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Avatar n tn Here are some poems that I found that helped me through my miscarriage. Just thought I would share them: Wings & Halos By Suzanne in memory of Joey Born and lost February 14th 2001 I was so excited when I woke up today I heard my Mommy was coming to play I washed my wings and my halo too Cuz that's what Mommy likes me to do I went to the place where I knew she'd be It's where she comes to visit me She comes for comfort in her despair Oh Mommy, can't you feel me touching your hair?
446156 tn?1275863176 hit me hard ....if i hadnt of had a miscarriage my 1st baby would have been due 02-01-2009 and the secone baby would have been due on 03-19-2009 it also ended in miscarriage....Like i said Thank you so much......
Avatar n tn they said i had a silent miscarriage. that was on thursday. they gave me some tablet that day to help me miscarry. saturday i went back and was made to stay in the hospital from 9am - 7 pm in which time i miscarried the baby in one go. they sent me home with some antibiotics. i am gonna be bleeding for about 10 days..that was the easy part. i am having so much trouble coming to terms with it. i still feel pregnant. i want my baby back..sometimes i understand and sometimes i don't.
1293887 tn?1332706447 Please Help I had a miscarriage about 2 and a half weeks ago. It was quite tramatic at the time because I had to push my son out and we got to see his tiny little body. I was 14 weeks pregnant when i lost him. Last night my husband and I had intercourse, not to try for another child but just because. I found myself crying afterwards because of the thought of losing my son. Can someone please tell me how they felt after a miscarriage in this regard and how they overcame it.
334776 tn?1249972181 so we're not positive yet that she has definitely had a miscarriage, but we won't know what's happened until later today...... this will be her 3rd miscarriage in approximately 2 years...i'm going to feel so horrible "growing" around her now.....but it seems right after the ER (apparently the dr's didnt want to do anything, and apparently told her to just go home).....but she's at her specialist now....
305005 tn?1358731890 Then I framed it, in rememberance of the baby I lost. I'll go find that poem and post it, too. Gosh, these poems make me want to cry my eyes out!
Avatar f tn I know those days are very hard for you. My miscarriage was October 10th. You are in my thoughts and I well say a prayer for that day.
60890 tn?1366361719 Poem was wonderful, Im sure most like myself who have lost a baby due to miscarriage always wonder what he/she would have been like.... My miscarriage was early at 13 weeks so I didnt know the sex of the baby. But you still think of them none the less.
Avatar f tn I just had a miscarriage. I feel so empty. I seen it just come right out of me. Sorry if im graphic.I just can't believe it. And to see it is another level of something ill never forget. I went to the er because I started bleeding after being discharged on possible miscarriage. It happened 45 mins later. That quick. I seen the baby for the first time today and seen the heart beat.my precious little angel was so tiny.
290867 tn?1333572878 I first off want to say I am very fourtionate that I got pregnant agian after my miscarriage at a very fast rate, but why am I so upset? With my first pregnancy my due date would have been today. My best friend who also happens to be my neighbor is at any second going to be having her little boy Charles. Her water broke this morning and the last I heard she is 10 cm. I am happy for her but why is it so hard? My husband does not understand why I am so upset.
Avatar f tn At first my doctor told me to go home and that I would miscarriage but its one week later and my daugther is still fighting. Is there any way for me to create more fluid?
Avatar f tn A Guide to Pregnancy After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss" published in 2000, and many women have since read my poem there. What I did NOT mean to happen, was for my poem to be reposted with many errors and omissions and re-writes, including the omission of my dedication to both Madoka Marietta Rosalie and my lost baby, Rhiannon Roxane, the misspelling of my name MacMillian instead of MacMillan, and even the omission of my name as the author!
Avatar f tn I know that it was important to grieve.I read poems about miscarriage, read a book on grieving, prayed a lot, and just cried when I needed to. I won't lie to you; it IS hard. You will hate seeing babies, pregnant women--even commercials about baby products made me sad. But I guess the light at the end of the tunnel, is that it WILL get better with time. It's just not any better yet. Losing a baby gets at the deepest part of our soul as a mother.It will take time to heal.
1227784 tn?1293502593 i lost my little boy Jayden by miscarriage in March of 2010. for the first few weeks i thought it was all a terrible dream and i would soon wake up from. well i soon discovered it wasnt a dream. i cried day and night begging God to let me have my baby back. about a week or 2 ago the crying stopped and then the anger set it. i am so angry at everything and everyone. certain sounds like a paper shredder or someone eating with their mouth open, sounds that never used to bug me...
547512 tn?1273248625 We were really happy and I was so free of worry and so sure that everything would be okay. I wasn’t even familiar with the word miscarriage. On the 5th of July we took holidays together and a few hours after landing I started to bleed. I knew in that moment that something was wrong, even though the bleeding was very light and eventually stopped during the night. My boyfriend told me that bleeding during pregnancy is normal sometimes but I had the feeling that in this case it wasn’t.
Avatar f tn Some ladies like to write poems and share those. Jump on the cycle buddies thread too for some encouragement. Lots of women put together a little memorial for their lost ones as a sense of closure. You can google pregnancy and infant loss and find all sorts of things, including charms, jewlery, candles, etc.
794496 tn?1351044155 I am 6w2d pregnant after donor egg cycle with 2 embryos transfered at 3 days. I still feel very nervous about miscarriage. But the morning sickness that has kicked in (unfortunately) and the good HCG numbers indicate the pregnancy is going strong. I think it is more stressful than a non donor cycle. It costs a lot more and takes so much more coordination to there is a pressure that this just has to work. So far so good!
646038 tn?1268399586 My principal had 3 miscarriages, two before conceiving her first little boy, one more, then having a healthy little girl. When I went through my miscarriage she told me that when we get to heaven we are going to get to see all of our pretty little babies. Babies that will never have to worry about food being on the table, babies that will never have to worry about being teased, or having any struggles.
Avatar n tn told me that Jacob was a stillborn since I delivered him, but since it was before the 20th week he is technically considered a miscarriage. My husband and I want to have another child as soon as we can. I think it would help me to deal with the loss of Jacob and the fact that my sister-in-law, who I am very close to is pregnant was is due only 3 weeks after I was to be due with her 4th.
561393 tn?1320966415 I am on medication and it's stable again. But I can tell you that I had one miscarriage and then got pregnant again shortly after and was able to have a more than full term baby! I saw that you are from Windsor...I live close to London, Ont and I found a couple websites for you. For a lawyer maybe you can find an appropriate one on lawyerlocate.ca and as for your doctor I would rate him on ratemymd.ca and ratemds.
Avatar n tn C because I was told like you that a natural miscarriage could cause more scarring and infertility. After much research, I am finding that is not true. If you miscarry naturally, just make sure that the doctor does a vaginal ultrasound afterwards to make sure there is no tissue left. If there is tissue left and not taken out, then that is when it can cause scarring. Most times everything comes out. In some cases, a D&C might need to be done to get out remaining tissue.
Avatar n tn I first saw it on a website that a friends friend had created for her infant son who died at 4 mos from SMA. She had all kinds of poems on the site and that was one! Love it. Capermom-Come clean my house, k? :) I am usually a NEAT FREAK but lately I have been too tired and lazy to clean the house. Heck, lately it's a struggle to even feel like cleaning MYSELF!!!
Avatar n tn I now live in CO w/ my hubby and my three sons. 10, 8 and 2. I had a missed miscarriage in January 03 and an ectopic in August 03. I'm not sure where i'm at now...emotionally i'm totally having a hard time still. So, everything is just kind of up in the air. I love this board. I've met some wonderful girls who it's awesome we can share anything with! =) LOTS of hugs to everyone and baby dust to all !!!! HUGS!
551885 tn?1300387422 ( i better feel better before ovulation time!
Avatar n tn I bled for more than 2 months after my miscarriage. On the 5th week, it stopped but it came back after a few days. I have fibroid and after suffering for more than a month of bleeding, my gyne determined that the fibroid cause the bleeding to continue. I had UFE(Uterine Fibroid Embolization) 3 weeks ago and right after the procedure, I stopped bleeding. My HCG went down so slowly. Only after 2 months then it came down to 0.
Avatar n tn There are some emotional support websites, on one of them parents place poems and prayers for their lost ones. You never really heal from this but you`re not alone.
299260 tn?1304219705 I love the poems - they brought me up a bit last night . . . Thank you. Guesito - start the BFP for us IVFrs! Mamatina: I wish I knew a use for the drugs . . . I am sorry the news is not what you wanted - I hope it goes better. Stacey: I know about the dragging weeks - believe me! You will be there soon enough and then it will go very quickly! I am sorry you were not able to take the job - but really cool you got the offer!
Avatar f tn i know for a fact my poetic romance poems were so much more filled with strength and lionistic impressive romance than the crazy colors or slouched tossing out of feelings it would become with drugs...though even the crazy colors and tossed out feelings can be warm and impressive your still under the affect of the drug and its demands and seperations..you have to understand in the end your hurting people and yourself. so try not to relapse.