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Avatar m tn A couple of weeks later I developed a urinary tract infection. Urologist prescribed nitrofurantoin for the infection. Immediatedly after starting the antibiotic my ears gradually starting feeling clogged. Now, two weeks later, they are both very clogged (no wax buildup) and I can barely hear. Logic tells me the ear clogging is somehow connected to the nitrofurantoin. Has anyone ever experienced this or heard of this happening? Will this clogging go away by itself?
172411 tn?1287089865 when i go to the bathroom i find it hard to pee, its darker yellow and some blood when to the doctor and i have like 2 bacteral cells and quiet alot of blood in my urine, im takeing cephelexin sp? also for a ear infection to. ever since my surgery i have had diarreha or loose stools those are also kinda yellowish brown. my question is, is this normal for pple ive talked to my doctor about this but he just isnt saying to much about it.. please tell me im getting worried that something is wrong.
Avatar m tn I started getting dizzy. It seems now I probably have ear infection. Yesterday I started throwing up. It was so violent, I broke blood vessels in my eye....Hah. I cant hardly hear either. My question is I thought I would have my labs done tomorrow while I am at the Dr's office. Will the over the counter cold meds I took affect my liver enzyme counts, hence scarring me to death? I could wait a few more days as my Doc wants the labs by the end of the month.
Avatar m tn In her 7th month she had cold and otitis media of one ear for which she was given antibiotics. First 5-6 months, she had GERD for which we used Zantac when ever needed. Her development : Every thing was normal until her cold in 7th month. she was rolling over frequently before that infection. We made her sleep in the car seat as per our doctor's advice to prevent throwing up due to cough while she had that cold for about 10 days.
Avatar m tn Next thing I know, I have the worst sore throat of my life, so I went to my GP and was diagnosed with Pharyngitis (Throat/Ear infection) and given a 10 day course of Penicillin. 7 days into the course I noticed that I was starting to get a mild burning sensation when urinating, and the feeling of needing to go more frequently. This continued for a couple of days, and then I also started to notice that in the mornings there was a very small amount of yellow puss like discharge from the penis.
Avatar n tn E doc ask if he had gonorrhea he said no did a urine test and said that they would send results to GP and they would call if anything wrong, did not hear anything. End of may this year went on holiday to spain hubby got very bad ear infection doc gave him 4 injections of penicillin antibiotics and ear drops.
Avatar n tn She thought it could be a sinus infection. So I put on nose spray for about two weeks. The headaches got worse that I could not sleep at night. I decided to go back to the clinic and the Dr. gave me sleeping pills, Vicotin for the pain and he decided to give me a CAT scan to see if I had a sinus infection. I got blood drawn out to see if my thyroid was normal, to check my blood count, and for other tests. I took the pills and I felt less pain. I could sleep now at night.
487969 tn?1249316891 There was also a kid who died here from MRSA pneumonia 4 months after he was treated for an MRSA infection under the arm. I mean, wow, can't be too careful. Also, my little girl is sick and she has been since I was in the hospital. I took her back to the dr yesterday and her ear drum sort of ruptured (she has a tube, but it is blocked in that ear). The ear drum is "deflated" .... the pedi's words... and there is puss collecting in her ear cannal. She is running a fever.
Avatar m tn when this all started i had 2 bad ear infections and was on penacillan type antobiotics, then when the twithing started i got an ear infection same ear again and was put on a sulfer smelling type antibiotic. i also take seroquel and remeron at night for sleep.
5264083 tn?1404669334 I was on Amoxil for 7 days for a throat infection and my next period was late for four day. When it finally came it was very scanty.
Avatar n tn My GP was stumped, as was my dentist - the 'colour' was swabbed and tested and nothing, I was treated for a fungal infection and nothing - I would make it bleed to scrape the colour off. At one point I cut out all coloured food from my diet for a couple of days (water and pasta! no vits..) and it still happened so isn't colouring or caffeine. I had tests for my cortisol levels, which were too high (they thought they might be too low??) but the specialist thought that was still unrelated.
Avatar n tn The wierd part about this ear infection is that I have probably had it for 4-5 months and never knew it, I had no symptoms with it untill recently when I started getting dizzy. I don't know if that has any affect on it as well. I will post again once I get done with the docs and start to recover from the ear stuff.