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Avatar m tn We were hearing that drugs that reduce certain cholestreol eas also effective for HCV in Vitro. Certain statins showed promise. Niacin also reduces the cholestrerol, it is an essential vitamin. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. There has been some talk that high doses can have not such a good effect on the liver. Buy HCV was shown to require some sort of cholestreol mechanusm to reproduce didn't it?
463841 tn?1207442135 All I can really tell you is that there is an interaction with SOMETHING in grapefruit, especially the juice, that increases the drug level in your system. Good thing? Bad thing? Xanax has such a short half-life that if you took a dose at night and ate a boatload of grapefruit in the morning, I don't THINK anything really horrible would happen. I personally have just learned to live without grapefruit and done away with one more thing to worry about. I am totally addicted to Kiwi now!
Avatar m tn Unfortunately I do not see any comments that are related to a 100% recovery of these symptoms and the related fear and hope one day (as many other people) will find a cure or treatment that will make life better without PVC's or palpitations after dinner or during the night.
Avatar n tn My LDL isnt SO bad at 150, but definately needs to be lower - my HDL is only 30 - which Definately needs to be higher - do u think they would recommend taking a lipid lowering drug (statin) along WITH the niacin ? Do you have to take them for the rest of your life or once lowered , can I get off and see how things go? Cant the Niacin be bad for your liver over time?
Avatar m tn how about taking less niacin, with a big meal, to try to lessen the bad effects? IIRC alcohol increases HDL but also TGC But FWIW, I personally try to maximize the niacin flush, on the chance that it is helpful.
Avatar m tn On a side note, a study was done to measure the side effect rate in 19,000 people, half on a statin and half on a placebo. It was interesting to find that the rate of muscle and joint pain reported was identical by both groups. I personally have been on 40 mg of Simvastatin for years without any side effects, but everyone responds differently.
Avatar f tn I was going to the bathroom more than 8 times a day, and I did NOT enjoy it because despite going diahrea the Crap still hurt me so much, coming out of me, that MY TOES CURLED FROM THE PAIN. I could WIN A FARTING CONTEST if I entered one! I had pain in my rectum 24 hrs a day-I remember just lying in bed trying to fall asleep with my rectum hurting/hurting until I eventually started wondering if Life was really worth living, etc,,,,...
414508 tn?1222631290 for the recipe listed under thomas recipe, i saw the p.m. recipe requires 50 mg niacin which my haelth food store only carries 500mg, took last night while detoxing from vicodin addiction and my skin was on fire.THOUGHT I WAS DYING!!!!! then i read bottle a.m. and sure enough, normal reaction. my question is: was the 50 mg listed a typo, was it supposed to read 500, if not i will have to cut down tablets. someone please help, pregnant and need to do this asap.
Avatar m tn its metabolites related symptoms (due to is prolonged half life); dizziness; severe hypotension (blood pressure dropped to 80) and developed rash on arms.
698733 tn?1231930570 I generally am a happy chick who loves nothing more than going out with her friends and generally enjoying life but then I find myself doing the old pulse checking thing when I'm out at the pub with friends. I was out Sunday having lunch with Natalie when she caught me gripping my wrist checking the beats and obviously not paying attention to problems she was telling my about her recent split from boyfriend.
1986216 tn?1358353460 I have done it before, but started back because of my back, but have decided that i would rather hurt than to have something to ruin and control my life.
Avatar m tn Such Kava skin reactions are believed to be that of depleted Niacin. Reside from Kava for 1-month and supplement With Niacin of the Skin Flushing Type & not The Niacin of the NON-Skin-Flushing type for 1 month.
Avatar n tn I guess the only other drug I know of would be Niacin = side effects. Got any fancy formulas to tell me my odds of having a heart attack? Ever read "The Cardiovascular Cure"? Intersting book on Endothelial Function. Opinions? Thanks so much for your help..... Great Forum.
Avatar n tn Suspected exposure has been between 30-200 PPM for roughly half hour a day for at least two months -- but has not been verified by a CO detector. Have I procured any sort of CNS damage, or am I being paranoid? How long does CO stay in and/or affect the CNS (with or without treatment)? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn And Drs here are very keen on surgery for this type of illness - I know of a half dozen people who've had the surgery - my daughter's 15 yr old bf among them, and his Dr refused to even consider alternatives. So I'm reluctant to subject myself to Drs. I was encouraged to read that the use of probiotics and such still seems to be used. I guess I'm looking for some suggestions for additional options to help me get this under control again. Thanks to all.
Avatar m tn I contacted my stepmother and when I did, was in for the shock of my life. Not only did my father die of a heart attack but my two half-sister both suffered massive heart attacks within the year and died. Both were under the age of forty. My first sister's heart attack happened quick, she had what was considered 'the widowmaker' and died before she reached the hospital. She was 39. My second sister didn't present with the classic heart attack symptoms.
Avatar m tn paradoxical effect, insomnia; its metabolites related symptoms (due to is prolonged half life); dizziness; severe hypotension (blood pressure dropped to 80) and developed rash on arms.
Avatar n tn This isnt the kind of site to get an answer to this. What you are asking is what is the half life of this drug which is the number of hours before the blood concenrtation goes down to 1/2 of it's highest point. I am betting it is 4 to 6 hours but then it is still in the blood and detectible for another couple of days is my guess. This site though is for people who have serious pain and seriously dont want to have it and are not wanting to get high.
Avatar n tn As I have gone on a muscle building program I have become aware that my thigh muscles cannot last more than a minute and a half on the elliptical machine,even when the rate is set at the lowest level. I assume Zocor didn't agree with my muscles. Is it possible that I will ever be able to regain my muscle mass by continuing to work out and eating more protein? Is there a magic pill which might help me in myendeavor to become strong again. I need muscle support!
1063764 tn?1272824664 Any advice on what I can do to get at least some energy back so that after a full and good nights sleep I don't wake up exhausted, and not being able to get through half the day without almost passing out from exhaustion?
Avatar m tn I'll try to keep this brief, but want to include some medical and overall life details. I'm 41, been divorced for just over five years, and met a lady a little over two months ago, and we've fallen in love quickly. I'm not used to falling fast, but I don't regret it. We decided we wanted to be intimate last night, but it didn't work too well. It's been about a year and a half since my last sexual experience.
Avatar f tn Saliva level was barely detected, hair after demanding some form of quantification came back negative for everything! Took a battle and a half with multiple med changes and my name is cleared but I feel damage was done. I don't abuse anything, ever. Urine was done by Quest diagnostics. Asked the guy that takes the results to do more in depth testing but he essentially just swore I'm abusing medication on reports. He is not a MRO or even an M.D.. But a PA at Medac.
Avatar f tn Magnesium 750mg, fish pills about 8 of them daily, Niacin about pills and Niacin along with about 40 minutes of walking every day will decrease your blood triglicerides down to below 150, and increase your HDL levels to desired levels while DECREASING blood pressure, stress, blood sugar, weight, etc.............If you are able to tolerate Garlic like I can now, then you will get back to near normal. BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO STAY WITH THIS AND NOT STRAY.
797873 tn?1265740119 I have pretty much spent the last years of my life not talking to people other than family. School has been very tough but I’m proud of myself for hanging in there. Nothing helped- I have tried it all- Threelac, Therabreath, Tri oral, Cholorphyll, etc You name it – I have tried it. My room is like a mini pharmacy. I have been treated for acid reflux, hpylori, and nothing helped.
Avatar n tn Meds are Lipitor 80mg, Toprol 25mg, Prilosec 40mg, niacin 1000mg, aspirin low dose, and vitimans. My most recent Echo Cardiogram revealed 45-50% ejection fraction after 10 minutes on treadmill, which confirmed last years Angiogram that 3 of the four grafts have failed. One remaining is the artery that was repositioned from chest wall. Three veins grafts taken from leg have not held up as well.
Avatar f tn Again, only half the story. Red Star is posting the part that is always pointed out by the anti-statin crowd. Here's what they ALWAYS fail to point out, there was no evidence to show a relationship between statins and memory loss, but it was observed in a very, very small percentage of those on statins so they added the warning. Hefre's the link to the announcement from the FDA which you will see they could prove no link, only an observation.