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Avatar n tn Back to the neuro thing- at the same time I was ecstatic with my chol drop I was also c/o numbness/tingling, patchy cold sensations on extremities and face. MD says its must be MS -see the neuro- performs EMG (some nerve conduction loss in legs/demyelination).."prob. MS". Get MRI of the Brain- NEG! Neuro says take meds??? Not happy..Did research myself. Found site on Chiairi Malformation (interesting-everyone Dx with MS for no other reason..look this up and compare symptoms).
Avatar n tn Hi, Your distribution of pain, numbness and tingling are like glove and stocking distribution of nerve dysfunction. Pain, tingling and numbness are suggestive of neuropathy. This type of neuropathy could be due to Nutritional deficiency.
Avatar n tn Felt as if I was going to die. Numbness in face and intense burning especially through my eyes and down my throat and into my stomach. That was six days ago and my stomach is burning as if it is on fire. I believe this medication is an acid. Has anyone else had this problem? I am planning tomorrow to cancel future appts. with this doctor as I don't believe she knows what she is doing.
Avatar m tn ) of these things can interfere with getting blood to the penis and keeping it there...Without circulation, numbness can occur...If you haven't, please talk to your urologist or your general practitioner about circulation concerns, and the side effects of any meds you are on. Some people find time-release niacin helps for circulation support... If there is a circulation stricture in the groin area, some have success with a stent placement to open things back up...Good luck!
Avatar n tn I will say though that the numbness happened almost immediately after I ate the chips and that's been a pattern in the past whether it's chips or hamburgers. I took the niacin about 6-8 hours before the numbness happened and I've been on a daily regimen for maybe 6 months and I haven't seen a correlation in the past.
Avatar n tn About 3 month's ago I noticed partial numbness in the top half, and edge of my foot. After taking Niacin (Niacin increase blood circulation) about 50% of the numbness went away - suddenly. During the last month I noticed that one of the toes became partially numb on top, bottom half. Toe-by-toe, four toes are now effected. My "big toe" is not effected. I also notice that the skin on the same foot is dry - a "sunburn look" with the burn. MS has been rule out.
Avatar n tn I have had a burning/numbness sensation in my knees, shoulders, backs of arms, and other places throughout my body for a few months now. It started when I went through an extreme case of anxiety. It was suggested that the anxiety was thyroid related but my tests seem "normal". The anxiety is pretty much gone so I don't know if these sensations are related to the anxiety or not. Or maybe thyroid? It has me worried. Some days are worse than others. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
764075 tn?1234499199 One patient had numbness in the right lip, hand, and leg, weakness in the right hand and arm, and word-finding difficulty. The other patient had headaches and seizures, although the latter may have come in part from medication for the headaches. In both peripheral neuropathy and encephalopathy the key physiologic change is the inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis). The hepatitis C virus probably does not inflame the blood vessels directly.
Avatar f tn Intensity varies but is always worse when sitting/lying where those areas are compressed. Today I have numbness on my forehead, top of nose and cheek bones. Feels like I'm coming out of novacaine where you have feeling in those areas with slt numbness. (I haven't had my menses for almost two months. It's about 2 weeks before I would normally have it.) All my labwork came back normal.
161647 tn?1280611763 Then, my arms and chest became very itchy and hot. Then I felt tingling in my arms and my thighs, like pins and needles. There was no numbness though. It lasted about 15 minutes. After these symptoms were gone, I felt nauseousI feel fine this morning. What could have caused this? Thanks for any help.
1702615 tn?1421815848 All interfering with work performance and ability. Also began experiencing tingling and numbness in left calf and a buzzing sensation in my right foot. One doctor suggested carpal tunnel syndrome for hand problems. Another considered Multiple Sclerosis. Nerve conduction tests neither proved nor disproved carpal tunnel so I opted out of surgery. Brain MRI showed normal and I declined lumbar puncture at that time.
Avatar n tn Do they affect PVCs in any way? And somewhat related--I found niacin tablets at our local drugstore at 100mg strength that melts in your mouth. Would they work if spaced out? Thanks!
Avatar m tn 8 days ago tingling started in both hands, no longer any numbness and tremor is less frequent. All fingers seemed to be affected but mostly thumbs and index fingers and now the right foot was also affected by tingling. Visited doctor and received referal to neurologist, also received prescription for Nexium as I was experiencing pronounced GERD and lower right abdominal pain. Quit smoking cold turkey on this day and have not touched a cigarette since.
Avatar f tn For instance, B12 deficiency can cause numbness or tingling, shooting electrical sensations, problems walking, mental changes, visual changes, lightheadedness, impaired taste and smell, fatigue, muscle pain, memory problems. Pellagra is a deficiency of niacin, and it can cause a photosensitive rash that can resemble a sunburn or become flaky. It is accompanied by diarrhea and dementia.
Avatar n tn I'm not a doctor but from experience regarding my husband's doctor, I would definitely see a neurologist. He started with numbness and tingling in his hands and feet which turned out to be CIDP which affects the nerves. Don't wait to long because it's your right to find out what's going on with your body. Good Luck!
4274823 tn?1388532698 Symptoms usually start gradually, with frequent burning, tingling, or itching numbness in the palm of the hand and the fingers, especially the thumb and the index and middle fingers." There's also a condition called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, which is when the ulnar nerve that runs from the shoulder, through the elbow and into the hand gets out of place. The ulnar nerve controls the pinky and outside part of the ring finger.
Avatar f tn I have also started some natural supplements for health issues. Fish oil, omegas, niacin, biotin,a and magnesium. Please help desperate. Health wise feel good.
Avatar n tn fullness in ears, roaring that even the words spoken I hear an echo, dizzy, numbness in arms and legs sometimes, eye problems with blurry vision, neck pain and sometimes headaches, just out of the blue I get anxiuos, start sweating and get nervous. So, are YOU alone? Not at all, but take courage, I am determined that I will find the relief for this.
5142668 tn?1364234345 Niacin, Licorice Root and Chromium-picolinate which was purchased at a Health Food Store. Chamomile Tea also helped. I have friends who said Ginseng helped them, but it did not help me. the ****.com sells amino acids and has call-in Representatives to help field questions about their products and how they might help you.
Avatar n tn I stopped smoking about 2 months ago (after 20 years) and experienced numbness in my tongue and mouth - thought maybe it was normal for stopping smoking. Then the numbness appeared bilaterally in both hands and feet 1 week later. i currently suffer from bilateral numbness in the hands, feet, scrotal, penile and rectal areas (saddle), facial, cranial, lips and tongue area. The then onset of the bladder problems came on again like before.
Avatar n tn 96. I went and had more blood work done monday and still have not received a call from my doctor. I am just nervous and feel bad. I was just talking with guys at work and they never heard of men having thyroid problems, and then I check on line and it is rare. I was just wondering if anyone here knows of any men who have thyroid problems? And if my 16.96 TSH is something to be concerned about. THANKS!
Avatar f tn Check if you have diabetes.If not then Buy niacin pills take one and Crush half of the other and put it in your middle of your butt. I did it and cured me 7 years now .Niacin heals from bones out through your skin.Doctors Say!
Avatar n tn I have neuropathy in my feet and ankles. Since I had an EMG test the numbness is halfway up my legs. Is this permanent? My legs feel very heavy and numb. The test was VERY painful, I felt she did not have to "push" so hard. Can you help? What is your opinion? Thank you, Helen E.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 500mg metformin myself and I have not experienced any weight loss. I am actually taking it for diabetes treatment. But it has not helped with my weight loss.
Avatar m tn Well, in the B-vitamin I had, I was getting over 3,000 percent of some B-vitamins, and the pill had thiamin, and niacin, and other nuerological minerals needed for the body, but I was getting too much. On top of that, if my body didn't feel good...or felt excessively tired, I took my typical vitamin....just because I thought, since I have EBV I really need to make up for it.
Avatar f tn I have had a poor appetite, nausea, some diarrhea, extreme fatigue, hot and cold sweats, blurry vision, dizziness, deleria, anxiety, poor response to stress levels, lethargy, extreme pain in my legs and feet, numbness and tingling in my arms and hands I went to my physician and he had know explanation for why my blood sugar levels were high, my blood pressure was elevated despite taking medications. He sent me to the emergency room for iv fluids.
Avatar n tn I have had slight problems with tingling fingers and numbness for years but within the past 2 months my hands have gotten so bad that I have a hard time even functioning in the mornings and sometimes throughout the entire day. Now whether the pain that has started getting bad in my knees and the fronts of my legs (at the bone area) hurting, along with swelling of my ankles is all related I have no idea but I need answers.
Avatar n tn gas,bloated stomach, gastritis my eyes are having a problem, had pains on my eyes, burning and very bloodshot, still under investigation anyways all this started in june for 2 weeks i felt tired and sleepy then one night my right eye lid was drooping down,so i exercised thinking must be a circulation issue, i woke up the next morning with body tingling face arms, weakness, panic attacks, couldnt breath wel, went to drs that whole week and was told it was nothing, maybe a virus and panic attack
Avatar n tn I quit the Astelin antihistamine spray and the Rhinocort spray, because I felt it was making me worse and dizzy-er. I've been taking Bcomplex and Niacin and Vit. C. I run an air cleaner in my bedroom at all times. Went to see a chiropractor. Normally I wouldn't trust one, but he's a friend and has helped my husband with disk problems. He's used some kind of electrical vibrating thing where my neck meets my skull and now my ear's not hurting. (Could be him, could be the Prednisone).