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Avatar m tn Has anyone ever used Neurontin for Gallbladder pain? My dr wants me to try it but from what I understand, that medication is used for nerve pain and the pain I'm having isn't nerve pain. My GB has sludge in it; my oh my, this is worse than having my babies.
Avatar f tn Hi, Lyrica is 'pregabalin', a different chemical from Neurontin, or 'gabapentin'. They are similar in function though; they both bind -to and inhibit the same neuronal structure-- a voltage-gated calcium channel. Both medications reduce the flow of calcium into certain nerve terminals; the calcium would normally trigger the release of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, or Substance P, a chemical involved in pain transmission.
Avatar f tn Please be careful with using Neurontin... my husband who is addicted to opiates has become addicted to the Neurontin as well. It may sound silly, and I don't have a ton of knowledge on drugs and such, but you can find and read countless forums with people talking about how they abuse the drug, and the horrible withdrawals they go through when running out of it. My husband used it to lighten his opiate withdrawals, to enhance his mood and counteract anxiety and he became very dependent on it.
Avatar f tn Looking for people's experiences with Neurontin 1) in general and 2) specifically if its helpful for withdrawal. The poll is for people's experiences using Neurontin during withdrawal - not necessarily FOR withdrawal but just if you used during. lso let me know if you feel like it, what it actually helped with. If you have other experiences with it, please comment on this post and let me know. I was prescribed it weeks ago for facial pain, but I havent filled it.
9704730 tn?1405744884 My doctor put me on neurontin but I think I am now having withdrawal symptoms from neurontin. I have been taking about 900 mg a day since September. It gives me a lot of side effects such as drowsiness and the inability to think quickly. I wanted to know if it is possible that I am still in withdrawal from the tramadol or if it's the neurontin.
Avatar m tn I have been through withdrawals before without taking anything so I know how difficult there are. But with the neurontin I hardly had any withdrawal symptons.
Avatar f tn I just read an old thread on Nuerontin. Am I going to have withdrawal from stopping it. I have to get off of it ASAP as it is causing me bad reactions such as blurry vision among other things. I was on it for about 2 weeks. I was started at 2 pills and told to jump to 6 but only took 6 twice. These were 300 mg capsules. The Sunday and Monday I only took 3 and I'm not taking any today. Thanks for any help.
1637739 tn?1371692306 I think I may experiencing withdrawal effects from Neurontin. I was on it about 6 mo. The last month or so, I reduced it slowly. Now I am axious and restless at bedtime. I am comfortable but just can't seem to lay still for a hour or two. I also have been having headaches. A few times when laying in bed, my chest felt heavy like I was short of breathe. Scared me but passed shortly after it started. How long do these withdrawal symptoms last?
Avatar f tn After tapering down over 15 days, I now have a terrible headache. Has anyone else experienced headaches from neurontin withdrawal? I also went off of effexor 21 days ago....which also could be the cause of these headaches?
Avatar n tn so you are familiar with neurontin?
Avatar f tn can neurontin make you moody anf what r the side effects of drinkinh with it ,how can a oerson wean thereselves off it 1200mg in the morning and 800mg at 1,5,and bedtime
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me Neurontin for my extreme restlessness from withdrawals. I find it to be really helpful. Most of my withdrawals symptoms are shaking, RLS, and the feeling of needing to get out of my skin. The neurontin has stopped that and has even let me sleep. I was wondering if anyone knows more about this medication. I did some reading on it but someone told me that it can cause changes in personality. I asked to pharmacist and he told me that it might cause some mood changes.
2097395 tn?1333265790 Those folks deal with a lot of anxiety. A good bit of them were on Neurontin. Mhibbe....Actually, Neurontin has been found, in the case of treating mood disorders, to be more effective when taken in higher doses. Your dose isn't outrageously high. However, you are clearly having some issues, with the memory, and other things,. You need to discuss all of this with your doctor. You may need to be switched to another med.
974371 tn?1424656729 I was taking 3 10/325norco a day for my severe ibs and fibromialgia and my doctor took me off cold turkey tomorrow and gave me depakote and clonidine for withdrawal symptoms! Im so scared! The Norco does help. .. I wish someone would give me any advice! I also suffering from ptsd. ..
Avatar m tn I am not on 7 days clean taking 600-900mg of Neurontin a day and I have not had one withdrawal symptom. I mean not 1! I actually am clear headed for the first time in 10 years, I am doing crafts, cleaning my house and playing Christmas music!! Let me tell you this never happens. I realized even when I was telling myself the vicodin was my savior and that was how I could function I was full of crap. It did not help me.
Avatar f tn I have been on Percocet for 10 years and then was taking Ultram to not have withdrawal but after reading all the horror stories on here about Ultram, I tried the Neurontin. I have been on it for 3 days and no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I am shocked. I heard it is not addictive either so I'm staying on it for a week or two and then stopping to see if the Perc are out of my system.
Avatar f tn FYI......Google neurontin & withdrawal.......I have read horror stories. i dont know how real they are as most seem to be posted around the time of the I have taken it for a while and stopped with no withdrawal, although i haven't taken it but for a couple months lately. I love it ! I won't go back to opiates, so I have no choice. Nauty.........
Avatar m tn k and before then was on neurontin for 5 years ... so will i have any withdrawal symptoms if i discontinue neurontin and only take celexa.... neurontin was prescribed for anxiety...
1415174 tn?1453246703 How do you taper off of Neurontin? I have gone so far from 900 mg a day to 500mg a day. 200 per week then 100 a week now. Is that too slow? I have gotten insomnia, anxiety and general not feeling good and even increase in back pain. Is the last few hundred much harder?
Avatar n tn Can this be the neurontin or is it the lack of antidepressent or withdrawl from the Zoloft? The anger started when I went off the zoloft and started the neurontin and now I am confused what it is. I am in counceling and have a call into her Can't get into my PCP at the earliest it would be Thursday. Thanks for the help.
Avatar f tn My mom has been having lots of headaches recently and was put on neurontin. She sometimes takes xanax. Are these two drugs safe to be taken together or should she not take the xanax. I read where some peole substitute neurontin for xanax so I am concerned.
Avatar m tn Basically, I was being treated for panic attacks, and ended up with constant anxiety, stifling depression, huge anticipatory anxiety, and worse phobia problems. Because my then psychiatrist never told me about withdrawal and never did what he should have done, which was put me back on Paxil and taper even more slowly than the six week taper he used, I just was left to suffer and had to figure out what happened on the internet.
1474625 tn?1371100679 Also, I was wondering if anyone knows if it helps with the restless legs you get from opiate withdrawal or otherwise. I just stopped taking tramadol yesterday, which I was taking to the point of abuse because it gave me a feeling different from other opiates that I loved and gave me energy. I took this for such a long time that I was up to around 12 pills a day.