Mixing vicodin with methadone

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Avatar f tn and just like kim said this can be a deadly combo both my phyc dr and my pain dr where consired when I first went on it that there could be problems with the 2....if I where you id warn my friend that mixing annthing with methadone is gambling with you life..and if your wrong you dont get a second chance...methadone is a very strong narcotic and almost annthing including alcohol effects it so tread lightly...
Avatar n tn Hope you are feeling better this morning. I also switched from taking several hydro per day over to taking methadone. One of the biggest mistakes of my life, if not THE biggest. Be aware that all opiates depress your respiratory system. I have a dear friend who was in the beginning stages of COPD and wasn't aware of it. She was taking only about 3 or 4 hydros per day.
Avatar f tn Just be careful mixing the methadone and the benzo. Benzos and methadone is a deadly combo. Make sure you listen to the others and call your pharmacist or ask your doctor.
Avatar f tn Please talk to your doctor. You are much safer tapering off the vicodin or even cold turkey off vicodin then starting methadone. Start the Amino Acid recipe (located on this forum in the health pages).. Lots of good vitamins and useful stuff to help through the withdrawal. There are also meds your doctor can prescribe to ease some of the vicodin w/drawal symptoms.. (something to help with sleep, clonidine - a blood pressure med which helps with the skin bumps and hot/cold flashes)..
Avatar n tn I understand that it is not good to mix drugs with alcohol, but I would like to know of experiences with mixing those two drugs, lexapro and Vicadin, alone.
Avatar n tn Have you ever withdrawn from heroin? I have gone through heroin, methadone, and vicodin withdrawals, and trust me heroin and methadone are far worse to withdraw from. Just because doctors prescribe something to help with opiate recovery, does not mean it is the correct solution. You neglect to mention the role of economics in this.
348629 tn?1212325673 yes if mixing with ssri they both raise serotonin level ....
Avatar f tn I am addicted to Tramadol from fribromyalgia pain and I ran out of tram and I had some left over hydro so I took some to help with restless legs and it did work a little, I know its bad but I didnt know what else to do. But my question is it safe to mix Vicodin with Advil pm? Its almost 1 am and I just want to be done with the day now, but I dont wanna get hurt or anything...
Avatar n tn That's 3500 mg of acetaminophen which isn't a huge amount. It is quite a bit if taken at one time though but to be honest I have taken much more than that at once and for a extended period of time. Luckily I didn't do any damage to my liver or kidneys. You should be just fine since you haven't made a habit out of it. As I'm sure you know, mixing alcohol with acetaminophen is a very bad combination so make sure you don't do that again.
Avatar m tn I used to be on 150 mg of Methadone a day but cut way down to just 30mg/day and it was so tough! Now I'm mixing just 10mg of Valium with the current Methadone. It that mixture safe?
Avatar n tn Can Venlafaxine 37.5 m ( which is a generic brand of Effexor ) be taken with 20 mg of methadone? Are these two drugs okay to be mixed? Anyone taking this?
Avatar f tn I am almost off methadone, I,ve gone from 95 down to 12 & so far so good, as I have lots of confidence & a great attitude that will carry me thru this, but I must say that while suboxone works wonders for some, its not always the best remedy for all, as not all two people are alike, suboxone is very addicting, & like methadone it is highly regulated, not all doctors can give you this, & if you dont have medical insurance its very expensive, also doctors like you to be kept on it
Avatar m tn I used to suppliment my hydro, oxy, and basically anything I could get my hands on with methadone....Then, I was addicted to methadone! I am going to tell you that there is no worse detox then from methadone! Seriously, you need to take a good look at what you are trying to accomplish.....If you want to quit....quit! Cold turkey is the best way.....there are a lot of things you can do to minimize and lessen the time of detox but PLEASE.....put the methadone down!
5155256 tn?1364419296 Does the doc who prescribed the Methadone know you take Klonopin too? Methadone and benzos mixed together is typically not recommended, due to the risk of respiratory depression, and even respiratory arrest. That being said, in some cases, docs will be okay with the combination if the doses are small enough, and if the medications aren't taken all of the time, or are taken short term. This is something you definitely need to discuss with your doctor before mixing them again.
Avatar f tn Hi I am trying or wanting to use some vicodin to ct (if u can call it that using vic) anyway I was on methadone for 7-8 months i weened down to 20 mg and have some (28) 7.5 vicodin. I dont wanna just take them like I know I will (all the time till they r gone) I wanna use the sparingly to get thru the wd from methadone. Any suggestions? I am 5 days and have had 1 dose of methadone in this time. (after the 3rd day) so I guess I am only 2 days. I am so miserable. HELP......
Avatar n tn I cant tell you how many people died from mixing methadone and xanax but its happening at alarming rates everyday. I go to a meth clinic and had a phyc doc prescribe 2mgs 3x a day also. I dont remember most of the month if you know what I mean. GET HIM HELP NOW. Things got so bad with me I became homeless and came clean to the doc that I was an addict. They stopped the scripts and I havent taken xanax like that since. It makes the person look like theyre going to fall over just standing still.
Avatar m tn I am wondering if once I stop taking the methadone if I will be ok and not get any withdrawals since I have not taken any vicodin and the methadone dose is very light?? Anyone with any advice please let me know..
Avatar f tn When I went to the clinic (on methadone 4 years) there were people on both methadone and seraquel. So mixing them is ok for people that are prescribed it. But as kendrika said talk to your doctor forsure! And please tell us why are you on methadone? What dose? Did you start taking them together? Do you still take them together?
1511671 tn?1316564203 re not geting the pain relief from the methadone that you feel you should be getting, please discuss this with your doctor and ask if there is anything else that they could try. There are other pain meds out there that do not contain acetaminophen (tylenol) - and other meds to treat fibro. Please know you are not alone - anytime you'd like to talk, just send me a PM. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn First of all..are you trying to get off the meds or trying to control pain? Methadone is not a drug you want to mess with if you don't have to. How long have you been on the pain meds..and does you Dr. want to prescribe methadone to help prevent withdrawals? You are going to be uncomfortable for about a week..stopping the vicodin. But there are things you can do to make it through..keep posting..and welcome.
Avatar f tn ur doctor needs to tell u what is ok to take with the methadone and follow his advice...if u were taking 3 x what was prescribed, do u think u may have been abusing them or did u take that much just for pain relief? that is too much hydro and it is obviously not the drug for your pain....sometimes narcotics just are not the answer for pain relief and the tolerence u build to them makes them dangerous to take long term...
Avatar f tn I stopped taking vicodin and had some methadone to help with withdrawal. I've taken methadone for about a week now and have just a couple left. I've taken 1.5 for a day or 2 and then 1.25 for 3 days. I have 1.25 left. My question is, will I have withdrawals from the vicodin even though it's been over a week since i've been off them or did the methadone just mask that withdrawal? Also, will I now have withdrawals from the methadone?
Avatar n tn My dr. gave it to me, while i was on 40mg of methadone a day. But i was very scared, so I only to a forth of one one night to see. I was so out of it, but still couldn't sleep, b/c i felt like I was overdosing. Wouldn't recommend it.
396099 tn?1216254986 Hi, I was on welbutrin 150XL 1xper-day,I have anziety/panic,also im on methadone,40mgs for oxycontin and percocet issues.I found the welbutrin was problematic as if may of helped with depression,but increased aggitation,anziety,etc.I stopped the welbutrin and felt way better 2-5 days latter.The methadone i have never found to cause ant adverse reactions.I no longer double doctor and buy oxycontin and worry about running out.In my opinion the benefits are worth the risk.