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Avatar n tn Energy drinks can send me into mania or hypomania, and as such I find them just as mentally addicting as a lot of drugs! When I start going up on my own I turn to energy drinks to increase the high because I when I'm hypomanic I just want more and more of the feeling. I think staying totally clear of them is a good idea, like someone else said, if it gives normal people a boost what would it do to us?
428506 tn?1296560999 Not to put a damper on it, cuz I am excited for you and hopeful that maybe this might be a good rout for me as well, but do you know if there is any resistance that the body builds up from taking neurontin? Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend and thanks again for sharing your news.
Avatar n tn Cut out all caffine and 'sugary' drinks. I use SAMe for liver, mood and joint problems. Try a very low protein, low dairy, low salt whole grain diet, avoiding the whites-white sugar, white flour, white rice and breads and pasta. spicy or acidy food can cause joint discomfort, so go easy on citrus and 'hot and spicy' foods also. Doesn't leave much does it? take a long walk everyday and a hot shower or tub before bed time. This raises the core body heat and acts as a natural sleep aid.
Avatar n tn I am relieved and angry . My neurologist has me on neurontin for pain and it works like magic. I begged her for topamax after researching it for 2 minutes lol. at this pont in time I am not afraid of anything. Possible side effects don't scare me any more. weight gain does lol slight BDD going on also along with OCD and all the other initials out there. Talk to your Dr. but try anything once If it doesn't help you you can stop!
772216 tn?1259276837 You might also want to look at what you've been eating and drinking, as foods and beverages can impact your blood pressure and also your heart rate. A lot of "energy drinks" have large amounts of caffeine, which can raise pressure and heart rate, as can coffee and colas (unless they're specified "caffeine-free.") Do you use a lot of salt at the table? Do you eat many salty snack foods like chips, pretzels, etc.?
Avatar n tn Hello!! Well, I'm surprised you didn't see the anger(volatility) much sooner. That is something many of us have experienced first hand, and is one of the many wonderful(NOT) side effects of oxycodone, and opiates in general. Hell i remember if someone even looked at me funny at the grocery store, i was ready to clobber them; and truth is they were probably just going to say hi. As far as other side effects, well of course there is the liver which you mentioned and the kidneys.
544292 tn?1268886268 I wanna know how long they were on it and how they got better. I don't have my energy back. The room in which I mainly hung out during detox looks like a bomb went off in there. No energy to clean. All energy has to be conserved to do basic get to work, get home, get groceries and supplies kinda stuff. I think all of these ideas about going to a detox facility are ... not designed for me. Cause I have no insurance. I don't want another drug to get off this one. I just want them all GONE.
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Avatar n tn and hope at that time he will do more specific test to rule MS. meanwhile, he has me on tramadol and neurontin for pain. the neurontin makes me feel dopey but, it helps with pain a little. i try to keep up with my normal routine but, it is really difficult sometimes. i try to keep a positive outlook and take one day at a time. hope to hear from you guys.
Avatar n tn Many people with CMT do NOT have these pains, however, which is why i'm still searching stuff on this. I take Lyrica and sometimes Neurontin for the stabs... it does cut down on them by quite a bit but the Lyrica is about 60 dollars a month (I have no health plan). Anyway I hope that helps somebody, feel free to add me to your msn if you'd like to vent. :) I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn About 7 years ago I was diagnosed as having Panic Disorder and ultimately put on Neurontin and that helped with the PD and the dizziness but it started this year again - especially travelling in the dark and when the sunlight filters (and flickers) through the trees - that is the worst.
172023 tn?1334675884 So she never really sees the true me, the depressed and crying me, the scared me, or the shattered me. I tell her all my grand plans for the future, and she nods encouragingly. Then I go home and cry some more on the couch, staring at the clock again. I need to increase my Lexapro dose. It just all feels so crazy and surreal. How did I get here? How did I go from a relatively calm and ordered life, to one of complete chaos and uncertainty? In the blink of an eye, things changed.
Avatar n tn he is a pipefitter and drinks water all day long at work and caffine free coke and juice at home but his dr. george koj says not to worry that this pain cant be from these meds, does anyone out there know any more about this? hes not ever had this pain before, well i guess he did have stone removed alot of years ago and no problem after that until now.
Avatar f tn Ever since then i sometimes (about once every few months) experience this odd sensation and it can become a bit worrying and strange. The whole room seems to have a new feeling to it- everything im doing whether it be walking or typing seems to intensify and become louder yet the actions are very exaggerated and almost speed up (only perceived this way). I find it very difficult to explain fully but i'm worried it's some early signs of a neurological condition or something?
Avatar m tn I have no way of finding much out now as I am 57 and feeling so ill with these symptoms and have such little energy left to do anything. I would like to have some support from anyone who had put a post here. Having no support from my physician or remaining family is really hard for me and I am now really stuck to know what to do. Any comments would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn They only last a few seconds. The build and peak like labor pains. Say I'm in the kitchen and I'll feel it coming on so I have time to brace myself. I'll set down whatever it is i'm holding and get ready. I have to cross my legs, bend my knees, hold on to something, clench my body tight, and try to breathe. Thank God it only lasts a few seconds. My 14 yr. old son witnessed it yesterday and tried to call 911. I kept signaling him not to. I knew it wouldn't last long. My gyno.
Avatar f tn I detoxed last summer off a 15 10/325 perk habit (3 years) and it took like 3 weeks to get sleep back to normal. I tried benadryl and my dr. prescribed me trazadone and neurontin but mad eme feel groggy during day but it would help me get a few hours of sleep. Thedetox center I used gave ceraquil to sleep...speak to your doctor adn try to exercise during the helps w/WDs and may make you more tired so you can sleep. Let me know how u're doing..
Avatar n tn sleep will be a big issue just take as many Hot baths/showers as you can when you get home.. I would even get some ensure drinks to keep strength and bring sports drinks as it is physical.. work may help with some of the symptoms but ya get pretty week on day 3 and 4 I'm sure others will come on with suggestions it is late. Take care and I wish you success..
Avatar n tn Wait about one hour before eating breakfast. The L-Tyrosine will give you a surge of physical and mental energy that will help counteract the malaise. You may continue to take it each morning for as long as it helps. If you find it gives you the "coffee jitters," consider lowering the dosage or discontinuing it altogether. Occasionally, L-Tyrosine can cause the runs.
Avatar m tn I do believe that my nerve endings are in overdrive and can feel a point at the base of my neck where what feel like a line of this energy starts and builds from there. I have had problems with both heat and cold, and now any extreme set the pins and needle feeling off, and also a great big pain in one side of my head with an aura around my eye. I know it is going to take some time to get sorted..if ever...
Avatar n tn He can be very bright and alert all day and also most of the night! (This amazes us. Where does he get all that energy?) Recently he had a sleep study to see if he had obstructive apnea. The results showed that he doesn't, which is a relief. The sleep study people were particularly interested in Grant's breathing during REMS but because Grant's brain activity is so irregular, the REMS were very difficult to find.
Avatar n tn I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force.
2217169 tn?1371487322 Hi There, Just wanted to let you know the energy drinks are usually high in caffeine which will make the jitters and rls worse. If you can cut caffeine completely it'll help a lot, if you can't then try limiting it to the least amount you can manage..and def none 8 hours before sleeping. Good luck, you're doing great!
Avatar n tn He eats minced foods and drinks fluids which have been thickened with a thickener. I contacted the sleep study unit but they will not be seeing patients until 4th January, so I am turning to you for some immediate advice. My questions are Are there any other neurological tests that can ascertain what Grant is doing when he sleeps and how deep his sleep is/isn't? What can we do to get Grant into a stable sleeping pattern? Many thanks for your ongoing assistance.
1947337 tn?1331427490 Just a few hours after consumption, when the artificial high dies down, many people may reach for more coffee or something sugary to get another lift, leading to daily fluctuations in energy and alertness, and possibly to eventual chronic adrenal exhaustion.
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Avatar n tn I am on day 6 I believe of no hydrocodone and I am just starting to feel better. I am starting to get some of my energy back and am starting to act like my old self. I am still really moody but other than that, I am not having much w/d anymore. How much hydro's were you taking and what mg's? That makes a difference too....hang in there. This website is awesome and it helps so much.
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