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Avatar m tn I am 19 years old. I get eye pain ( left eye ) along with neck pain in the left ( responds to neck movement ) and headache on the left side of the base of my head when I read for long durations. I sit in a posture with slightly bent back and neck. The pain diminishes on closing my eyes and sitting leaning against a wall with head and back touching the wall. I feel it is due to neck strain, but it also causes blurred vision, confusion and also blackout when I suddenly get up.
745783 tn?1267545626 my son has a few problems but at the moment when he washes his hair or scratches the back of his head at the base he gets blurred vision evry time can you tell me what this could possibly be
Avatar f tn I have been having a lot of headaches, bad back pain, blurred vision, num in my face, and even have problem breathing sometime, it hurt for me to stand for more than 8 hours?
Avatar m tn im 28 years old i have blurred vision, i get dizzy 1-2 times a day. i feel like throwing up 2-3 times a day.ive had every test done i keep going to the doctor and emergency room. they keep running tests and dont find anything. i have sever anxiety now docters just keep giving me adavan and send me home. my vision is extreeamly blurry. ive had 3 cat scans ive had sinus surgery ive had a mri ive even had a stomach ct as well as ekgs all normal. this has been happining for 6 months.
Avatar f tn I have had a headache for 2 1/2 weeks now and it started as a tension headache with a lot of neck pain and now I am having eye pain, blurred vision, flashy vision, one small gray spot in my vision, pain in temple, dizziness. The only thing that is constant is the blurred vision. I kept looking up symptoms of tension headache and it said noting about the vision stuff which had me freaked out. I hhve also had a x-ray of neck.
Avatar m tn i have also been experiencing blurred vision in both eyes,and dizziness.
Avatar f tn I have a few symptoms that make it hard for a proper diagnonis - constant neck pain, shoulder to elbow pain, lots of numbness in neck, shoulders & blades & arms. Ringing in ears, especially the right ear, dizziness, blurred vision, headaches. I also have PVC's and Afib. I have been researching these sysmptons and the words schwannoma tumor came up a few times. Any thoughts on this?
Avatar f tn Triliptol causes easy bruising or bleeding, unusual weakness, mild nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea; tremors, blurred vision, dizziness, skin rash as its side effects. What is this knot like feeling in the back of neck you have been talking about? This has to be seen and evaluated by a doctor. It can be due to any muscular sprain, trauma, pinched nerve or cervical sp[obndylitis.It may or may not be related to Triliptol.Only a complete clinical examination can confirm the cause.
1448963 tn?1284746131 Eyesight being lost, brightness sensitive, blurred vision, and wanting to stay closed all the time. Head is tight and often have severe headaches. Constantly tired. Neck pain. Shoulder pain mainly left. Pin and neddles in both hands. Left hip constantly sore. Soles of feet burning sensation and sore. Liasons all over body coming and going continuously.
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing blurred vision in my peripheral. I have a black floater in my right eye and I see very strange rainbow prism like colors in my eyesight. I have been experiencing pressure in my head with pain at the base of my skull that goes into my neck as well as the lower part of my back. I have been almost bedridden for an entire month. I have had MRI a CT scan done and the scans came back negative for anything dangerous.
Avatar f tn Since having my son 5 yrs ago, I have had increasing neck and back pain. I have seen chiropractors and physios to no avail. The pain in my neck is most prevalent right at the base of my skull. There is honestly not a minute in the day when I am not in pain. It has been getting much worse over the last 6 months. I cannot sleep because of the pain. Panadeine forte and neurofen plus help for maybe half an hour.
1925822 tn?1333705617 and along with that i experience a unsteady feeling in my legs and now after operation when i move a lot or talk i get blurred vision and sometimes it seems my body is moving up and down(not talking about the migranes i have!!!).i feel not normal and it frustrates me every single day and the only answer is be patient.i was such a happy person and independent before still in the beginning of this year and now my life changed so much.
Avatar f tn What I commonly see is that the pain meds and muscle relaxers for the back pain can cause blurred vision but other problems can definitely be to blame.
Avatar m tn 2012, I had surgery on a pituitary tumor (14 cm) and in 2016 I had radiation on regrowth of that tumor. I have extreme headaches, dizziness, neck pain, high BP, ringing in my right ear, blurred vision and temporary loss of vision. Recent hospital stay included Ekg, CT, Xrays, MRI of brain, nuclear stress test of heart, 24 hr heart monitor, and blood work. They have no clue what is wrong.
Avatar n tn I've recently been having blurred vision in my right eye. It happened out of no where while I was driving to work about 4 days ago. Last night it went back to normal but now it's blurred again. I wear glasses and haven't updated my lenses in a little over a year. Could that be part of the problem? Glaucoma does run in my family so I get yearly check ups but haven't gone yet this year. Is this a sign of glaucoma perhaps?
Avatar f tn I have blurred vision and light sensitivity about 80% of the time. Sometimes dizziness. Occasional headaches. But not often. Sometimes I have pain in the head that lasts 5 minutes and then goes away. It then might return somewhere else in the head for another short span. Most of the pain I do have is around the eyes. Closing my eyes for a period of time always gives relief.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing constant lightheadedness, blurred vison and neck pain for the last few weeks. There are many times where I have to lie down. I have been diagnosed with hyploglycemia but have additonal problems that might be of concern such as bruising and extreme sensitivity to cold. Are there specific tests that I should have done or is there a type of specialist I should see? I am without insurance so this is a big problem for me.
Avatar m tn They usually occur first thing in the morning as a dull ache behind my eyes which radiates down into the back of my head and beginning of my neck. i also suffer from vision problems with decreased visual acuity as well as periods of shaky, blurred vision. i also have twitches which begun with just my eylids at first but have now gone on to affect my hands, cheeks, upper arms, legs and feet, with me sometimes having twitches in 2 or 3 areas at the same time.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced blurred vision and migranes?, I'm 34 weeks + 4 days pregnant and today I experienced blurred vision for 20mins followed by an hour migrane,I felt sick and had lower back pain but it eventually went! Has anyone else experienced this!?
Avatar f tn Figured out what it was on my own and a geneticist at St. Louis University confirmed it ad the type(s) based on exam and symptoms/history. Please read my question under (cervical injury EDS". It ask about instability of the neck (aka CCIS), but not necessarily w/ Chiari. I do have throat fullness/"hot" feeling there, headaches and blurred vision, ringing in ears, voice hoarse when moderately fatigues or just waking up for the first hour.
1206353 tn?1307250410 Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS usually present with headaches, focusing difficulties, burning eyes, tired eyes, general eyestrain, aching eyes, dry eyes, double vision, blurred vision, light sensitivity, and neck and shoulder pain. This occurs in people who spend more than two hours on a computer each day. Glare screen filters, proper lighting and resting the eye 10-15 minutes every hour may help. Over-the-counter pain medications may also provide relief.
Avatar f tn It started a few months ago where I would be driving and I wouldn’t be able to focus, my vision wasn’t exactly blurred but I couldn’t focus and felt as if I would fall asleep. I then got a headache on my left side and pain in my neck and shoulder. I started to have to pull over and call uber. Now I can’t deive at all. And now it’s not just when I drive but most days I feel this way and it’s so hard to explain to people.
Avatar f tn I have had very blurred vision in one eye over about 24 hours. My vision is clear close-up but over a distance of over a foot or two it gets very blurry. I wear corrective lenses and they aren't improving my vision at all. I don't notice any pain or redness. I don't have problems with my other eye, but I'm blind in that eye so I wouldn't notice any problems. Should I wait and see if this improves or see a physician immediately?