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Avatar f tn Like all drugs - some people can take them, and some can not take them ! Norvasc is a combo drug - iv tryed it twice and hated it both times ! had adverse side effects from it.. and got very sick from it ! Seems you got the normal b/s story from your Doctor , the side effects will stop or fade keep taking it .. ( he hopes) the side effect wont ever stop ! or fade - if you have them I would go back to the Doctor and tell him - its not working -I dont like it !
Avatar n tn She did not have this prior to norvasc.
Avatar f tn Edema is a common side effect of the Norvasc and a low dose thiazide diuretic will take care of the swelling and also help the BP.
Avatar n tn They insisted at this juncture to put in a pacemaker and put her on Metoprolol, Warfarin, CartiaXT (cardizem), and her usual Norvasc and Atakan. Since this episode and these medications, she has experienced extreme swelling of the lower extremities and now a painful tingling that starts in the late afternoon each and every day and no exercise diminishes the swelling, so she puts them up.
Avatar f tn She also has severe abdominal pain, digestion issues (feeling of bloating, discomfort, IBR-like symptoms). Has anyone experienced Edema and/or abdominal pain with either Plavix and/or Atenelol ? Before she started Atenelol she's been on other medications for hypertension such as Norvasc that also caused severe Edema. That was the reason why she was started on Atenelol.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing confusion, slurred speech, dimmed vision, malaise and edema in my legs. Could I be allergic to the Norvasc. I am also taking numerous other meds,, but these symptoms had not become apparent til recently.
Avatar n tn I'm currently taking 3 medications to lower my blood pressure, Norvasc,Atenonol and hctz for flood retention. I spoke to my doctor about coming off of the atenonol and she stated that I could but gradually because it would make my heart palpitate, so now I'm scared to come off of the medicine due to how I'm going to feel. Do anyone have any information they could share about ATENONOL?
Avatar n tn They only become red and they will feel very hot, sweaty, and burn. Once the temperature drops i am fine, and the less active I am the better. Stress I noticed will also bring this on. If anyone has any idea what this is I would appreciate any feed back that way I can see the right doctor to get help. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn Lasix, Lisinopril, Spirolactone, metopropol, libatolol, norvasc, potassium, and . BP averages between 165/100 - 245/155. Again, I’ve been seeing a Hypertension Specialist since 2007 and all tests have been ran and repeated numerous times. No cause can be identified. My concern is obviously the malignant hypertension and what it is doing to my heart and other organs but also the progression of TR since MVR. Prior to MVR, TR was trace.
Avatar m tn Before starting the bystolic I was Rx'd 10mg of Norvasc once a day, my bp readings were around 130/90 to 120/76, occasionally spiking as high as 145/95 and dropping to 110/70. My resting heart rate while taking the norvasc was on average 50-55 bpm and up to 170+ during an intensive cardio workout. My doctor wanted to take me off the Norvasc because she had had several male patients complain of ED after taking Norvasc for several years and that it could be difficult to reverse.
Avatar f tn They discontinued the HCTZ and started me on metolazone 2.5mg and Norvasc 5 mg. They just increased the metolazone to 5 mg. I still have the swelling in the hands and feet. My GP doc doesn't think the mitral and tricuspid insufficiency is causing the swelling. He thinks, maybe arthritis or systemic vasculitis. He isn't looking cardio. I am not sure about this? Any insight or suggestions. When my b/p is up it is usually accompanied by irregular heart beat.
Avatar f tn Also the other component can cause lower extremity edema, and so its dose may be limiting. his the problem with combination medications, as they cannot be independently titrated.
17568 tn?1424977159 But the blood pressure was out of control, fluctuating daily. I was having periods of dizziness and poluria but also was experiencing periorbital edema and pedal edema with fluctuating weight gain/loss of 7-10 lbs. in a few days period. I was sent for a renal artery and renal scan and was diagnosed with renal artery stenosis. My doctor is now on vacation for a few weeks and I am trying to find out just what all this means. My doctor felt an angiogram would be more beneficial. Please help!
Avatar n tn He has recently had exertional dyspnea. While off of his Lasix, he had peripheral edema and nocturnal dypsnea. His blood pressure this week 161/90. In your experience, would he be a good candidate for kidney transplant?
Avatar n tn My father was on Procardia for 10 + years before the Norvasc and he has been on the norvasc for about 1 1/2 years. They discontinued the Procardia becase of edema in the legs. His last treadmill stress test was in 1999 and he was fine. My questions mainly are: Would you run other tests on my father, such as echo, etc. ?? Why would a 73 year old just develop the premature beats? I understand they might have always been there and he just noticed it. Does it mean anything serious?
Avatar n tn Problem is that my BP went sky high so I need to find a new drug for that. In the meantime, I've gone back on the Norvasc and lately the edema only seems to be occasional. Problem with me is that I am a maintenance alcoholic and drink at least 3 strong beers (microbrew tap) per evening.
Avatar f tn The combination of your being overweight, having high blood pressure, possible venous insufficiency, and maybe even on a BP med that can cause edema are all likely playing a role. Keep up the swimming/exercising--this is great. Good luck. Dr.
Avatar n tn 4) Those medications shouldnt really impact your energy level too much. They can cause swelling and edema (CCB) that is not responsive to the diuretic. Again, I would think about losing the CCB. I would also suggest looking for other reasons for your fatige and light headedness as those shouldnt be associated with the CCB. good luck!
Avatar n tn We tried topical and oral antihistamines, increasing calcium and magnesium, motrin and tylenol without relief. Within weeks, the spasms and edema involved all fingers and all toes. She has multiple episodes all day, every day. Cold is definitely a trigger, and she does have associated color changes with the spasms. For this reason, we thought of raynaud's. She is currently on Naprosyn, and Norvasc with some relief. Warm baths and massage are helpful.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with hypertension, POTS and small fiber neuropathy and am being treated with Norvasc, Diovan and Lyrica. I still have POTS symptoms 4 - 5 days a week and the neuropathy is some better, but not great. I started having 1 - 2 + lower extremity edema about a month ago and about 2 weeks ago started having joint and muscle pain and muscle weakness that just will not stop. Also have muscle spasms and cramping. I tried taking Ibuprofen 800 mg TID as needed but it does not help.
Avatar f tn I am on 75 mg clopidogrel, 2.5 mg Norvasc daily and 50mg metoprolol twice a day. (and 0.4 mg nitrostat as needed) but they have had no impact at all on the frequency of chest pains or exercise intolerance (except for the nitro which will offer relief for a time). We will have insurance soon (I hope) but there will be a 9 month wait on pre-existing conditions that were treated within 6 months of getting insurance (darn heart attack just could not hold off a few months).
Avatar n tn My parents also have high blood pressure. I am currently on Norvasc,5mg and Ziac,10/6.25 once a day. I have been getting cramps all over my body and today got another painful cramp under my left shoulderblade. Tests were taken today to determine my potassium level. I've gained alot of weight recently and have been under extreme stress. I'm always tired, have been experiencing shortness of breath, and have slight edema in my ankles.
Avatar n tn On Sunday (14th) I noticed severe swelling in my ankles and feet. I checked the adverse effects of Mirapex and find no mention of swelling. In addition to Mirapex, I am taking Sinemet, Artane, Norvasc. Could the combination of these drugs cause the severe swelling I am experiencing? I have a call into my personal physician, but I would like a second opinion as well. Thank you. Jean The medication insert does list generalized edema as being reported.
Avatar f tn also has had chf now for a year, she is on oxygen 24/7 the whole 8 yrs she has been diagnosed, she use many inhalers now also, flovent afa 22mg, atrovent fha, serevant disk 50mg, she has edema all over, hands & fingers, puffy face & eyes, she has had glaucoma last Sept. in both eyes, surgery was done, she sleeps most of the day, is house ridden now for 2 yrs, except for trips to the doctors, her other meds are buprofen 900mg, glyburide 2.5mg, lisinoprol 12mg, norvasc 2.
Avatar n tn The medications for vasospatic angina typically consists of a calcium channel blocker like norvasc and nitrates. It is reasonable to consider adding norvasc to this regimen. There is a component of endothelial cell dysfunction with vasospastic angina. It is reasonable to try a statin like atorvastatin or simvastatin to improve cholesterol and potentially improve endothelial cell funtion.
Avatar n tn heart failure and deep venous thrombosis. You certainly need to speak to : your personal physician as soon as possible to determine if any immediate : testing is needed. If no other cause for the edema can be found then it may be reasonable : to stop the Mirapex. : This information is provided for general medical education purposes only. Please consult your : doctor for diagnostic and treatement options of your specific medical condition.
Avatar n tn It is important to rule out other causes of lower extremity edema such as heart failure and deep venous thrombosis. You certainly need to speak to your personal physician as soon as possible to determine if any immediate testing is needed. If no other cause for the edema can be found then it may be reasonable to stop the Mirapex. This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.
Avatar m tn i think the atenolol is causing me some side effects and i have and allergies and it might be making it worse and also want to start taking allergy shots but heard its not a good idea while on beta blockers. im looking for a list or names of a few calcium channel blockers that can also help my symptoms so i can talk to my dr about changing my calcium channel blockers have less side effects then beta blockers or are they safer?..
Avatar n tn I cannot take any of the hydrochlorothiazides (due to drug allergy) and the calcium channel blockers (norvasc, cardizem etc) cause severe swelling and pitting edema in my feet and legs. I have asthma (so beta blockers are out) and am an insulin dependent diabetic, which is why the angiotensin II (Avapro) was chosen. The original doseage of 150mg worked well for two year. I have been hypertensive for 30 years. This change to unstable BP has occurred within the last year.
Avatar n tn There is conjunctival injection, lacrimation, nasal congestion, forehead sweating and facial sweating, miosis, eyelid edema. Chronic proxysmal hemicrania has the previous features of cluster but attack frequency is multiple throughout the day (usually >5 per day). The treatment is usually indomethacin, verapamil,and some reports talk about sumatriptan if bilateral (but we do not see good outcomes with sumatriptan). I hopes this helps.