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Avatar m tn I was about your age when they told me, your BP is too high, you can no longer donate blood. Now, 30 years later, I still don't know why. At the time they put me on Dyazide/HCTZ 37.5/25 and Norvasc 5mg about 20 years later because my BP kept on "millimetering" up - "inching" would be the wrong verb, try to keep my units intact.
Avatar n tn These drugs are used to restore normal menstrual cycles in PCOS sufferers and also keep blood sugar levels down. You're on a lot of Hypertension meds! Another thing you should ask your doc about is if the hypertension is renovascular? For that you'd need some kidney tests, like an ultrasound to see if you have any cysts, vascular stenosis, etc. Good luck, I hope you feel better.
Avatar f tn I have been put in the hospital 3 times within these 3 months. I get stress tests, ultrasounds, X-rays and blood work. All tests says I am not having a heart attack, but with my blood pressure being high it is making my left side of my heart to struggle and causing my heart walls to thicken.. That is why I am having chest pains. My other systems are, numbing in my left arm, pain in my left jaw and some pain in my back.
Avatar n tn 1) ABP ( The readings where elevated like the previous one ) 2) Blood tests ( Normal Cholesterol , TSH , Random blood sugar , Sodium and potassium levels ) 3) ECG ( shows a sign of left ventricular hypertrophy ) 4) Heart Ultrasound ( shows normal heart chambers and valves and NO LEFT VENTRICULAR HYPERTROPHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn 1) ABP ( The readings where elevated like the previous one ) 2) Blood tests ( Normal Cholesterol , TSH , Random blood sugar , Sodium and potassium levels ) 3) ECG ( shows a sign of left ventricular hypertrophy ) 4) Echocardiogram ( shows normal heart chambers and valves and NO LEFT VENTRICULAR HYPERTROPHY ) 5) Kidney Ultrasound ( No stenosis or Kidney issue , so the Dr.
1423357 tn?1511089042 fruit juices [fructose aka fruit sugar] also can cause blood sugar to rise [so serving sizes and moderation are important]. With fruit it’s important to eat them with other foods to slow the absorption of fructose. I'm NOT saying that these foods aren't allowed. What I AM saying is that you need to use care and follow the guidelines for diabetics – avoid sugar, avoid bad carbs, avoid sugary liquids, eat proper foods. Ignore these lifestyle changes and you WILL become a diabetic.
179332 tn?1273250959 I have swollen lips and it is horrible. Took atenonol and norvasc for over 12 years with no problems. Changed insurance carriers in Jan. and same meds sent but from new manufacturers. Suddenly got hives and stopped norvasc, hives went away. 2 months later my lips started to chap, then bleed and are now swollen. I will try Benadryl. Are you feeling better? What are you taking?
Avatar n tn I'm 49 years old and weigh 195 .and I have hiigh blood pressure .I moved to Texas 6 years ago .Since move health going down hill.Everytime gone to doctor illness is a sinus infection.. I was told last year I have heart palputations .The extra beats was burned out .I'm now on medications for that .I have gained over 30 pounds since last year.I take a total of 6 pills a day .I when in doctor office for current dizziness add another 2 to 3 extra pills daily.I was told I'm not diabetic.
Avatar f tn She is morbidly obese and has type 2 diabetes and extremely uncontrolled high blood pressure, and a severe panic disorder. She started a low carb/high protein diet when she was diagnosed. She has lowered the amount of insulin she needs from 160 units a day to 60 units which is great. But since this diet her high blood pressure has sky rocketed. We were in the ER twice last week with blood pressures greater than 200. I think the highest was 227/115.
Avatar n tn I am no expert you may want to also ask on the Doctor Forum, I know you can get light headed and dizzy if you have low blood sugar ,my other thought is could it be the blood pressure Med, my brother takes blood pressure meds and he says he is often light headed and dizzy, ask the Doctor maybe the dose has to be adjusted ..
Avatar n tn I was on the King of Heart monitor and had an ecocardiogram and I was told I was just fine and not to worry about the tachycardia. After my boy was born my heart would really seem to race and the episodes lasted longer until one night it went to 120bpm and slowed only to 100-110. It was shortly after that I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My blood levels are normal now and the doctor wants me to come off of PTU to see if I'm in remission.
Avatar m tn You could see my vein on the left side above my eye towards my hair line pulsating, does this symbolize anything? Also I am now on blood pressure meds Diovan 160 mg 2x Daily, Adalat 90 mg, hctz 25 mg and low dose this needed, not needed and will these be something I always have to take even if I lower my BP? Anything I can do to lower bp outside of lose weight.
Avatar n tn Although I was on a sugar kick when these problems started, but I have since cut back on sugar and blood sugar levels are okay. I am still losing baby fat. According to OBGYN I need to loose 4 more pounds to be within heathly weight range. Also, I had a really bad cold two weeks prior to numbness/ tingling beginning. I took bactrium to clear it up because my chest was really congested. The numbness/tingling sensations are still occuring after infection has cleared up.
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Avatar f tn Did two runs back and down the hill and had no energy..handt eaten and think it was low sugar..B/p was 138/84. I have had Inc b/p for ten years and on hyzaar 100/25 in am and norvasc 5 mg in pm. Drank orange juice and ate was better. Skiied 3 more hours and did it again diaphoretic, feeling in throat that I cant; catch my breath as after running, no chest pain. Mon went to work checked fasting sugar finger stick 104 ate and prior to lunch was 90 . B/P wa 110/70 took half hyzaar. wEnt to Dr.
Avatar n tn went inside the apartment and the pain started getting worse so I took my blood pressure (160/100. . never that high), went and chewed 5 baby aspirins and my husband took me immediately to the hospital (I could see the hospital from my balcony)-he drove me because it was less than a half a mile and we would have had to wait a long time on an ambulance. Went into the ER and told them I was having a heart attack. . .the nurse told me "no, you're not. . .
Avatar m tn After questioning why I had high blood pressure and not getting any answers I asked to see another doc and he added Lisinopril 10mg and said come back in 6 months. Since then BP has been steady at 130's/40's. After bugging the doc enough about why at 32 i have to take 3 meds to keep BP under control he has finally set me up to see a kidney specialist.
296334 tn?1237642024 I am now on Diamox for this, along with Vitamin D for D deficiency, Metformin for hormones, HCTZ and Norvasc for BP and swelling, and Atenelol for PVC's. I had all of the problems prior to taking all the meds, so it's not all side effects. I was dx w/migraines about 6 years ago, and none of the meds worked. Switched neuros about 3 yrs ago and was dx w/focal seizures. New neuro said no actual seizures on EEG this time, but there were abnormalities.
Avatar n tn My doctor drew some blood when I reported these symptoms, and the blood came back with no problems and he diagnosed me with "viral infection" and prescribed famiclovir. I have seen a dermatologist for discoloration on my lower lips just below the vermillion, he diagnosed it as contact dermatitis, but they remain after a week in spite of using desonide cream.
Avatar m tn Started on Altace 5mg then to Altace 10 then added Norvasc 5mg and now on Norvasc 10mg. Finally got the pressure down to normal levels. I am stictly watching the diet - lost about 20 pounds so far - and added cardio as well. Must say that the blood pressure got my attention. Notwithstanding all of these issues I must say that I feel really great approaching my 1 year anniversary of completing treatment. Lots of energy. Lots of optimism. Motivated and all that.
Avatar f tn Your combined med's could cause these symptoms and weeaknees could be low blood sugar. U should have a glucose meter and check your blood sugars. The med's might be affecting it or even the Parkinsons Disease. Are u over weight? And alos u should be seeing a nero dr often with the parkinsons and your spine troubles.
Avatar n tn He also is diabetic over 8 years,his sugar is under control,he takes Glibenclamide,Pravastain 80mg,Tricor 145mg,Norvasc 5mg and Enteric 325mg.His total cholesterol is normal,HDL and Triglycerrides are normal,only LDL is little high 122mg,his blood pressure is normal.But his kidney has been damaged,he takes blood lab test every two or months,His Creatinine is from 1.5-1.7 range,Bun is from 37-43 mg/dl range.
17270628 tn?1455144086 Have you had bloods done recently? Especially Kidney function and blood sugar tests. Secondary causes can happen the odd time( About 5 - 10% of the time) Get a blood test for adrenal gland, I think its a Renin Aldosterone % test. The main thing I would do is to insist on a 24 Hour ABPM test. Its simple and will give you a proper 24 hour average of your BP. The test makes allowance for the white coat period also.
Avatar f tn Two quick questions: is there a difference between high blood pressure and hypertension (I noticed there are 2 different topics listed here) Also, I began taking 12.5mg of atenolol 2x/day - it's only my second day, so in total I took 3 pills. I noticed a feeling of calm come over me, however, I was told it might make me sleepy. I had the opposite reaction.
Avatar n tn doc has added Avandia, and reduced Glyburide to 2/day. Has high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetic. Blood sugar has been hovering about 250-300. Is the combination of the infection and high blood sugar such it would cause this memory loss? Does combination of meds seem excessive? No problems sleeping; no nightmares. Some dizziness, has fallen twice in past 6 months. Once 6 mths ago, once two weeks ago. Long term mem ok. Have't thought about Alzheimers until now.No behavioral changes.
Avatar n tn no normal bowel movements for a month (all gas/diarrhea), and had a colonoscopy and upper-endo, and tests for dehydration, liver, kidneys, pancreas, blood sugar, anemia, and carcinoid--they've all been normal/negative. When the fainting symptoms started a month ago, I got my doctor's approval to stop Norvasc. I've been under heavy stress (new job, move, etc.) and was treated successfully for depression in the past (2002) w/zoloft.
9043033 tn?1401350253 But if you do make some changes to your diet by cutting out or drastically cutting down on salt and sugar, this may be helpful to bring down the high blood pressure. I would suggest you make an appointment to see your own doctor or another doctor at the same practice and voice your concerns with regard all these medications that you are taking and that they are not helping to reduce your high blood pressure.
6404458 tn?1381011026 But stress level or what ever was 272,which was good or so she said. My blood pressure was up a little,and she ask me other questions about how I slept,and how was my diet,and if I woke up during the night not being able to breathe.all my answers were pretty much no or my diet was good. If my latest angiogram was normal and my stress level or what ever seem to be normal.why do I all of a sudden do I have left side ischemia.
Avatar n tn 1704-1711 In the above paragraph, it is shown that obesity and uncontrolled blood sugar levels may be risk factors for brain atrophy as one ages. Does your mom have any diabetes? If yes, is this well controlled?