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745783 tn?1267549226 my son has a few problems but at the moment when he washes his hair or scratches the back of his head at the base he gets blurred vision evry time can you tell me what this could possibly be
Avatar n tn i have been having problems with anxiety and agoraphobia for about 2yrs now and have had many of the same symptoms you all have mentioned, but i was wondering if and of you that have had problems with blurred vision ever just experienced it in one eye, i also had like a tightness around my eye which ive had before but not sure about the blurred vision along with it. so if any of you can relate i would love to hear!!!
Avatar n tn Im 49 been having a lot of headaches with jaw and neck pain Left eye left temple hurting with blurred vision. My head feels weird and my face. I have tried excedraines migrains heat on my neck. I have even tried a icepack on my neck. I have tried ibueprofen , norco . I do have a bulging c1, c4, c5 l5 , disc degenative disease, I have a srynx at t6 to t9 I also have osteo arthritis. Sleep apnea, hypothyroid disease the low thyroid. I am in every day .
Avatar f tn front of head, left side of my neck, left side chest pain,eye pain. I also feel as though i am losing movement in my neck. I have had an MRI of my head & neck, it only showed that i have wear damage to my neck. The Nearoligist said that it would not cause double vision`even though you can clearly see narrowing of the spinal sheath at C2 to C4. when he sent a report to my doctor he did not even mention it,he went on about C6 & C7!!
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing constant lightheadedness, blurred vison and neck pain for the last few weeks. There are many times where I have to lie down. I have been diagnosed with hyploglycemia but have additonal problems that might be of concern such as bruising and extreme sensitivity to cold. Are there specific tests that I should have done or is there a type of specialist I should see? I am without insurance so this is a big problem for me.
1925822 tn?1333709217 and along with that i experience a unsteady feeling in my legs and now after operation when i move a lot or talk i get blurred vision and sometimes it seems my body is moving up and down(not talking about the migranes i have!!!).i feel not normal and it frustrates me every single day and the only answer is be patient.i was such a happy person and independent before still in the beginning of this year and now my life changed so much.
Avatar n tn 0%), abnormal ECG (1.8%), ALT increase (1.7%), tinnitus, vomiting (each 1.5%), neck pain, male sexual dysfunction (each 1.4%), triglyceride increase, somnolence (each 1.3%), joint pain, nervousness, myalgia, menstrual disorder (each 1.1%), flatulence and arthritis (each 1.0%), but none of those was more frequent by at least 1% on Perindopril than on placebo.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 22 years old and have been to an ophthalmologist, cardiologist, and neurologist. I've had blurred vision when I exercise that has been going on for two years. It started out as only being in my right eye. But recently it has started in my left eye. Its not just blurry either, it goes dim and kinda black. Not really definite spots, but just dim, like someone turned the lights down.
Avatar f tn I have blurred vision for the past 5 months. I can be looking at someone/something tv computer driving and it literally feels like by eye are going cross-eyed, then my vision gets blurred and i have to move my eyes to the right quick to regain my vision. this happens 50+ times a day. I also have pressure in head/neck behind eyes really hurt. I occasionally get ringing in my ears, see stars for no reason. I have severe fatigue.
Avatar f tn Referred ear and jaw pain are uncommon symptoms of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. My mother was warned of referred ear pain when undergoing an FNA biopsy for enlarged thyroid nodules; the procedure could irritate the cranial nerve near the thyroid gland. Thyroid eye disease (TED) symptoms include blurred vision. While TED is more commonly seen with Graves' disease, 10% of TED cases are seen with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. A few articles with more information...
502909 tn?1212075996 Well, over the last few days I started to develop some blurred vision, headaches, pain in the back of my neck, left arm tingling, and of course fear. Which of course made my blood pressure(which is already high) to rise, which cause me to feel my heart beat in my chest, neck, and ears. I went from hospital to hospital trying to find out whats wrong. All the times I got sent home with a clean bill of health. That should have made me feel better but somehow I still felt the same.
Avatar n tn For the last twelve months I have been suffering with a problem in my right eye - blurred vision, lights and fuzziness which makes me feel like I want to fall over. I also suffer with terrible headaches which have been getting worse over the last couple of months and interrupt my sleep. I am getting approximately four hours sleep a night and pain killers don't last. Physio helps a little but it doesn't go away.
1475344 tn?1287164029 O and ask for answers and treatment. If your D.O. is a PCP they may treat your symptoms of blurred vision and vertigo as well as a MDs.... At least that is certainly true in our country. Certainly they can treat structural injuries and pain. I wish you the very best and hope that you will let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to your updates.
Avatar n tn I also have TMJ which also causes all sorts of problems, including headaches, and neck pain etc... And I don't know if those pains are related to the sudden blurred vision or are from the TMJ.
Avatar n tn I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow It is stiff with pain in the neck and at the base of the skull. I am having blurred vision at times and bad dizzy spells.
Avatar m tn she says the area is tender to touch. it started in her neck when she would cough it would send sharp pain in neck the it progressed to up by her ear when cough would hurt there bad and now it id in her cheek right below her eye. and when she coughs or sneeze it hurts her really bad and makes eye blurred for short time. any ideas what this is? or what cause is?
Avatar m tn One week ago today, I had a sudden onset of blurred vision which seemed like it was coming from my left eye. It persisted all morning while I was at work. There is an opthalmologist in the office next to mine so I went in to see if they could take a quick look at my eye. The nurse dilated my left pupil only and had the doctor come in and look at it. She said my optic nerve was slightly swollen and she wanted me to have a MRI of my brain to rule out MS. I had the mri that same day.
Avatar f tn That will teach me not to try to shave my legs when I'm not allowed to shower. Now the doctors are saying the blurred vision could be from all the medication they have me on. However my right eye started blurring bad before I went on all the medication. I was eating Aleve 8 to 10 a day back then due to the back and neck pain. Could all the Aleve have caused this?
Avatar f tn That will teach me not to try to shave my legs when I'm not allowed to shower. Now the doctors are saying the blurred vision could be from all the medication they have me on. However my right eye started blurring bad before I went on all the medication. I was eating Aleve 8 to 10 a day back then due to the back and neck pain. Could all the Aleve have caused this?