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Avatar n tn The doctor said the left heart was okay but found a narrowing in the right heart which caused coronary spasms during the test. IV nitroglycerin during the test stopped the spasms and dilated the vessel. He did not mention any other problems and recommended sublingual nitroglycerin to treat the spasms as they occur.
Avatar n tn The doctor said the left heart was okay but found a narrowing in the right heart which caused coronary spasms during the test. IV nitroglycerin during the test stopped the spasms and dilated the vessel. He did not mention any other problems and recommended sublingual nitroglycerin to treat the spasms as they occur.
Avatar m tn The first week I was okay, but shortly after, felt discomfort (choking, squeezing, feeling in throat and chest that was similar to heart attack , but to a lessor degree). IV nitro got rid of the feeling and ECG normal when on IV so doctors said I was fine. I was sent home on nitro patch but am still having discomfort off and on (only 2 or 3 out of 10 on pain scale, so no big deal).
712042 tn?1254572809 4 mg sprays to pull me out of an episode. This top amount of .20 mg is the same amount of IV nitro used during my arrest in May '08 to 'stabilize' me ( EF was 64). I used to be able to do well in '08 on just 0.4mg patch but I've progressively had more episodes in '09 and with minimum exertion since 8-1-09. The increase in episodes and some spasms leads me to think that I am developing more areas of myocardium damage. My local cardiologist feels it's nitro tolerance.
Avatar f tn My cardiologist has now prescribed CCB's instead of betablockers along with nitroglycerin. In January, he wants to repeat many of the tests that I had underwent a few years back because of a "questionable" stress test. It had something to do with (pardon my ignorance) inconsistencies in the ST waves. My question(s) to you then are these: Could something worse be developing unbeknownst to me? Is this all in my head? Can microvascular disease of the heart be this debilitating?
Avatar n tn The PA-C hooked the external pacers on my chest and they came on without warning me. I bit my tongue. There were like "lightning bolts" about 5 inches above me zapping back & forth. Is this normal? I can't ask the PA-C since he has since left the state and elected not to renew his license. My original complaint was I got exposed to "pure" muriatic acid vapors while washing my cement mixer truck at work. 115 degree + temp. outside & could see & smell vapors.
Avatar n tn I am a 33 year old female thyroid cancer patient and am on 200mcg synthroid daily and about a year and a half ago had severe left chest pains went to the ER and blood pressure was 175/128 with a heart rate of 155bpm, with symptoms of numbness on entire left side very dark fuzzy vision, and dizziness to name a few. Since then after a multitude of tests, I am on Cartia 120, dyozide to conteract the swelling from cartia, toprol, & nitroglycerin.
Avatar f tn I fainted though I was taking IV . It is not that usual for me. But once or twice a year I get low BP it starts from 90/60 and goes down to 60/30 or similar. I got my blood tested but nothing shows. One year ago I got my heart checked but nothing is wrong with my heart, the doctors say. I am twin and some doctors say its because of that. But is it possible to have heart problems but it doesnt show during the checking?! I am a little worried. Is there anyway someone could help me?
Avatar n tn After all this he is regularly taking medicine and has started angina after eating a little heavy meal or climbing stairs or while walking I think he is having unstable angina from time to time in a day where he had to take once or twice Nitroglycerin in order to get releif. He is diabetic too can anyone tell me that if he can go under heart transplant ? or What is the best possible treatment of angina in his condition ?
Avatar n tn Vic, That is a very difficult situation for anyone to be and in and I hope you are doing emotionally well. If the blood sugar is low, we usually will give glucose through an IV if one is available. It is also ok to put a lot sugar in his mouth -- just like a diabetic would eat something to get his sugar increased if they were low. If I am in the field and someone has low blood pressure yet they are wake and able to talk, I would not do CPR.
Avatar m tn At first I was in panic mode but after settling down a bit tried to forget about it (I could not afford a trip to the doctor as I am uninsured) but along Saturday the pain had not went away (It had died down sown but still existed) so I talked my father into taking me to the local ER to see what was going on. I had an EKG done and some chest X-Rays. I was also given an IV and a nitroglycerin pill.
1403795 tn?1282571267 Stage III - Internal hemorrhoids that bleed and prolapse with straining and require manual effort for replacement into the anal canal and Stage IV - Internal hemorrhoids that do not return into the anal canal and are therefore constantly outside. Have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn What drugs are used during above tests procedures and would test be accurate if only iodine IV contrast is used,but not nitroglycerin or any other drugs? 5.How reliable are above tests in detecting CAD? 6. What are risks(heart attack,death) and are risks higher or lower than for stress echo?7.Beside CAD for what other purposes can the above tests be used,for example can the above tests be used to measure the size of aortic root and the rest of thoracic aorta?8.
Avatar n tn He is an auto driver by occupation and he had food outside.He was a known diabetic. He was found to have hypertension and was given nitroglycerin, metrogyl and iv fluids.Blood pressure was found to be fluctuating for next three days. ultrasound abdomen, ECG, ECHO were found to be normal. CT brain was taken and cerebellar microinfarcts were found. He had complaint of difficulty in swallowing.on the same day he encountered respiratory arrest and was resuscitated within 45 seconds.
Avatar n tn Doctor said ecg showed heart not getting enough oxygen, put me on O2 and called ambulance that took me to hospital. Eight hours later, after having nitroglycerin and an IV infused beta blocker, and being put on IV saline, bp returned to somewhat normal, and doctor released me, with orders that I get a stress test done (my appt is next week).
Avatar n tn However, when he looked down and realized my dad died at such a young age he said although he felt the chest pain was related to the connective tissue disease and fibromyagia, to be sure they might need to do a cardiac cathertization, but he hated to do that on a young woman. So as a test he started me on IMDUR ER ( an extended release form on nitroglycerin ) to be taken daily and also NITROQUICK SL ( the short acting sublingual form of nitr ) to be used when chest pain occurs.
Avatar n tn By the way what IV contrast did they use on you and did they give you nitroglycerin with IV contrast? It's scarry because I never had taken nitroglycerin in my life.
Avatar n tn Then I began having angina appear, in the morning, usually after I get the kids off to school, so after light activity, nothing heavy. It is relieved by nitroglycerin. Happens once or twice a day, almost always in the morning. Not every day, but almost all. Also have noticed feet and ankles swelling in the morning and late at night, with none midday. In addition, I've had trouble sleeping flat in bed. If I lay flat, my chest feels uncomfortable, pressure and fast hearbeat feeling.
Avatar m tn HI I have prinzmetal's angrina to I been in the hosp 9x starting in12-07 todate my med have changed 7x my med today or isosorbide mono 60 mg 2x aday nifedipine 60 mg1x aday nitroglycerin .
Avatar f tn i am actually on an iv for my nutrition. i got down to 88 pounds with my last attack (in hospital for 8 days). i am only eating popsicles and a little fruit by mouth. i have read quite a bit about sod and do indeed feel that it is a high possibility. thank you so much for acknowledging that it is not in my head! i do have an appt. with a gi specialist in s.f. in october who is going to run some tests over a three day period. i am so exhausted by all of this. it is maddening.
711107 tn?1251032312 Sometimes I'll have several in a month, other times I can go a year or more without them. They are relieved with Valium and Nitroglycerin. I carry both in my purse. Sometimes just the nitro will provide relief, other times it requires Valium, depending on the severity. Several times I have had to go to ER and have IV Valium. Now that I know what they are it is no longer frightening.
Avatar n tn She had no shortness of breath. This was the first episode. She was taken to the ER and treated there with IV nitroglycerin and O2. At that time she was told she had unstable angina. She was then sent to the stepdown unit for about 48 hrs. and treated with nitro-patches. Frequent O2 levels were good enough that she didn't require any more O2. They also were checking for enzymes in her blood that I understand would reveal if she had an MI. She was told she did not have an MI.
Avatar m tn They gave my Nitroglycerin and my BP was eventually down to 140's /90's and I was back on the Diovan again. The next day I did Stress Test and I passed it.
Avatar f tn So once the got the blood work back they came running with a nitroglycerin needle put in my belly and 3 sprays of something under my tongue, gave me something to help clear blood clots. They said my troponin I levels was 4.87 and that I either just had a heart attack, was having one now or about to. During all this my ecg never changed. They sent me for a CT scan with dye injected into blood, then a heart CT scan, then a eccocardiogram and all showed no heart damage or problems.
Avatar f tn My pain was getting worse so they gave me nitroglycerin. I was still in pain. They gave me 2 more doses of nitroglycerin.This lasted for about 2 hours.Finally the pain was almost gone.A nurse came in and said she was giving me some pain medicine in my IV. I asked her what she was giving me and she said morphine !!! I had to stop her !!!! I told her I had a bad reaction to morphine !!!! She obviousely didn't check my chart.
Avatar m tn He has been in the hospital for 3 days now on a lasix drip, dobutomine (sp?), and nitroglycerin to help reduce the edema, but the doctors failed to give him a potassium supplement during this time, which caused him to have 3 attacks of sustained V-Tach within hours of each other, 2 which were within minutes of each other and his heart rate is raising to 120-125 in between v-tachs. He has a bi-v pacemaker and defibrillator implanted, but has not been shocked as of yet.
645800 tn?1466864555 Neurology had the nurse check my glucose and it was at 302 so they gave me 8 units of insulin before starting the IV. They also bawled me out several times for not going to the ER. When they checked my O2 levels they were down to 94%, Normally they run 97% - 98% when ever they check it. So either my heart was weakened a little last night or the steroids are effecting how much O2 I am getting from my lungs. I vote for the former. I did manage to get about a 1.
Avatar m tn )) I hope i will soon get an Angiography for prinzmetal, so the docs will be able to give me nitroglycerin in case i really need it. I don't want to be the 23year old victim of a heartattack because the doctor's believed i was just being "panicky". My possible "prinzmetal attacks" are characterized by sudden onset tachycardia triggered by chest pain. I also have muscle twitches all over my body all the time. The only place where i get painful spasm is in the chest though.
Avatar n tn I had the tilt table test done and was given isuprel thru IV. It did cause my heart rate to jump to 170bpm, which was very uncomfortable (but the dr said that is an abnormal response). My heart rate had been previously recorded that high while wearing a holter monitor, but I never had palps. Between the two I was diag with inappropriate sinus tachycardia. I was, also, diag with neurocardiogenic by the tilt table test and I had never fainted before.
Avatar n tn I too wonder why she was in the minitran that is nitroglycerin. It is possible that the resuscitation efforts were made too long after she had passed. Paramedics have a protocol they follow for each scenario they enter and are in constant contact with their medical director (Dr.).