Neck and shoulder pain after eating

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Avatar n tn The doctor stated it was caused by irritation of the diaphram nerve during the surgical procedure. I am 16 months post surgery and again experience left shoulder pain after eating a meal(2 weeks). It is a sharp pain in my left shoulder and radiates up the left side of my neck . Do you have any suggestions of what may be causing the pain? I believe it is related to my stomach some how.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have pain in the lower part of their neck and upper back after they eat This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/234505'>STABBING BACK PAIN AFTER EATING</a>.
Avatar m tn Also had the back of my neck and back ache after eating. Sometimes the back pain is in the center and under both shoulder blades. I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist tomorrow.
Avatar n tn In 09/2005 he sent me to have another ct scan after sever loss of hand control and still sharp pain in right side of neck and shoulder pins and neddes in the hand and fingers. the results was a pinched nerve at c7-t1. back to surgery in 11-2005 after lossing our son in a motorcycle accident in 10/2005. the surgery was great the pain at the neck area was released during the surgery. but still had major pain in hand and shoulder and back.
Avatar n tn I was in a car accident last May. Have 2 Bulging discs in neck. I have severe pain in me neck and back and shoulder. I had a nerve block done on Wednesday, dont feel to bad. Drs saying its not herniated and not pinching any nerves nothing they can do. Doed that mean I have to wait for them to herniate before anything can be done. Nerve block will only last a couple of weeks. On muscle relaxers and migraine meds. never had this problem before dont know what to do.
Avatar n tn 1 month ago I had a Nissen fundoplication surgery but since then I have had a right shoulder pain that goes almost to the neck, becomes more intensive after eating, my doctor told me that for his point of view the shoulder pain is not a problem related with the Nissen fundoplication but I didn't have this pain before the surgery, does anyone know something about this, do you think this problem could have been because of the surgery??, I'll thank you all your support !!
Avatar n tn It feels like tension from sitting at the desk, computer, though I get it after eating a large meal also. I've been doing neck stretches, to little avail. When I crack my neck and pull it to the right, it feels great momentarily, then it tenses up again usually.
Avatar n tn I would suggest you to do some neck exercises every day, maintain a good posture while sitting and make sure your head and neck are well supported when lying down. Other possibilities like cervical spine stenosis, disc herniation or prolapse also need to be ruled out. I would suggest you to get a clinical exam done if the pain persists even after correcting the posture because then the possibility of sinusitis and neuralgias also should be looked into.
Avatar f tn Hey y'all! Does anyone else get a headache and shoulder pain after eating? Sometime accompanied by nausea too. I know that blood pressure goes up after eating and I suppose it can impact CSF pressure. I don't eat anything until after 11am and feel pretty good up until I eat. It happens after my evening meal too...Gotta eat, a disconcerting symptom to say the least.
Avatar f tn A week later pain still constant but than as suddenly pain in belly button appeared and pain in shoulder gone. Than horrible pain in middle of chest and back between both shoulder blades after drinking a margarita and eating fried chicken which I hardly ever do.
Avatar m tn I have pain between my shoulder blades and tightness and popping in my back and chest for 10 years now. I am 30 yrs old and have been to the physical therapist and chiropractor also for this problem. I noticed the problem started when I was around 20 years old when I first started working at a job where I was at a computer all day.
Avatar m tn Theres also some things about the quality of your pain.. Does it wax and wane (come and go) in 5 - 15 minute waves? Is it more dull/constricting then it is sharp? Is it predominantly in the middle of your chest or in the front left surface of your chest (region of your left pects)? Pain on the top of your shoulder or below the nipple doesnt count here.. Is your left neck or jaw in pain? Does pain travel down your left arm, particuarly on the half of the arm that your pinky finger is on?
Avatar n tn Is a needle like pain in shoulder and radiates all the way down my right arm. It starts five to min after i have the drink and sometimes it lasts for hours, causing me not to sleep because of the pain. It helps when someone rubs or hits my harm slightly to help ease the horrible pain. Feels like my chest was about to burst open, had a hard time breathing. Yesterday I had it for the first time with a wine cooler and that's what prompt me to search for a cause and came upon this forum.
Avatar n tn I also had the problem of mucus after eating and have found that it is because of a food-allergie.( eggs, diary and so on ). When I avoid alletrgic foods I have no mucus problem. When I have an attac ( musus and coughing that could last for hours ) I take half a teaspoon of Baking Soda in a glas of water and have immediate relief.
Avatar m tn Two months ago, I had intermittent sharp abdominal pain and chest pain, and visited the ER. They ran two EKGs, several blood tests, chest x-ray, a cardiac stress test, and an echo-cardiogram. "The full work-up." They determined I have a Right Bundle Branch Block, but the other tests showed no issues, so they advised me to ignore that issue, and they scheduled me an endoscopy with a GI doctor.
Avatar m tn Two months ago, I had intermittent sharp abdominal pain and chest pain, and visited the ER. They ran two EKGs, several blood tests, chest x-ray, a cardiac stress test, and an echo-cardiogram. "The full work-up." They determined I have a Right Bundle Branch Block, but the other tests showed no issues, so they advised me to ignore that issue, and they scheduled me an endoscopy with a GI doctor.
Avatar n tn c-4 fused in 06. After the first two surgeries there was new pain and the old was gone. After the last surgery no pain relief was aquired. Dr. also says c-7 & t1 is herniated and that the two remaining cervical disk are not too bad off. He keeps stressing that I am too young to have my neck totally fused together. (I am 32) But the pain is bad. I live on heavy narcotics (patch and pills). I get severe muscle spasms and burning. Loss of sleep. I am effected by all the meds as well.
454739 tn?1205926268 About three weeks after the injury I was still having strong pain in the chest and shoulder/back and the new Medics arrived. My boss was very helpful and prevented me from doing anything that would further aggrivate my injury, to the point that he would... "strongly council" me if I tried to help or volunteer to do something that he thought would further aggravate my injury. Three weeks after the injury occurred the new medics arrived and settled in and took a look at me.
Avatar n tn Dull achey pain in my upper back, No stomach pain. Felt like a flu but much worse, and nausea. I felt this way all day but got much worse after eating KFC. I have history of gallstones. The hospital labs (including CT & ultrasound) came back negective for any inflamation of the GB and no bile duct dilation. Blood and urine are fine. I did have one valid textbook gallblater attack a year ago. One note: I have had a constant upper back & neck ache for 2 weeks prior to this bad episode.
Avatar n tn It sometimes goes down my arm and up into my neck jaw and ear. If I eat anything im in sevier pain for at least a couple of hours then just pain for the time till I eat again. Its not even worth eating, but then I het so hungry. will this ever go away!!!!
Avatar f tn don,t feel so bad i been whit so many doctors and after almost 4 years in pain 2 surgerys like if15 shoots in my face after the last surgery my tmj get worse my cheek in the right side my teeh in the top and in the botom my ear my eyes the clicking the hurt when i open my mouth mostly in the mornings and my shoulder and doctors don,t agre some say is tmj and others tell me is something alse i feel like i,m crazy one doctor tell..
Avatar f tn I have been in pain for over a year now!! I have had 3 different MRI's shoulder c-spine and brachial plexus. They found nothing!!! Emg showed disturbance in my c6 and c7 vertebrates. I have received 1 epidural steroid injection and 2 nerve root blocks! I have no relief with the ESI but have 2 days of relief with the nerve blocks. Right now they have me on gabapentin 1200mg a day, OxyContin ER 10mg a day, norflex twice a day along with muscle relaxers.
Avatar n tn I had a total gastrectomy 3-months ago and since I have had severe pain in my upper arm and neck area. the pain seems to worsen at night when I am sleeping. The doctors dont beleive it has anything to do with surgery but this has been going on since then. According to the info posted that the nerve endings of diaphram are somehow connected to the shoulders.
Avatar n tn I'd follow up on the liver enzyme situation. How much do you weigh? Are you eating well? Taking vitamins? Resting whenever you can? Do you have a fever? Is your belly OK from the C section? With a new baby it's so hard to take care of yourself but it's a must after a Csection. Sounds like you are have been through a lot and are run down. With a new baby we tend to be putting everyone else first and out health can suffer. Forget everything you can and take it easy and rest and baby yourself.
Avatar n tn Yup. Pinched nerve city. The land that is very near the place called hell. The question is "where do we go from here?" Often stress (or high sugar levels after a meal) can make these symptoms worse. The reason has to do with osmolality. Fluid crossing membranes exerts additional pressure on the nerve. And that is mediated by osmolality. Some patients get these symptons after eating a big meal and are often told they are "crazy". Glucose levels also affect osmolality.
Avatar m tn It's been a few months since I stopped the meds and I've experienced a lot of neck and shoulder pain. I've been seeking treatment with massage and chiropractic care. The pain is not subsiding at all. The chiropractor said that I don't have an injury, but fascia...itis in neck and shoulder. The only meds I'm on now are protonix for reflux, and clonodine for hot flashes, and wellbutrin.
Avatar n tn Only this time the pain feels twice as bad, and its moved to my color bone and shoulder blades, and some times at the top of my spine. I have not been back to my doctor about the problem as i get the feeling he thinks i'm lying about the pain! Its always uncomfortable but at night its unbearable, i honestly cant sleep and get so annoyed with the pain, sometimes i want to just bang it against something in hope that i will get a pain else where to take my mind of the shoulder pain.
Avatar m tn There is a sharp but constant pain that runs from the base of my skull, down the side of my neck, and terminates just under my shoulder blade, all on the right side only. There is no pain whatsoever on my left side. The tightness/pain results in me not being able to tilt my head, look up or down, or turn my head to the right. The pain returns to all the previously described locations (face, neck, back) whenever I speak, lift items with my right arm, swim, or work out at all.
Avatar n tn And - I have more severe shoulder and left side abdominal pain. Why has mine come and gone for years. I probably have a "flare up" (so to speak) about once every 6 to 8 weeks.