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Avatar f tn My doctor allowed me to try Namenda, which is a alzheimer drug that works by calming overactive neurons in the brain. There has been studies to see if it helped chronic pain and most of them showed it did not. I wanted to try it for myself and she allowed me too. My shrink also thought it was a good idea to try. It did not help my nerve pain but it did help my energy level and the overwhelming "weight" of it all.
Avatar m tn I have also heard about NMDA receptor blockers usually used for Alzhimers that help with nystagmus i.e.Memantine (Namenda). I just haven't heard anything new about the disease except a scientific article that I came across about the benefits of Gabapentin in treating nystagmus. Any help on this issue would be appreciated :) P.S. I am not a big fan of surgery or Botox.
767538 tn?1276578920 You'd have to do alot of research and ask alot of questions..weigh the benefits against the risks....I pray that there would be just a clear cut answer to this. take care all...
Avatar n tn First of all if it is Alzheimer's it will worsen but there is medication that's helpful such as Namenda. Secondly, if that's what's wrong make sure your mother lives in the community with a home attendant. Nursing homes are under regulated and can often be abusive. I can give information on that as an advocate for benefits issues for people with disabilities.
1056589 tn?1273750702 's but he retained some degree of mental functioning (which was helped by Namenda) until about the last year of his life. It is good to shed some light on what is going on. I know there are some people that find knowing that they may develop a specific disability in the future (such as Huntington's Disease) to be too distressing and thus avoid getting tested. The more information they have on what is going on the better they will be able to treat it.
Avatar f tn As for dementia my grandfather benefits much from Namenda and he has memory loss from a stroke but its used for all forms of age related dementia. It would be good to know what medication it is. And what kind of place you are working at?
398059 tn?1447949233 I think you become reliant. In terms of the risk/benefit ratio, I would certainly say the benefits are much heftier. IF you are fatigued. Hope that helps.
356518 tn?1322267242 Although there are an increasing number of options for severe aspects of advanced Parkinsons's such as Namenda for dementia (if determined by a neurologist) they do not reverse the symptoms and as difficult as it is to prepare for physical loss of functioning preparing for loss of mental functioning (even if the cause is neurological) is in many ways worse although there are some practical steps that a person can take to be keep safe and be prepared for it.
Avatar m tn It may be too soon to make a determination and it may only be nerve pain based, but I recently started taking Namenda (alzheimer drug) for chronic nerve pain. Although its really too early to make a final determination because my pain fluctuates wildly for no apparent reason, I believe that it is helping. It will have to see consistent improvement for atleast 2 months before I declare it to be the drug but I see signs of hope.
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