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Avatar n tn I tried taking aspirin with it and it caused me to have internal bleeding, so of course it was discontinued. Now I would only take aspirin if I felt that I was having another heart attack. The latest precaution about Plavix is to not take omeprazole with it (Prilosec, Prevacid or Nexium). Hope that helps, but you really need a cardiologist.
439522 tn?1214954789 This week I started have a burning in the middle upper abdomen, burping, nausea, constant swallowing and diaherria. So, I started the nexium again. I can't remember how long it takes to start working really well. I was on prevacid for about two years before that. I just have GERD, but no damage or ulcers (on original diagnosis three years ago). Can anyone tell me how long it took to start working? Day three and it's a little better, but no where like before.
Avatar n tn I was on Nexium for about a month and did not lose any weight. Sorry I could not be more help, but I dont think it is from the Nexium. Is it not possible it is from stopping the hormone pills? When I stopped taking Elavil years ago I lost all the weight that I had put on when taking it.
Avatar m tn My Dr said I should have been feeling better in 1 month, but that the Nexium is stonger and the dose is higher and I might just need more time and more drug than the losec provided. She did originally tell me to give it at least the full month to feel better We are also pursuing other diagnosis, such as H.
Avatar n tn I had bypass surgery in 1997 and have been taking blood pressure medicine, lipid control medicine, and aspirin since then. I had been taking 87mg aspirin tablet a day until about a year ago when my doctor upped that to 325mg per day (no reason given). Some time in the last year or so I began to experience significant ringing in the ears (tinnitus?).
1274110 tn?1270792161 I am on plavix also and was taking nexium for gerd. My cardiologist told me to go off the nexium because the FDA has found that the nexium or any of the PPI's inhibits the plavix from working properly. I am now on pepcid instead of nexium. I am curious to find out if your cardio's had mentioned this to you. Protonix is in the same group of PPI's as nexium. Google plavix and ppi's or go on the FDA website. You will read a lot about the two meds. Just for your info.
Avatar n tn It is worse in the mornings and I am not eating anything and havent for three days..Just water and ensure and vanilla pudding....This morning I had to drive 100 miles for work and got so sick to my stomach. Coming home wasnt an option at 100 miles away..Only way to get here was to drive it....I stopped at a place along the highway and bought some alka-seltzer and it has always helped me the most of all OTCs but Im not supposed to take it because of its aspirin content...
Avatar n tn They doubled my Ziac to 20mg's, Tricor 145mgs, added prevfachol 10 mgs, 81 mg aspirin, temepazin 30's, Nexium 40, fish oil and vitamin. I also take 150 mg wellbrutrin SR, 60 mgs of Buspar for my PTSD (VN Vet). Can anyone explain what can cause PCA's and how you are being treated? I need all the info I can muster up. I see my interenest on 6/18.
Avatar m tn When i eat, i feel food is stuck in throat.Went to see my Family doc, and he did chest xray and it came clear. He gave me Nexium for 1 week to try and no improvement and i went to him again, he said it looks like phycological (though i said no)he also checked and said i have spasms in stomac and gave me another medication to relieve .I am using it currently, but no use. He also gave me nasal spray as one of my nosetrills is blocked, saying the that is the cause.
1210142 tn?1266080631 Taking Diltiazem, Lisinopril, Aspirin and Ranitidine as well. Have been having constant stomach and chest pains and the doctors are not able to find the cause- at least they don’t think it is a cardiac one./the chest pains/ My gastroenterologist suggested I stop taking Ranitidine and switch to Pantroprazole. I have read a lot about the interaction between Plavix and PPI’s but he thinks only Omeprazole have more effect on Plavix, not Pantoprazole.
Avatar f tn Since I don't drink or smoke and can't tolerate aspirin based medications, I'm wondering what the possible cause of MI could be? My gastroenterologist says that the MI appeared in one biopsy and there was no dysplasia but he only took 2 sets, one from the oesophagus and one from the stomach, although I think there were several samples in each set. He says that means a greater predisposition to cancer, but there's nothing to worry about at this stage.
974371 tn?1424656729 That is the only place I am seeing this, now. I've seen this on older people, like my parents who are in their 80's and take Aspirin. I am 62 and do not take any type of blood thinner. I don't know anyone else my age who has these things. I don't know if this is something to worry about or not. Of course, I had none last time I saw the doctor. Now, I feel they should be checked but by which doctor; I';ve seen so many. Do I go to my regular GP, the endocronologist or the oncologist?
Avatar n tn The bottom line is take a product free of tylenol. All morphine derivatives are addicting and should only be taken as prescribed with a physician monitoring you. Someone mentioned the term hillbilly heroin. Heroin is the purest form of opium and is highly addictive. So called hillbilly heroin is oxycontin crushed then injected or snorted. Obviously, the route you choose has an effect on developing dependency. Avoid abusing all medications.
Avatar n tn Metroprolol 25MG to control tachycardia, Lipitor 20MG, Niaspan 1000MG, Nexium 40MG, 81MG aspirin every three days because once a day caused petechia, Krill oil, Depakote 125MG and Klonopin .5MG at bedtime. Had calcium score done a few months ago and score went from 20 (two years ago) to 19 (now). I seem to be doing a good job except for the HDL. I have been doing some research and have read that Metroprolol can lower HDL.
Avatar f tn ) but hang in there stick with the meds and ask the doctor if you've been tested for h.pylori and if not ... I would probably do it... and definitely stay away from alchohol/smoking/pain meds and anything you think would be hard on the stomach (spicy acidic foods..) anyway hope that helps.. sorry you're suffering this long..
Avatar n tn My doctor recently put me on vicodin for kidney stones and i was SOOOOO nervous because i am 29 wks pregnant and they say never to take aspirin during pregnancy. Aspirin is the main ingredient in vicodin, so anyway...moderation is the key huh? good thing cuz man i hate taking pills, even if they do help the pain.
Avatar n tn with both gallstones and Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. I was VERY symptomatic and so I saw an EP in January '04 and had an RF catheter ablation for WPW and AVNRT. Had mild chest pain, extreme fatigue & extra beats for 6 wks afterwards. At the follow-up, the EP seemed to think that I should go on low-dose Atenolol for some ventricular beats that showed up on an event monitor. He never addressed the chest pain, ongoing fatigue or breathing problems.
Avatar n tn No stong evidence to prove it, but it is possible that the nexium lower stomach acid levels to a point where aspirin is poorly absorbed, offering you less protection, and potentially leading to a heart attack. this is all theoretical. I would keep taking your medications and not worry about it, beacuse no matter what you take to lower you stomach acid level could potentially decrease ASA absorption..
Avatar n tn One dermatologist told me I had erythomaglia and aspirin would help. Aspirin did not relieve symptoms, and instead gave me an ulcer. So my family Dr told me to go on the "ulcer diet" which is all white food but NO DAIRY. A few days later, my burning hands and feet were 80% gone! The horrible constant headaches were reduced to occasional mild ones. I began to suspect dairy so I eliminated it completely from my diet and have been doing great!
974371 tn?1424656729 Doc wants me to try Omeprazol for 2 weeks (I told him I had problems with Nexium, muscle pain and a rib fracture). Started it a few days ago and, again, waking up in the mornings with an upset stomach. Switched back to the Pepcid and was better. Today, again trying the Omeprazole to see if I have problems. No way to tell unless I try it again. My mouth and throat have not been as bad for 3 days but my bad days definitely seem to cycle. I have stopped snacking at night.
Avatar m tn I was also prescribed allegra-d but it is expensive and I take singulair To control asthma, you must control ALL asthma triggers like allergies, reflux, chemical and particulate irritants... -GERD can exacerbate asthma and I take nexium/zantac Stress is a known trigger of asthma as well. You need to find a way not to dwell on your health so much and relax. Work with good doctors and they will eventually get you back to good health.
Avatar n tn I made it to intermission and EMS was called. They hooked me up and gave me aspirin and nitroglycerin. What a head rush! I got to the ER and guess what? Symptoms went away and all the tests were normal. The ER doctor said if I was really having a heart attack, there would be no doubt. While I was talking to him I felt a palpitation and he noticed it on the monitor. He said it was a PVC or extra heart beat and he said they happen and they are not life threatening.
Avatar n tn I've now been on 40 mg nexium and a strict non-acidic diet for 30 days now and it hasn't helped...if it were gastrointestinal, wouldn't this have stopped by now? Doesn't that sound cardiac? 5. Do you think I can ask for calcium channel blockers? I understand I have no risk factors, but I have ALL the symptoms and I'm just afraid they are missing something. I mean look at Al, it took him a while before they finally diagnosed CAD for him. I don't know what else to do.
Avatar n tn the doctors said there is no damage probably because I got to the hospital quickly and took the aspirin. I hope to never go thru this again so I have learned to let myself say NO, I can't do that or this. . .make sure I eat right and get rest. I've learned that dishes will still be in the sink in the morning. . .they may be cleaned off by the big puppy I mentioned. . .but life won't end if I don't do the dishes, or ironing, or cleaning. . .get my drift ??!! Sorry this is so long. . .
Avatar f tn I also take Norvasc, Inderal and a diuretic as well as a baby aspirin daily for a PFO and HBP, and migraines. Does anyone know why the Protonix would be prescribed? Thank you.
705268 tn?1236288595 200 mg Plaquenil 600 mg Calcium 50 mg Aldactone (for acne) 81 mg Aspirin As needed Xanax 0.5 mg, 1-bid. I usually only take one a day in the evenings. Helps with the reflux symptoms (goes to show that stress does play a role) and I get a great nights sleep! Was taking 4 prilosec a day....that's all that would work for my reflux Went to see Gastro doc...he put me on Nexium, one on the morning. Didn't work at all!!!!!
Avatar m tn My cardio took me off the nexium and put me on pepcid. Google plavix and nexium to get more info on this subject or go to the FDA website.
Avatar m tn My mother no longer suffers severe GERD/LPR since stopping acid blocker nexium and starting betaine HCI with pepsin supplements (to increase stomach acid) and digestive enzyme supplements (to help with digestion). She also has a hiatus hernia but these supplements still prevent acid reflux. She had numerous symptoms of not enough stomach acid but included severe fungal infections. She failed the baking soda test with flying colours. Took an hour to burp!
Avatar n tn the doctor diagnosed him with ibs and prescribed citrucel(to stop spasms),a anti-anxiety medication(thinking it may be stress related even though we both disaree),nexium (for acid reflux) and 1 pain medication that he stopped taking due to dizzyness as well as a another pain medication. he recommended a psychiatrist and yoga. my boyfriend noticed weeks later that he still hurts where he believes they took the biopsy.
Avatar f tn aww I know how you feel I am in pain from a fall a few days ago and trying to cope, may I ask why you take nexium have to acid reflux?I assume you take ferrous sulphate for anemia? I have heard a lot of iron can cause problems ..