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Avatar m tn Skin conditions like scabies, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema, fungal infection all can cause itching, swelling and changes in the color and texture of the skin. If there is no skin problem then the other problems could be nerve problems, circulation problems, and diabetes etc.A high dose of vitamin niacin leads to the dilation of the small blood vessels found throughout the surface of your skin. This results in dark skin and a warming, tingling or slight burning of your skin.
Avatar n tn I once asked an aerobics instructor about it and she said something about a possible niacin deficiency? I was wondering if that sounds like heat or sweat rash? Also, My face has always been red and blotchy, I was wondering if that's a sign of rosacea. One more thing since I'm asking about skin conditions, sometimes my neck itches. When I barely touch it, it turns bright red.
Avatar f tn When the heat and redness comes on, it feels like a niacin flush but I am confident this is not what is happening. Typically it occurs when I am vacationing in warm places (Caribbean, California), so I thought it may be a combination of sun, heat, sunblock and perspiration. However, the same thing occurred recently while visiting family in a very chilly part of the country while I was not wearing sunblock religiously and not sweating or working out.
918049 tn?1243378364 My mom is alergic to a couple things the other day she mentioned she was alergic to niacin. If you need any more info let me know. Thank you for creating this site, any imput is awsome. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/243703'>Persistent Rash On Face (red, slight burning, peeling)</a>.
Avatar f tn * Discoid lupus erythematosus * Systemic lupus erythematosus * Rosacea * Seborrheic dermatitis * Dermatomyositis * Polymorphous light reaction * Cushing's Disease * Reaction to medication * Eryisipelas * Photosensitivity * Chemical sensitivity * Sunburn * Erythema infectiosum * Human parvovirus B19 infection * Lyme's Disease * Bloom Syndrome * Sarcoidosis * Niacin (vitamin B3) deficiency * Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) deficiency Seborrheic dermatitis is a listed cause of peeling skin.
Avatar n tn I did eliminate these for several weeks to determine if there was an issue with Niacin. I have often bouts of facial flushing. When this occurs my face is warm to the touch but my skin color does not change drastically. In addition my ears feel the same effect. I have tried to identify triggering mechanisms. The only ones which I have been able to identify are; Warm environments without airflow trigger these bouts. A warm day or exposure to the sun does not have the same effect.
Avatar n tn The old cells weren't sluffing off fast enough or something. Another thought about the spots- what about rosacea? Taking vitamin 50 time release and a multi with niacin might help if you have this. A vitamin B 2 deficiency can contribute to this problem and e how mentions niacin as well.
Avatar n tn He prescribed me 10 days of steroids to help with the inflammartion. I was thinking that I had rosacea because this has never happened to me before. The red nose flushing from vasomotor rhinitis makes sense but what is with the cold nose the other times? I also have nose tingling that comes and goes. Also, my nose is not red when it is cold. In fact, it looks pale like the rest of my face.
Avatar f tn ( I take synthroid(hypothyroid), lisinopril (mild high blood pressure), fish oil, Vit D, Niacin, Multivitamin, metrogel for rosacea.) I see my health care practitioner in two weeks for a CHOL and BP check. I had routine labwork done two months ago. The only issues noted were CHOL of 240 and Blood sugar of 100. BP 110/ 72. I'm having repeat CHOL and Vit D levels checked next week. Is there other labwork I should have done as well? I've never had a LYMES test done.
343006 tn?1314450071 There is good evidence that pomegranite pills (or the juice) over a period of months, can reduce these deposits, enabling the sensors to function properly. Daily niacin supplements are also helpful. These sensors also sense "C02". Cesation of smoking is a must. There are also a number of bio-feedback machines on the market that show promise.
1225331 tn?1333369369 * Discoid lupus erythematosus * Systemic lupus erythematosus * Rosacea * Seborrheic dermatitis * Dermatomyositis * Polymorphous light reaction * Cushing's Disease * Reaction to medication * Eryisipelas * Photosensitivity * Chemical sensitivity * Sunburn * Erythema infectiosum * Human parvovirus B19 infection * Lyme's Disease * Bloom Syndrome * Sarcoidosis * Hyperthyroidism I have a butterfly facial rash when i have hyperthyroid flare ups (i have Hashimoto's thyroiditis).
Avatar n tn A number of medications interfere with results, diuretics, niacin, contraceptives, and more. There are no standards related to aging, and results have not been as reliable. Charting the fasting glucose is the way to go now. A reading of over 126 of course wouldn't require a challenge test anyhow, the diagnosis of diabetes would be obvious. No endocrinologist worth his money, is watching a patients fasting glucose continue rising between 100-126, without sounding the alarm bells.
Avatar n tn ) Acne at 43 could possibly be rosacea sometimes mistakenly referred to as "adult acne" but has nothing to do with acne. Have you been taking topical steroids lately? They can aggravate rosacea, especially if used on the face. A good dermatologist is the one to see here. All the best, and try and report back if you find out more.
Avatar m tn If I even look at any form of Diet pill that has Niacin or anything familiar I turn Bright red, hot to touch, ears, face, neck chest flush etc. With having so many Diagnosis's, it's been really hard on me.
Avatar n tn My husband had the same symptoms. We thought it was an allergy. He felt like his body was on fire but it only happened in the middle of the night. For a while Benadryl seemed to help. Happened more and more often. Originally we couldn't see redness with the pain but more recently it looked like a severe sunburn too and was happening more and more often. He went to our family doctor. Our doc said it sounded to him like "Niacin Flush.
Avatar n tn anger, embarrassment An abrupt cessation of physical exertion (resulting in heart output in excess of current muscular need for blood flow) Physiological response to vasodilators — for instance, a recent high dose of niacin, nitroglycerine, calcium channel blockers, or any drug that causes release of adrenal hormones that raise blood pressure such as stimulants Post-menopausal decrease in estrogen production Anaphylaxis Neuroendocrine tumors: carcinoid syndrome, pheochromocytoma, VIPoma, t
Avatar n tn Of course they're referring to the chemical alone causing these Nasonex is also bad because many people have gotten Rosacea from using it. That's exactly when my Rosacea started too, after I had been given a prescription of it. Also the secondary offender for me was Ocean Spray Nasal Irrigator. I used that when I had a cold and my nose was stuffy. About two days after using it my eyes turned red and my eyebrows started itching and flaking.
Avatar m tn Last week I began Niacin 500 mg/day,will double dose in a week. I'll post regularly after tests, let's see how everything changes.
Avatar n tn I had all those electric shock feelings as I was healing and it got much worse rather than better for a few months after quitting the vitamins. And the stabbing, burning pain. Now, it has been almost seven months and the pain is almost gone. I am not myself again yet as I too used to be physically fit and now have lost a lot of muscle strength. I still have twitchy muscles too. But, I know I am healing and your boyfriend will too.