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Avatar f tn Hello, I had 2 iv contrast CT scans done within a months time June 13 and July 12. On my 2nd scan I had a delayed reaction of itching, redness on the skin of my eyebrows and nose plus a red goosebump type rash below my breastbone. I took benadryl and the redness cleared up within a day and the rash is almost gone. On July 14th I started to feel like there was a lump in my throat and took more benadryl which helped but made my throat really dry.
137539 tn?1344383528 ) They can also add some anti-nausea meds to the IV drip if you want. There were times at home on treatment that I wish I could get a couple of bags of water into me. I wonder if those visting nurse services can do something like that. I believe a lot of insurance policies cover them. It's a vicious cycle. Nausea makes you not want to drink and when you don't drink you get dehydrated and that makes you more nauceous. If you throw up you get even more dehydrated.
Avatar n tn blood work, EKG, X-ray of my stomach and chest and a abdominal ultra sound, they also gave me an IV drip and put pepsid into it, it did not help, they discharged me and gave me a prescription for Nexium, which is not helping so far.
Avatar n tn Singulair (For asthma though I've never been tested) Allegra (For allergy's) Nasonex (For allergy's) Nexium (I have a ton of post nasal drip and was told a few times I have GERD) Xopenex (Having to use this daily and was told it's very dangerous to do so by my ENT) Proair Rescue Inhaler (I carry this with me with a epipen) Allergy shots (These seemed to make the problems worse so my allergist said we better stop them) Doctors I've seen: Electrocardiologist (Still waiting for results) Rheuma
Avatar m tn I am so desperate that honestly, I would like to just be put in the hospital. I could get an IV drip so that I wouldn’t have to eat and it would give my throat time to heal. I realize that is a colossal waste of hospital resources, but I have no idea what else to do! If this is even a possibility, I would welcome it! My doc suggested taking a mix of Pepto Bismol and Doviol (sp?). However, taking that on top of 12 Gaviscon, 4 Tums and Nexium just doesn’t seem safe to me.
Avatar n tn I would get her to the hospital with intravenous drip. She's got to have something. If she's throwing up, then something is wrong. It sounds physical knowing she has ovarian cancer. How is she mentally? Does she want to eat but can't keep anything down? What chemo is she on? If that were happening here, my doctor would put a hold on the chemo. Boost and Ensure are liquid. She should be able to drink those. Can she? Or she doesn't want to?
Avatar n tn The last stress, cath, and Pet scan were done after receiving 6-9 shots of morphine, a nitro drip and Hepron IV. After all of the blood thinner and pain shots he always feels pretty good for a few weeks and then the pressure starts and he starts having the angina. He exists now by having a day job where he can rest and take his nitro. If he lays down for an hour or two after work he can then work a few hours on our farm. He's given up hunting and fishing and most of the things he enjoys.
Avatar n tn Black Mud Disease from teh cuts on his legs and swimming thru the water and mud to escape the house. His legs and feet are SO SWOLLEN with infection, he cannot walk. He in getting IV Antibotics right now. There is nothing I can do for him except be there for him as best I can untill he recovers. I need him here w/me! Anyway, did anyone else start treatment today? If not those are are on treatment, please help me keep a good attitude about this! And also good luck to you all!
Avatar f tn If you have any problems with it they typically reduce the rate of the IV or sometimes stop it for 30 mins. I always have a 30 minute break part way through now because it reduces my infusion related reactions (IRR) or side effects to Rituximab. I am a huge supporter of Rituximab as it has been very good to me. I hope it works as well for you. Take care, Karry.
Avatar n tn I am trying to lose weight, plus take nexium. I do not have heartburn per say. My problem is I have a constant cough which causes gagging, dry heaves anytime during the day & at night I spend the night coughing (have bed propped up, etc.) If I bend over it causes me to get nauseous and start heaving, etc. I also have a umbilical hernia which the Dr. says not to do anything about. It is very large and protrudes from the belly button.
Avatar n tn I am worried, I also have lumpy feeling in throat and take nexium had a gastrocopy about 2 yrs ago and it was fine, I dont take nexium all the time only when I feel it, but ENT said it could be pot nasal drip too due to the hayfever /sinus/ allergies. anyway what to do .
Avatar m tn I recently switched to Nexium and I am experiencing a significant improvement. I take 40 mg. Nexium at night and 20 mg. omeprazole before breakfast.
Avatar n tn iv got this exact problem.... although iv had it for some time... i had something called an endoscopy "where they shove a camera down your throwt to take a look a you stomach" which found nothing... im extremly confused by this and need an answer as soon as possible .... one of my doctors sais it could be due to stress ? douse this make any sense ? ..... and how can helicobacterpylori be detected and treated ???
Avatar f tn I was already taking 1 Nexium daily for acid reflux because I have a hiatal hernia so I wasn't feeling any heartburn. He put me on two nexium a day to try to control the acid so this area could heal. It's been 5 months now and its not any better. He recently sent me to a GI doctor to have the scope down the throat done. After the scope the GI doctor sent me for the barium swallow and a esophageal motility test and a 24 hour pH probe study.
Avatar n tn Symptoms can include a headache or pressure in the area of the sinuses, a stuffy nose, achy teeth, an odor coming from the nose, postnasal drip, cough, sore throat, laryngitis, lightheadedness, constant low fever, and thick, yellow to green nasal drainage. This inflammation can block sinus drainage and cause increased mucus production. The mucus can drain from the nose and sinuses down the back of the throat causing a constant or intermittent postnasal drip and sore throat.
394687 tn?1290924440 well got my first Rituxan infusion today (B-cell blocker). 7 hrs of drip and lots of nausea and IBS - but feel better now except the tummy and the leg neuropathy - seeing a neurologist in a few weeks.
Avatar n tn Yep, on one of those awful sx days, an IV drip of fluids would be nice huh? I sure thought of one this weekend when I couldn't keep anything down.
Avatar n tn a doctor of Gastronology scoped my stomach and lower throat and found only minor irritation in the throat and nothing wrong with the stomach. They have given me Nexium to take but that hasn't done anything either. They x-rayed my lungs and found nothing wrong there either. Also stress test of my heart and its ok. While I'm typing this message I have been clearing my throat at least a hundred time and spitting up mucus and coughing.
Avatar n tn I've heard alot of other people complain about the same thing, and the water is an easy remedy.. Other than sleeping hooked up to an IV drip!! Feel better man!
144210 tn?1273092382 Of course these supplements are given in high doses when this is done IV drip for vitamin C etc,,,but I do believe that they still have a chelating effect even when taken in doses that I normally do take - a minimum of 2mg of C a day. On my first round I cut down - way down on C, but this round I may cut it out totally. That bothers me to do so, but I don't want to worry if the vitamins are ridding my body of the toxins that I need to stay in my body - not leave my body.
Avatar n tn even without having heartburn which has not been a problem for me. I have been on Nexium for 5 days now, and I feel slightly better, but was up all last night because I couldn't breathe, then around 3:30am I was fine! I have an echocardiogram shceduled for this afternoon. I'm sure it will be fine too. I've also read that anemia or hypothyroidism can cause this. I'm not anemic and my thyroid levels are perfect at a TSH level of 1.8.
Avatar f tn It's happened another 3 or 4 times in the last year, but much milder than the first. Post nasal drip from colds or allergies seems to do it. I hate getting sick now, not only because it makes another attack more likely, but because the first attack freaked me out so bad I now have intermittent anxiety. I just had a small lanrygospasm attack today, fortunately/unfortunately in front of my daughter, and I felt the anxiety kicking in afterwards.
Avatar n tn Hi, any advice would be great. I always have a permanant post nasal drip, my nose is always bunged, the only time it is'nt is when i sneeze. I get shooting pains in my temples on both side or one side at a time, my ears feel like they are going to burst, with pressure.
Avatar n tn I checked into the hospital due to dehydration a week ago, was given IV fluids and nausea medication, and was discharged under the assumption that I would be back to normal in a couple of days if I was careful to eat correctly. Unfortunately, it has been a week and I STILL have no been able to get a meal down. I'll be bringing in a stool sample tomorrow (it took me four days to finally get a usable one out...its hard to have bowel movements when you can't eat)....
Avatar n tn My cough is pretty much day and night, usually dry, but at times there's a bit of mucus or post nasal drip. It started after I had bronchitis, which I'm prone to, and the cough always would last several months after I was "cured." This time it didn't stop. It used to be that the tickle would sometimes be in my chest, but now it's always in my throat. Any tickle starts what my dr.
Avatar f tn Around the same time all of this began, I also received and IV of iron(Venofer) 2 days prior to calling 911. I am anemic and cannot take oral iron supplements due to the acid reflux, so I receive IV iron. However, I had never received venofer. I had previously been given Ferrlicit. I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I also recenlty underwent abdominal surgery for uterine fibroids. Just wanted to give my hystory. FOR THE LAST MONTH I HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE.
Avatar f tn When you have mucus/phlegm in the throat due to post nasal drip, get some Silver Biotics (it is the only colloidal silver that really works for me) and make a nasal pray with this solution. Don't add anything, just spray your nose 3 times daily, 2 spray in each nostril. It will fix the post nasal drip and allow the mucus to get out your nose.