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Avatar f tn I a number of issues that look like ms but neuro didn't say ms. So, my question is, am I at a greater risk for Parkinson's than anyone else? My symptoms are muscle spasms, tremors (take neurontin) drunk type walking, fatigue, myelin jerks, etc. Have had slew of MRI's and everything else. They all say atypical for ms so I am wondering if it could be Parkinson's and if I should pursue that route. Ay advice would be great as I am not doing well and don't know where to go from here. Thanks.
Avatar n tn She has been taking lithium and her doctor recently tried to cut down the amount of her intake due to potential for the onset of Parkinson's disease. when this happened she did not take well to reduction and eventually was raised back to her normal dosage 900mg as well a small amount of seroquel to bridge the gap until the lithium was effective again. Subsequent to this the seroquel was discontinued and mom was doing well (by her normal standards).
Avatar n tn I can't stand taking all these pills all the time, plus the weight gain in getting expensive (as I have to keep buying new suits for work). I am also on Mirapex for RLS. THe Neurontin has done nothing for the migranes lately, although at first it did. Any ideas that I can pass by my doctor? Also, I want to get off of the Neurontin. How should I go about that? Shoul di taper? Over how long of a period? Thanks! ======== Dear Lori, thanks for your question.
Avatar n tn In researching Provigil, I found a couple dopamine agonists (mostly for RLS and Parkinson's), but they are used off-label for depression. Mirapex or Requip might be a good compliment to what I'm taking. So I might try one of those with Provigil or Strattera + Zoloft + Gabapentin. They all seem somewhat harmless, or at least lower in side effects. Now I'm just rambling, sorry...
936133 tn?1244832491 One of our most revered faculty members, Lee Archer, MD, a neurologist, provided a copy of the handout he gives to his headache patients. With his permission, I adapted it for use with my own patients. I thought it was so good that I asked him if I could publish it on my blog so that others could benefit from his advice. Headaches are incredibly common and usually frustrating for providers.
Avatar n tn I've taken Lipitor and meds for my back (Celebrex, Neurontin) for many years. I work two part time jobs. I am tall and average weight. I have a rich, full life...but one I am increasingly pressed to enjoy as the result of my heart. I have for some time felt increasingly "cruddy," especially later in the day; this stands in stark contrast to my personality. My physician has assured me that my symptoms are in no way related to menopause, which is past.
Avatar n tn Klonopin and Estazolam are from the same family of drugs, the benzodiazepines. The treatment for periodic limb movements include, Neurontin (a anti-seizure drug), benzodiazepines, opiods, and dopamine agonists (Parkinson's disease medication, although used at much lower levels). The exact cause for the disorder is unknown, but can also be seen with restless leg syndrome. Restless leg syndrome is a disorder during which a patient has an uncomfortable sensation in his legs or arms.
Avatar m tn I take Neurontin 200 mg daily for spinal pain. I had surgery to repair a collapsed disc and medicine for diabetes and heart condition. Can you tell me reasons ofr the sensations described?
Avatar f tn I have been fighting this problem for about a year now (29 yrs old) and went in to the doc and he prescribed me Neurontin and it work initially and then I went in for my Sleep Study and I only slept for about two hours of it. The sleep study showed no signs of RLS, however I fight this problem every night. In the past week it has gotten worse and the neurontin that I had left from the Rx isnt even working.
Avatar n tn I am requesting a pain consult for her. Any suggestions for how to proceed? Can antidepressants, narcotics help? There is talk of more extensive surgery. We know we need to wait 1-2 weeks to be sure she does not have relief from this surgery, but the neurosurgeon said relief is usually immediate and I am concerned of taking her home with such intense pain. The pain exacerbates her Parkinson's symptoms, as well. Who would you recommend as an expert in this area, if needed?
574118 tn?1305138884 It was used for me for this regard but I was unable to tolerate it. The use of Neurontin for bipolar has been known for a while. One of the other two medications is an anti-depressent and its use would be of concern. The other is a dopamine boosting agent and could create psychosis. Its worthwhile to read clinical links to understand research but they may sometimes be outdated or not have proven accurate after further controlled studies or the results may be tentative.
Avatar n tn I was ruled out for Tetrabenzene and Namenda but those have shown to be of help. Atenolol was helpful for me and can be for some but I was changed to Clonidine and they interact but that is helpful on controlling akathesia for me. Zofran was helpful in experimental usage. Again it would depend on the cause but those options were helpful for me so you could discuss them with your neurologist.
445838 tn?1205790177 I got neurontin for the RLS and it works and is non addictive but you have to have a prescription for it. I have never used the net to get meds not sure if it is legal to order it or if you can. BUT it works for me. I still have RLS at times I only take the neurontin if I need it because it messes with my emotions GOOD LUCK and hang in there.
Avatar m tn One of the most common drug treatments is low dose levodopa, the same drug used for Parkinson's disease. A newer agent for the same thing, Requip, is being pretty heavily promoted right now and may work better for some people. The anti-seizure medication Gabapentin, also known as Neurontin, can work. So can Klonopin, a benzodiazapene tranquilizer from the same class as Valium, but it can be habit forming. If a medication is the only thing that solves the problem, I say fine.
Avatar m tn One of the most common drug treatments is low dose levodopa, the same drug used for Parkinson's disease. A newer agent for the same thing, Requip, is being pretty heavily promoted right now and may work better for some people. The anti-seizure medication Gabapentin, also known as Neurontin, can work. So can Klonopin, a benzodiazapene tranquilizer from the same class as Valium, but it can be habit forming. If a medication is the only thing that solves the problem, I say fine.
Avatar f tn In my experience Lyrica is much better for the nerve pain. Neurontin works for muscle spasms. Lyrica somehow blocks the nerve receptors in the brain from transmitting pain. /Wellbutrin is an antidepressant, and also helps with the pain.Don't know about the other meds you mentioned. Let us know what your doctor says...good lucl.......I just kicked sleeping pills I had been on for over a year....not fun at all. Still not sleeping the night thru.
Avatar n tn Long term medications taken before onset were Vicodin,Soma,Valium,Lithium, Premarin,Coumadin(for blood clot in right thigh) and a herb pill. Current medications are the above plus Neurontin,Synthroid,Ziac, and Prilosec (for large hiatal hernia). She his also very weak, has strange purplish skin on the inside of thighs and calves, is not diabetic(HAIC = 6.0), doesn't drink, not HIV. etc. Is her problem Neurological, Orthopaedic, or Podiatry? Is the problem nerves, muscles or veins?
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, there are no good medications on the market yet for this. That's why they have been prescribing off-label use of medications for Epilepsy like neurontin/gabapentin etc. etc. There doesn't seem to be any real good research on the use of this class of drugs for this nerve problem either. Some people do get some relief, but from what I know most patients can't tolerate the side effects of these drugs.
Avatar n tn I think the best thing for me has been Pamelor. I tried Elavil and it worked for the pain, but I couldn't stop sleeping and I was kind of stoned. I am also taking Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin B-12. I try to keep my feet in loose shoes with think socks at work and as soon as I get home, I take them off. A TENS unit worked while it was on (I left it on at night - the most dreaded neuropathy time of day). Massaging can't hurt. What perplexes me is....
Avatar m tn alll in all///narctoics r not the DOC for rls..
Avatar n tn I have tried a wide variety of medications to treat these symptoms and am currently on nadolol 60mg/day and neurontin 2700 mg/day. Upon waking in the past few months, I have experienced intense muscle stiffness in lower legs and feet, and loss of balance. These symptoms gradually get better over the course of the day, but never really go away. Could these symptoms be caused by the neurontin, or are they also part of post-concussion syndrome?
487070 tn?1313669552 Sinemet, Mirapex, Requip and Neurontin. All helped for a while but needed increasing doses and the side effects and augmentation became intolerable. I now use a TENS Unit before bedtime, and it has done as well for me as the meds after their initial usefulness waned. I was on so many meds that made me nauseous I wasn't sure which caused what. But I puked a lot for a while. Somehow I guess I became more tolerant because it did nearly stop. Maybe your body will adjust too.
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1493181 tn?1289115867 So tired but eyes flew open at 5am again. maybe I'll get a nap later. Have been having myoclonus now for over 6 years. It started of the occasional jerky movement, and has now progressed to constant jerky movements on both sides of my body. For instance my right hand will jerk and then within a milisecond (that my body feels), my left foot, shoulder or hand will jerk. Often both shoulders will jerk at once, then my right leg, foot or hand will follow suit.
Avatar f tn Hello. Some treatments for Parkinson's disease can cause peripheral neuropathy. Can you please mention which medicines you are taking ? You may consider consulting the neurologist again for a possible spine problem. But this can best be ruled out by an MRI of the spine. Losing weight may help correct the metabolism in the body. Yeas, the neuropathy is causing the white and numb fingertips.
574118 tn?1305138884 I had hopes on seroxat, yet SSRI in general are hazardous bringing cycling and mixed states if not covered by MS.
Avatar f tn But even without a diagnosis you can get better treatment for your symptoms. It's possible to take as much as 3600 mg of Neurontin a day. Your dose is tiny, so see if you can get an increase. Neurontin is not for spasticity, so try to get some baclofen as well. For the extreme fatigue, there's Provigil, among other drugs. None of these things will cure MS or any other disease, but they do help us cope. You can feel a lot better, without taking addictive drugs, so don't hesitate.
539156 tn?1281821956 I had heard that Mirapex had come on the market, but understand that it has the same chemical properties as Requip (a drug for Parkinson's disease) so I don't believe that it will work for me. I will be tapering off Klonopin, since there is no use taking a drug that doesn't help anymore. I am literally at my wits end about how to control this very unpleasant feeling. It sure interferes with my sleep.
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Avatar m tn They put me on Respiderone, an anti-psychotic medication, for the angry outburst. I now hear that Parkinson's Syndrome is a side-effect of this medication. So that's next on my list to get off of. For those thinking about reducing/eliminating opiates please let me know what your going through? Also know there is hope!