection symptoms again. The doctor gave her antibiotics again, that helped her.
Avatar f tn I developed really bad gas during treatment and it stuck around after eot and got worse. Now I'm having bad diarrhea and nausea and think it may be due to the Omeprazole. I take 40 mg daily and am thinking about going down to 20 mg. I found a study that says Omeprazole can cause SIBO (bacteria) in 50% of patients. I can't get into a gastro doc for another 2 months and think the diarrhea and inherent pain and nausea are driving my BP way up.
568812 tn?1379169394 i have been to the doctor and they dont know whats wrong, ive been taking omeprazole 40mg for 3 weeks now and i seem a little better but not fully. Has anyone had this and what is it??
Avatar n tn I am reading a lot on the subject, experimenting with diet and relaxation and the occasional spoonful of Maalox. I relate to the person who said they felt fine until after the endoscopy. I never had this globus feeling in my throat before, and now it is there all the time, no matter what or when I eat or don't eat. THAT is stressful!
Avatar m tn What I can say is that PPI, (I took in different period with equal success, pantoprazole, omeprazole, lansoprazole) and H2 Blocker, almost stops the diarrhea. I began with one 40mg pantoprazole a day and after some month therapy i experieced that 20mg pantoprazole pill taken each two helps, if i take it every three days it works too, but if I take it evety 4 day, stools begin to be looser. So I found that one 20mg pill every two days gaves enough relief.
Avatar n tn His doctor told him it sounds like GERD (but I have GERD, and I never had any thing like that before), so he went to a GI and he was given Omeprazole, and told to come back if it happened again. A week later he was sick and so the GI said it sounds like IBS and was given Levbid Er to take twice a day, (but I have not read anything about IBS causing vomiting- or being so debilitating for one day and the rest of the time having NO symptoms whatsoever).
Avatar m tn Hi I have had diarrhea on and off for many years, i am 30 years old, i have been going Drs who has only given me medication to stop the diarrhea and peppermint oil for the cramps i get, again it is on and off i also do get bright blood in my stools, one sided on and off i believe its due the hemorrhoid problems i have as they do cause pain too. Dr has also prescribed cream which helps but they come back. I have noticed alot that worrying and thinking makes it worse.
Avatar m tn Doctor gave me domperidone and omeprazole and it lesser the amount of feeling want to vomit after eating. But something is weird that I often feel something in my anus, and everytime I feel it I poop and it clear out, and it will come back again after 2 hours or so. Is omeprazole causing me having loose stool? Or is it just me too sensitive to wanting to poop?
Avatar n tn Yes, I have eliminated all gluten from diet. I tried eliminating dairy too and that seems to help some but I'm still having diarrhea in the mornings. Dairy definitely seems to make it worse though. For instance, if I have a glass of milk two hours or so before bed, I get cramps during the night and the morning diarrhea is more, well, explosive lol!
Avatar m tn I was experiencing symptoms of GERD, so I went to the Doctor and she prescribed me with a form of omeprazole, which I believe is simply 20 mg Prilosec. Anyway, I don't have the GERD symptoms anymore, but beginning today, (3rd day of taking the medicine) I have been experiencing diarrhea, nausea as well as a feeling of being lightheaded. It is really annoying, and I read that this is a symptom of Prilosec. Do you suspect this is normal, and do you recommend I stop taking the medicine?
Avatar m tn I was experiencing symptoms of GERD, so I went to the Doctor and she prescribed me with a form of omeprazole, which I believe is simply 20 mg Prilosec. Anyway, I don't have the GERD symptoms anymore, but beginning today, (3rd day of taking the medicine) I have been experiencing diarrhea, nausea as well as a feeling of being lightheaded. It is really annoying, and I read that this is a symptom of Prilosec. Do you suspect this is normal, and do you recommend I stop taking the medicine?
Avatar f tn I was prescribed 40mg Omeprazole, but bought the 20mg Omeprazole over the counter and have been taking 2 each morning instead. It ha been 3 days (and three doses) and I have had EXTREME severe diarrhea. My stomach is nonstop gurgling, I can't keep anything down, and I am constantly in and out of the bathroom even throughout the night. The gurgling is so intense it wakes me up from sleep. I did some research online and read that Omeprazole can cause Hepatitis and liver issues.
Avatar n tn metoprolol,ramipril and omeprazole can these cause constant diarrhea and leg cramps
Avatar n tn Take an OTC lactobacillus preparation and yoghurt with your meals. Drink plenty of fluids. Eat light, do not stay hungry but eat simple things like toast, porridge, cereals, crackers etc. Take ORS. Take over the counter antacid and antiemetic (this SOS for vomiting). Watch out for a day or two with this treatment. If it does not help, go to a walk in clinic.
Avatar m tn It sounds very similar to the pain I had with my gallbladder becoming blocked by gallstones, except it took several years of intermittent pain and diarrhea/constipation to get to the stage of constant pain and severe fatigue (although I was fatigued for the last year before it collapsed). You may be getting stones stuck in your bile ducts, too, especially with the light colored stool, and this could be very dangerous.
1759115 tn?1312912545 He prescribed Omeprazole, Aciphex, and suppositories day and night as well as an extremely bland and high fiber diet. No more dressing, spices, carbonated drinks, caffeine, anything fried, or chocolate. My painful belching and gas have gone away, but still any physical activity causes extreme pain in the stomach throughout the entire night. I have switched from the cardio to back to jogging which still hurt, then I tried Yoga which still hurt, and even swimming which also hurt.
Avatar f tn I told her that the pain in my upper gi was so severe it was keeping me from eating, and if I did eat I would immediately feel spasming and it would result in more black diarrhea. She put me on omperazole and imipramine. The omperazole and imipramine combo seemed to create harder stool- but it was still black and burning to pass- and the omeprazole seemed to help me eat. However I had to take about 3 a meal. She switched me to pantoprazole which- it helps- but I feel as though I cannot eat.
Avatar n tn About an hour later I took it again and it was back up to it's normal 98. However, now I have severe diarrhea and my body feels internally cold. I have been taking the same vitamin once a day for almost 2 months now so I would assume I would have experienced this before if it was something in the vitamin I was alergic too? I do not use drugs but I do drink usually once or twice a week. Should I be worried here?
Avatar n tn not to mention farts as well ... its disgusting. diarrhea began too and i seem like im on the toilet almost every fifteen minutes ; someone please help me as to what you think this could be!! <3 thanks.
Avatar m tn About a year and a half ago one Sunday afternoon I started burbing and it smelled and tasted like rotten eggs. About four hours after it started I began to have severe diarrhea. About the fourth bout of squirts, I had to grab the garbage can because not only was I squirting but at the same time I was also puking. Bear in mind the rotten egg burbs did not go away. So I go to bathroom grab the garbage can squirt, puke, burp, wash my hands real good, then go lay back down.
Avatar n tn 2.Eructation 3. More flatus comes from anus. 4. heart palpitation (after having food and after evacuate the stool) 5. fatigue 6. Insomnia. Last year, both endoscopy and colonoscopy has been taken for me. But reports are normal. Doctor advise me Mebaspa (mebeverine hydrochloride - 135mg.), Libotryp (Amitriptyline,5 mg chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride and 2.5 mg clidinium bromide), Tegibs (tegaserod maleate - 6mg), Vizylac, Omeprazole. But,I am not satisfied the above treatment.
Avatar f tn One of the nurses called me back and she told me to stop taking the IBGard and I did. I'm still having severe and watery diarrhea. Today Is Saturday Morning and I have gone to the bathroom twice. I'm worried. All of the papers say that this might lead to something bad. I have been watching what I eat so I don't trigger the symptoms but sometimes it doesn't matter what I eat I still feel the burning. I would appreciate an opinion on this.
Avatar m tn fever and chill at night. saw doctor and was advice to take tylenol around the clock and with omeprazole for my irrititated stomach with any medicine. 3rd day started diarrhea after eating any food, called DR. prescribe Ciprofoxacin 500 mg and pepto bismol. I did not take pepto bismol because after cipro diarrhea subsided. 5th day bloody diarrhea I mean almost bleeding like. Does anyone know what happen? drug interaction? or internal hemmoroid?
Avatar f tn Was traveling the next day so took immodium to aid in controlling bathrooms and give my sphincter a break(thank heavens for preperationH) Over the weekend the diarrhea was on and off usually worse at night. Upon returning Monday no longer having immodium in system, trying to let it run its course, I was then sick vomiting and still suffering frequent bouts of diarrhea. Was home from work for two days sick. Started taking a probiotic Ultimate Flora as soon as I stopped getting sick to tummy.
1424138 tn?1282932717 Within the last 3 to 4 weeks I have also began to experience nausea and sometimes diarrhea almost immediately after I eat (along with the reflux.) At this time I am taking Omeprazole 20 mg bid but this does not seem to be helping. Any ideas as to what might be going on with me?
Avatar n tn About 1 week later the same thing except this time the bowel movement was diarrhea and the diarrhea lasted a few hours. I have had four episodes in 3 weeks. I went to the doctor today and said the first thing he wants to do is get a stool sample to test for parasites and bacteria. So we'll see. But reading what's been posted I'm going to monitor my diet and see what happens. These episodes are scary and make me panicky which may be making it worse for me...I don't know!!!!
974371 tn?1424656729 As the day went on, I got a little better. A couple of hours ago, I started getting that knowing pain in my stomach just above my navel, moving up under my ribs. I take it you mean by the anti spastics you mean the Dicycomine and Kevsin. They seemed to help some but was told to stop them when I had the irregular heartbeat. I used to take Prozac years ago but was pulled off that when I was agitated and developed tremors but I was also on Reglan at the time and think it was that.
974371 tn?1424656729 You are right about not being sure which one may be the cause but he still does not want me on them. I do use the Omeprazole and Zofran and I have a Mylanta simethicone liquid an ER doc prescribed. He wants me to try the Xifaxan again. Now have to see a Pulmonologist for the blood in sputum I just got up and am sick to my stomach and spitting up sputum. See an ENT dic today. I am wondering if that tooth infection caused all this.
Avatar f tn I also started having acid reflux and bad abdominal cramps ( these would sometimes lead to diarrhea) whenever I ate. I take omeprazole every day and it somehow helps a little. Recently I have started having tremors and weakness in arms and legs. I saw a doctor for this he prescribed gabapentin. I take 300mg 3 times a day. I would really like to think this has helped but it hasn't. I keep dropping things and have a hard time grasping things. Stairs are difficult.
Avatar f tn I have taked Faast + (Omeprazole/Sodium Bicarbonate) Capsules as advised by physician for 5 to 6 days and mucane and gaviscon syrup for about two to three days.I am feeling better now except I get excessive gas in my stomach which goes into head which causes a type of brain fog and later head ache? can gas go into head? what causes the feeling that gas is in head and why do we get heache after?