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Avatar n tn Looking for some advice, have had a kidney infection on and off for the last two months, i have been on four weeks of different antib's and have had renal ultra sound. Ultra sound came back clear. Was back at doc today with the same symptoms, no blood was found in urine sample, just acidic levels were not normal also protein found. I was prescribed antib's but only to take if things get worse, ie temp continues and back pain.
Avatar f tn Did you have a urinalysis and urine culture? Did it confirm that you have a bacterial infection? Your womens' health practitioner should have the skills necessary to treat a specific bladder infection with medication. Pain on either flank does not in itsefl indicated kidney disease. If you haven't done so, please see your doctor or womens' health practitioner for a proper workup.
Avatar f tn I had one but I had pain and it quickly spread to my kidneys and I ended up in the hospital for a day and a half with a kidney infection. Count yourself lucky that they caught it and it can be treated asap. I was away on vacation and noticed it towards the last day. Once I got back, I went right to the OB. I guess it was too late for me...
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor but i didnt tell him that I was taking antibiotics called nitrofurantoin because I thought that i had a UTI and he did all the test for a UTI and he didnt find anything so then we did an STD check and he didnt find anything except a mild yeast infection, i used all of the antibiotics and it hurts when I go pee again and it feels like i have to go pee like my bladder is full and I will only pee a little bit and my urine smells really bad and i have sharp pains in my abdomen
Avatar f tn Newborns may be lethargic with faltering growth, while infants and young children typically present with pyrexia, dysuria, frequent urination, malodorous urine and GIT symptoms, but only when urinary tract infection is present as the initial presentation of VUR. Causes In healthy individuals the ureters enterposteriorly. Together these features produce a valvelike effect that occludes the ureteric opening during storage and voiding of urine.
1318483 tn?1318350782 buy the capsules and try those instead. Same goes for the bladder infection - you have to watch those closely or your kidneys can get in trouble pretty fast. That's what happened to me back in October. I had a UTI that moved into my bladder and ascended through my kidneys into my bloodstream. Can we say "sepsis?" All of us have to be careful with those infections - that is the prime cause of relapses from what I know - UTi's will kick off all the bad tricks our bodies can do.
Avatar f tn But yesterday I felt that urethra flutter again and had slight back pain so I thought I was passing a kidney stone (have had 4 of them). No back pain today but the urethra pressure feeling is back when I sit. And felt the flutter again today. I also have read that menopause causes changes to the urethra, vagina and bladder, so I'm not sure if that's what I'm experiencing. But it's disconcerting. Soooo, I'm wondering if I should see a urologist about this or just continue with my GYN.
Avatar f tn And some even mentioned being put on it for kidney infections. So now I am confused and I did take the first pill this morning and am wondering if I should continue them. And the side affects I read that people were having were horrible.
Avatar n tn I had a kidney infection 6 weeks ago and am now taking septra as perscribed by my urologist (kidney infection was treated by primary care with cipro). I have had two IVP's, a CTscan, an MRI, upper abdominal X-ray (the Ba swallow), and numberous ultrasounds looking for ovarian cysts. The pain was originally thought to be caused by the bowel. The back pain was thought to be vertebral disc slip. I have been through everything and thought to have had just about everything.
Avatar n tn yes they are the symptoms but the back pain should be watched for any kidney infection, also the fever .if it contues take her back for another check up .
Avatar f tn If the UTI goes untreated, it may lead to a kidney infection. Kidney infections may cause early labor and low birth weight. A urinalysis and a urine culture can detect a UTI and if you have taken the antibiotics for UTI, get a repeat urine examination done. Most antibiotics given are those which are safe in pregnancy. However get regular ultrasounds done in pregnancy to rule out any congenital malformation. Antibiotics which are usually given in pregnant women for e.
Avatar f tn Kidney bacterial infection, UTI I guess too! I also Have respiratory problems too Tell me about this medicine. I just started to day and Have to be on a long time! This discussion is related to <a href=''>Side effect of Macrobi/Nitrofurantoin</a>.
Avatar n tn Amoxicillin (Amoxil, Trimox) Nitrofurantoin (Furadantin, Macrodantin) Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) Levofloxacin (Levaquin) Sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (Bactrim) As an at-home treatment, increased water-intake, frequent voiding, the avoidance of sugars and sugary foods, drinking unsweetened cranberry juice, taking cranberry supplements, as well as taking vitamin C with the last meal of the day can shorten the time duration of the infection.
Avatar f tn Continued to have the tell tale signs of a kidney infection and so was prescribed trimethoprim. And then amoxicillin. And then co-amoxiclav. I'd started to notice a rash I'd developed on my back and put it down to an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. Not only that, but I had been getting severe chills and muscle spasms at night. I remember saying to one doctor 'it's like having electricity pumped through me'.
Avatar n tn Calcifications in the kidney probably mean you have kidney stones. If the pelvic pain is not from an infection your Urologist will be able to evaluate you for Interstitial Cystitis. The typical symptoms are urinary frequency, urgency and pain related to bladder filling. At some point you will need a cystoscopy and hydrodistention to check for IC and rule out other problems related to the blood in the urine. Go to "ichelp.
Avatar f tn I initially felt pain only towards the end of passing water and was given 3 days of Nitrofurantoin, This appeared to clear it up. A week later - and after having sex - my symptoms flared up again and was given another course of Nitrofurantoin. Again it appeared to help Again a week later and after having sex my symptoms came back to which my GP prescribed me Trimethoprim in order to try and different antibiotic. Unlike the Nitro, i felt this tablet did nothing to help.
Avatar m tn The Cardiologist find nothing wrong with my heart and think that all my symptoms are linked to my anxiety level (low pulse rate, dizziness and high blood pressure, pins and needles and numbness sensations). Is it normal to have high blood pressure with low pulse rate. Also, is it normal to feel like I have no energy all the time, even if I sleep 7 hours by night and do a nap at daytime? I always feel my heart beat in my chest now, I never was like that before and never felt it.
Avatar f tn There is no pain associated with it (I have had UTI's and Kidney Infections in the past). Just today alone I have gone to the bathroom 7 times in a matter of 7 hours and all I have had to drink is 1 bottle of water. Any ideas what could be causing this or how I can get it to stop! Any information would be greatly appreciated!
1170641 tn?1263336623 There has to be a reason that an acute infection continues at this level. What test have they done to check the kidney etc. It could very well be that you have a kidney stone that continues the infection. As long as you have a stone you will have the infection. A biofilm infection can also attach to any surface, medical implants, stones, and even weekend or damaged tissue. This makes getting rid of the infection very difficult.
1211118 tn?1366763553 so then they acted concerned well my fave doctor came in and he checked and said 1 yeast infection...2 uti...and then he said yes i see the tissue and blood we need to do an ultrasound now...and guess what i was right something was placenta is on top of my cervix it called it something cant remember but there is a clot which is where the blood is coming he said im so sorry no body would listen to you and he let me see my baby...
Avatar f tn I've seen a urologist and have had urodynamics done and a cat scan. No one can tell me why I keep on getting them. I started on nitrofurantoin 5 days ago and I'm getting worse...I do not think it is helping my current UTI and I am feeling horrible. Is it possible it's something else that the drs are missing? What could they possibly be missing? Are there specific tests I should now ask for? I am so sick of being sick. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Hi, It is possible that the cyst could be infected and may have caused bleeding. Nitrofurantoin (macrobid) has been prescribed for the treatment of renal cysts and has had good results due to its penetration in renal tissue. However, it is to be taken with food given its tendency to cause gastric bleeding. It is contraindicated in individuals with impaired renal function. Quinolones, such as ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, etc.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone. 27 year old male here and starting yesterday about mid morning after going to the bathroom, I've had the continuing urge to urinate. It's not a strong urge like that which you get from a UTI, I've had a couple, but maybe this is a warning sign of an on setting one? I've not seen any blood in the urine or any bad odor, not getting any pain in bladder or kidney area.
Avatar f tn I had a full urinalysis, and a Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea exam. Again negative, and this was 4 months into the relationship, so would have been picked up.. I called the nurse and asked if trichomoniasis would be picked up with an indepth analysis and if Thrush would. She said parasites and yeast were not picked up on the test, would have been if they were present, and they 'tested for virtually everything'. She thought it was just a generic infection which happens to women now and then?
7697210 tn?1393879468 / I was just hospitalized like a week ago and was there for 5 days . Now I'm considered " high risk " I found out I had the infection cause I went in the er for horrible right back pain and had a fever of 108 and turned out the back pain was due to kidney infection .
Avatar f tn I yet again have another infection. I'm soooo tired of dreading to go to the bathroom and being on medication all the time. My Physician said the white blood cell count in my Urine is "through the roof" at around a 1000. What could cause the cell count to be so high? I am an active person, eat a decent diet although it could be better on the vegetables. I exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.
Avatar m tn although i still get the odd ache every now and again on both sides. The strange thing was that while i had the kidney aches (i think it was my kidneys) i didn't have the urgency. that went completely I'm not on nitrofurantoin for the last 2 weeks which have alleviated the symptoms but not entirely. Most of the time the urgency is muted and there is sensitivity down there, unless i drink something acidic and the urgency comes back.
Avatar n tn Hello, Much in the same here, I have had these pains for about 2 months now. It started off with walking pnumonia and then went to a serious sinus infection and now I have the sinus infection along with an ear infection that was and still is unnoticeable. I have had bad anxiety for the past 3 months that started with my job and has moved to my health as every little thing seems to make me think I am dying.
9956829 tn?1410155495 I would get the antibiotics from my dr. A uti can turn into a kidney infection literally in a flash and those can become a bloodstream infection that can terminate your pregnancy. I didnt know that til one hit me out of the blue.
Avatar f tn I had a Kidney Infection (not while pregnant but had one nonetheless this past May) and it was AWFUL. I didn't have "typical" UTI signs and so it went unnoticed for awhile. I was fine one day and the next I was vomiting non-stop, couldn't hold anything down and was exhausted because I couldn't sleep. I never had a fever, never had pain, never had anything.