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Avatar n tn I have found one pharmacy that sells it for $39.99 per 10ml vial (compared to $62.59 per 10ml vial at my local pharmacy in the U.S.). The Express Shipping charge is $14 (for your TOTAL order, not each item), and if I buy 6 vials at a time, I will save $121.60 (even with the shipping charge). Also, did I mention that NOVOLOG (NOVORAPID in Canada) does NOT require a prescription in Canada! It is sold as an over-the-counter drug (like most other insulins).
Avatar n tn I have read on another diabetes forum that some batches of infusion sets have had problems. Those people reported taht Minimed sent them new infusion sets at no cost. I have some questions. Do you insert your infusion set "by hand" or do you use the Minimed "serter" device? I highly recommend using the "serter" even if you need to buy it. I had to buy mine, but others were able to get one for free.