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Avatar f tn For my sciatica, they allow me to take tramadol which works ok, but at times the pain is so great and I was wondering could I take the Neurontin and be ok when they administer a urinalysis which they do 3 to 5 times a week.
Avatar f tn Absolutely. I took it (I was prescribed it) when I was going thru a heavy oxycodone withdrawal and it stopped all my withdrawals within 2 hours. I seriously, felt great. I was prescribed a high dose of Lyrica and didn't take it as I didn't believe it would work. (I wanted opiates and was really mad that my doctor wouldn't prescribe them). Anyway, I had heard it worked for opiate withdrawals so I decided to try it and was amazed at how it took away the sweats and everything.
Avatar f tn Do you feel that this is related to stopping Neurontin ??? Also, are Neurontin and Lyrica the same drug? I have been hearing this, but have not found anything to support this in my google search. Do you have any opinions about the use of Neurontin for opiate withdrawal? Nauty..........
Avatar m tn They seem to keep you calm and really help with the cravings and side effects for some. Your not taking much so u may want to just have someone u trust taper u. I know if your like me, I have no one I can trust. LOL.. found that out the hard way. But i am trying the lyrica I have had in my pill bag for quite a while after reading that it helps alot of people, just started today, but usually by now I would b having cravings and probably have given in and taken another oxy 30.
172023 tn?1334675884 If you are a self pay patient, you know how expensive Neurontin (gabapentin) is. My dosage is 600mg twice a day. CVS wanted $218 for a thirty day supply (60 tablets, 600mg each). Walmart wanted $110. But get this...the curious pharmacy tech looked up the price of 300mg capsules....$13 for a thirty day supply, 300mg, two capsules twice a day (equals one 600mg tab taken twice a day). Can you freaking believe that???? $110 for the 600mg, $13 for 300mg.
Avatar m tn I was just prescribed Neurontin today for neuropathy from chemo. In answer to your average dose question, here is how it was prescribed for me... 300 mg capsule-take 1 the first day, twice per day the 2nd day, then 3 times per day from then on. Hope this actually answers your question. Best of luck to you.
Avatar f tn I desperately want off, and I want to go cold turkey. I have Clonodine, Neurontin, Clonazepam- all to help me with withdrawal. I get mixed results when I ask online if it's safe to withdraw from opiates cold turkey. Can someone answer me? I am in otherwise good health with the exception of a bulging disc in my back which started this whole ugly mess. I have never used drugs in my life prior to this, nor have I been more than a social drinker. Please advise.
Avatar m tn See if your doctor can write you a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose for sleep. It will make withdrawals easier. Please don't start taking the Oxys again as it will only throw you back into withdrawals once you stop again, or make you relapse. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter.
Avatar m tn Was taking as prescribed 4-5 15mg oxycodone a day for fibromyalgia and RA, and decided to be done! Was tired of feeling numb to the world and not seeming to get anything done like I use to! I'm 41 exercise faithfully 5-6 days a week, eat healthy, take my vitamins, and live a pretty healthy lifestyle, but yet still had no energy!
Avatar m tn the 40mg OxyContin, the presciption is ready for pick-up every month at the pharmacy and I could easily have a weak moment and go and fill the scipt. I'm aware that seeking medical care is best, but given the circumstances (my career for example) I'd like to avoid this at all costs. Does anyone have any experience with oxycodone for approximately the same amount of time I've been taking it? I'm curious to know how long I can expect withdrawl symptoms.
553496 tn?1215254864 In the past couple of months i have started having break through stinging and understand that with Chiari 1 eventually it can stop working and surgery would then be necessary. I have heard that people are now being put on as much as 4800mg a day for this and similar conditions. Is this becoming a common practice or is this an unusual amount? Also I have been told that pain medications such as oxycoden and narco can over long term use cause the similar stinging sensation is this correct?
Avatar f tn He tryed stopping once and was on the couch W/D for 6 days and then finally gave in and started taking it again. He would Dr. hop in order to feed his Neurontin addiction. Please, just be careful and use it ONLY if needed. It is good for RLS and achy legs....thats about it. It wont ease your other W/D symptoms. I pray that you stick with getting sober because its well worth it when it all over.
2026826 tn?1445958847 Hello I've had a long use of taking Vic and oxycodone. I found out I had cancer in 2012. I been taking oxycodone since then. I was up to 200mg a day now down to 30-40mg . How do I stop these without going through major w/d's. I need to stop these for good.
Avatar f tn The restless leg were awful for me,I also had it in my arms. I have fibromylisiga and I was put on neurontin to help with that, but when I was going through the withdrawals that helped so much. With your chronic pain this our some of the other pain regulators may help you. Some are savella,cymbalta,lyrica amatripaline. Those helped my daughter too. I started taking L-tyrosene and been on it for 4 days now and I feel really good. I have energy and my pain is not as bad. Just some suggestions.
Avatar f tn I am in good general health. I have clonodine, clonazepam and neurontin to help me along with Flexeril. Is it safe to stop or do I have to taper? I have been prescribed these drugs for severe, unrelenting pain in both of my feet. I have been to neurologists, rheumatogists, podiatrists, to no avail. I am desperate to get off these meds as they are changing my personaltiy and they no longer work anyway. I don't want to ruin my liver. Is it safe to quit cold turkey?
Avatar m tn I didn't get addicted overnight, it was a gradual thing and before I knew it the oxys took over. I started taking more and more and saw my scripts run out early. It was a quick downward spiral. I would suggest asking the doctor for a non narcotic pain med like neurontin and see if that helps. You cannot be too careful with narcotics, it can creep up on you. If I had my time back i would have NEVER touched an opiate.
Avatar n tn I was on oxycodone 30 mgs 6x's daily morphine dilauded and phentynol. I am 6 weeks clean and did it ct. The thomas recipe helped a lot. Also warm salt baths or showers will help. After day 10 my physical symptoms were pretty much gone but the fog keeps hanging around. I have learned there is going to be pain but atleast I feel again (if you know what I mean). There's a lot of great people here to help encourage you just as they did for me. Good Luck.
1322157 tn?1279660281 she even implied I might be able to start Lyrica again - since it appears I have had an allegic reaction to neurontin. Anyone else have a similar problem with neurontin? I have taken it before years ago and never had this happen before.. is it possible to have an allergic reaction out of the blue? I figured IF it wasn't allergy related, the benadryl would not have worked... I have not been out in the sun nor have I had anything new to eat.. (same ol boring food at my house)... Thoughts?
Avatar f tn good luck to you with the neurontin and the shot. the lyrica was awful as far as the weight gain. Does neurontin have that effect as well? I am watching my girlish figure and don't want anything that is gonna blow me up....
5508943 tn?1369021401 Hi Flossie and welcome....I have taken Neurontin for several years on and off. It is an anti-seizure med often prescribed for epileptic patients and is used for nerve pain as well. I've actually taken it for both reasons; after a seizure several years I took if for about 16 months. Then a couple years ago my doctor (surgeon) prescribed it for nerve pain for about 6 months before and after neck fusion surgery.
Avatar n tn Hi People, I'm so glad I found this forum. I Googled "does oxycodone cause pain" and found you. Now my fears have been confirmed. Seems it does. One year ago almost to the day I woke up on excruciating pain in my feet and hands, wrists. I have been on oxycodone for about 3 years, after an accident left me with 6 broken vertebrae and 9 broken ribs. Surgery didnt help either did pain clinics and thats how I got on the Oxy. But, wait for it, I'm only 10mg a day.
1264863 tn?1391121793 Why would the patch be any different from the oxycodone I was taking? Or is it just that I am not having the up and downs and taking smaller amounts at times and larger at others depending on my pain?
Avatar m tn I had been taking 180mg between Oxycontin and Oxycodone a day. I was prescribed these from a doctor, but failed to mention to him that I was a recovering alcoholic. I wanted to get high at the time, didn't want to accept that I would get hooked This was 2 destructive years ago that I am ashamed to look back on. I never imagined how this drug could sink such a monster size grip into my *** and rob me of everything.
1474625 tn?1371100679 I used neurontin for opiate withdrawals but it was by accident. I was prescribed vicodin and then oxycodone for back problems and sciatica. When I finally told my doctor that I was done with the pills he prescribed neurontin for nerve pain. I stopped the opiates and started the neurontin. It did take the edge off quite a bit. About the only symptoms I experienced was anxiety and the chills. I had a little lethargy but nothing compared to full blown withdrawals.
Avatar f tn I have found that Gabapentin (Neurontin) works to help me through WD. It does give you a fuzzy head/ sleepy/ weird feeling and can put you to sleep if you take too many in the daytime. I only take 2-3 (300 mg) spaced out in the day for WD, and 2 at bedtime. I would not be alive if not for this miracle drug! It helps nerve pain, back pain, that weird tingling type pain, carpel tunnel pain, and will help you sleep if taken at night.
Avatar f tn Cymbalta for nerve pain, 1 mg. Clonidine for nerve pain, 800 mg. Motrin every 6 hours for nerve and other pain, and 30 mg. oxycodone every 4 hours for the combined pain. (They just upped it to 30 mg. in March after my most recent surgery.) This doesn't even really take the pain away. It may bring it from a 8 to a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Avatar f tn But, I read about botox injections and something else ....with medications that I am avoiding. For the moment, I take neurontin, and lamotrigine. And I was on morphine patches which I decided to stop. The doctor prescibed Trazadone which will help me sleep But, it is unfriendly to tardive dyskinesia;so, I plan to stop it as well......I appreciate your answering. It is hell.... At times, I feel so low that hope to die. Oh, I forgot: I am taking vit.
Avatar f tn Pain management doctor who referred me back to my pcp because he said I didn't need a contract because the drugs I wanted were not strong enough. He and my pcp also gave me oxycodone but I'm afraid to take them. I seriously fear decompensation. My hep doctor says Tramadol is easier on the liver but that's not my experience. He's ok with the codeine but would rather I take nothing of course.