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Avatar m tn I am 37. I have been having neck pain and other problems for a while with progression. Have 3 thyroid nodules. Just had neck mri that showed 3 bulging discs, also says I have left formainal stenosis at C5 and C6? Encroachment on spinal cord? Also a 1.5cm hemangioma at c2. I just started trigger point injections. It gets harder everyday to turn my neck and cannot sleep. Feel like my neck and shoulders are always "tense". The pain and headaches are horrible.
Avatar m tn I stopped working in March after being a hair stylist for 26 years. I've had problems with ulna nerve neuropathy and radial nerve damage in right arm. I have bone spurs on right shoulder rotater cup and I have 2 bulging disk with some degenerative nerrowing. My neck hurts all the time. When I'm leaning forward to type on eye pad or walk with grand baby or just set on couch my neck feels compressed and like my neck can't support my head and very ache.
624074 tn?1263873807 Does anyone else have problems with their necks, heads and backs while trying to sleep lying down? I feel like I almost have to sleep sitting up! I'm actually going to go buy a bed rest/back rest pillow to put in my bed so that I can sleep sitting up. I've been having a lot of neck and back pain/burning pressure lately though and I can't sleep lying down. Just wondering if anyone else has this same problem.
Avatar m tn I have had a stiff neck for well over a year and every doctor I went to didn't help at all. I can barely turn my neck to the right or left. I need to turn my whole body. My sternocleidomastoid muscle becomes incredibly tense even when I do just a minor turn. Also I need to crack my neck a lot or I will feel uncomfortable. Everyday I have been trying to improve my neck by doing neck rolls etc.
12680822 tn?1429498573 m having my period and I am in excruciating pain when I sleep lying down in any position. The only thing that works is to elevate myself with two pillows stacked on eachother under my neck and shoulders. After thinking I'd have to accept never getting sleep again I actually slept through at least half the night so far and I'm ecstatic!
Avatar f tn I have been having some bad pain in the right side of my neck. I have always had some neck problems but it hasn't been this bad in awhile. On top of it all my right shoulder is hurting and so is my right arm. My arm muscle is so sore and feels so heavy and tight and I haven't done a whole lot. I have taken Tylenol and tried biofreeze but nothing is working. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm 9 weeks right now.
Avatar n tn I usually post in the addiction forum for pain meds because of my addiction. I have had low back pain for years and that was the start of the pain meds. In December of 07 I fell at work. I slipped on a wet floor and went down like a bag of potatoes. I didn't think I had hurt myself too bad. I was sore and had a bruise on my elbow but that was it. Well January came around and i woke up with a terrible pain in my neck to the point that I couldn't turn it. I went to the dr.
Avatar n tn , Some of the symptoms you stated are thyroid symptoms, such as Insomnia, fatigue/Energy Loss, Muscle Joint pain, stiff,achy neck, Depression, weight gain , Anxiety and dry skin. The others you mentioned could be side affects of the Anxiety medication you are taking are symptoms of Diabetes, those are Frequent Urination and Odor It is difficult to advise or give opinions without lab results and the ranges provided with each result.
Avatar n tn Without medication pain level is above 10, after medication pain level is 9. My pain is so severe that it appears to lock the turning of my neck to the right. I am asking for any help regarding if there is exercises for this type of problem. My mornings after waking are the worse for me. I have been sleeping with 2 pillows under my legs, flat on my back, and 1 pillow under my head but this doesn't seem to be helping either. Is there any help for me?
505568 tn?1210578678 I feel constant pain in my shoulder when trying to lift my arm. I have constant pain throughout the whole night where i cannot sleep. My arms and hands are always swelling up. The muscles in my shoulder blade are always knotted up. I went from one specialist to the next, from a neurosurgeon where they did an mri and found trauma in the c section of my spine, but couldnt distinguish as to why my hand and arm was swelling. I went to a vascular surgeon, he didnt know what was happening.
Avatar f tn I strongly advise against wearing a cervical collar unless it is to sleep in, as it will make your neck weak(er) and the position in which you must sit to ride a bike can cause great aggravation to any involvement of your neck...think of the pressure you are putting on it when you're leaning forward but using your arms and neck to keep you from "laying on" the handlebars, right?!
Avatar f tn my biggest issue is the pain, then what i call freezing up when i go into a deep sleep the pain is soooo intense when i go into a deep sleep more than when i get my couple hours. i was diagnosed with no rem which is dreaming. but when i do rem thats when the freezing happens. i also had abnormal eeg when sleepin.
Avatar f tn Ive been having the same problems as you guys, I have this horrible tightness and pain in my neck which started about two days ago on a verry stressfull day for me, the pain first started with my upper neck on the right side right below were the hair ends which subsided when I awoke the next morning. But then I wake up this morning and the whole back of my neck is in pain, and I cant stretch it or touch it without pain.
Avatar f tn Chronic neck pain is difficult to treat. You describe everything you sould have with neck pain, cracking, popping, difficulty sleeping. You really need to back to the doctor and start over if he dosen't respond to this then maybe find another docotor.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have neck pain? It seems to have come out if nowhere and I get no relief from it. I've tried everything.
Avatar n tn I also have been suffering with shoulder and neck pain, and even upper back. I was wondering if the two could be related. I was tested for hormonal problems, thyroid problems, myalgias, and anything else they routinely test for when they take your blood. I was given a low dose of antiepressant to help me sleep at night so I am not awakened with the pain. This helps at night, but I am getting weary of the constant ache.
1175033 tn?1492201228 Am I understanding it correctly, that your pain gets worse with certain movements of your neck? Do you have any history of neck pain or neck problems?
Avatar n tn Have had a pain starting in May on right side of neck just below my ear going upwards in my head sore to the touch, have had a catscan and two xrays, nothing showed up, I have this everyday I notice cold pack helps, advil somewhat, I really dont know wha to do. I do some excercises once a week turn my neck somwhat. Its better when I am walking and standing, sitting hurts more.
1679858 tn?1346765181 t last long till the pain starts.I was told to sleep on my side...not stomach as it is not good for the neck....flat on the back is not good either.....for me it is too much pressure , plus I have reflux and need to be on an incline. The problem with sleeping on my side is I also have EDS and my shoulder pops in and out of joint and it hurts as well as my hip...
Avatar n tn Possible neuropathy? Sciatic nerve problems will cause the pain you describe down your legs. Most often folks (like my husband) learn certain stretching exercises to deal with that. The arms - maybe a pinched nerve in the neck. Have you been in a car accident recently or have poor posture that could put pressure on the neck? Google peripheral neuropathy and see if that's similar to what you're feeling.
Avatar f tn Since having my son 5 yrs ago, I have had increasing neck and back pain. I have seen chiropractors and physios to no avail. The pain in my neck is most prevalent right at the base of my skull. There is honestly not a minute in the day when I am not in pain. It has been getting much worse over the last 6 months. I cannot sleep because of the pain. Panadeine forte and neurofen plus help for maybe half an hour.