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Avatar n tn Will 100mg of minocycline twice a day be effective against gonorrhea and chlamydia and other urinary infections
Avatar n tn today I can see they look like zits .. I was percribed NOVO-MINOCYCLINE 100, 1 before bed. I was wondering is this normal could it be anything serious? .
Avatar f tn I asked a few months ago about possible rectal STD exposure. The question I posed was should I be overly concerned about getting rectally tested for STDs if I have had only one instance of rectal exposure vs many instances of genital exposure (all with the same person, obviously). The expert in this forum told me practically, since I had been tested negative at the genital site, the risk from rectal was low since it was all with the same person.
Avatar n tn I was with a potential sexual partner and panicked. I discovered a bottle of Minocycline 100 MG tablets. I took two pills Saturday and Sunday, one on Monday and Tuesday. The symptoms discharge and painful urination are gone. I am now back in the city with access to health facilities. Should I go and be tested ? Should I continue the Minocycline ? I have a( 25) 100 MG left. HELP. I am really nervous.
Avatar n tn Hi I am dicoverer255, my question is , can I use minocycline 100MG to treat an S.T.D?
Avatar m tn All, I recently had a standard STD screen and my RDR test showed positive and came back at 1:8 for the quant. test. I have a scalp condition I've had for years that my dermatologist treats with 200mg daily of minocycline. I'm wondering 2 things: 1) Could the same scalp condition cause the RDR test to show a false-positive? Especially a 1:8 reading? 2) If it IS truly positive, is Minocycline 200mg daily (which I've taken for 2+ yrs) sufficient to treat for syphillis?
Avatar n tn I have been given minocycline for my scalp sores and that cleared them up as well as the stiff neck and swollen glands. After using up the prescription the symptoms seem to come back. I have had the minocycline perscriptions twice and both times they fixed the problem and both times after the prescription was used up the symptoms came back. My wife has also had the scalp sores. She also has a runny nose and a cough that will not go away (6 months now ).
Avatar m tn I wiped it down in the bathroom afterward just to be sure, but I'm concerned that a droplet or two may have found its way inside or that I might have inadvertently pushed it in when I cleaned the area. What are my STD risks here? Incidentally, I'm on 100mg minocycline right now for unrelated reasons.
Avatar m tn Other than vaginal discharge and abdominal pain, your symptoms are not of concern for STD. Neither HIV nor other STD is a likely cause of the symptoms you numbered 2, 3, and 4. Perhaps I will have more comments if you let me know about gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis testing treatment for gonorrhea. In the meantime, you need not worry at all about HIV; those test results are conclusive.
Avatar m tn I was walking a lot so there was plenty of sweat and rubbing in my tight jeans. Unrelated, but I've been on minocycline for a few months. Sometimes I forgot to take my pill throughout the week of the vacation. I got a couple of spider bites. My symptoms: The onset of my symptoms happened only a couple of days after my last sexual encounter. I kind of doubt that it's an STD because even syphilis has a incubation period of at least 9 days.
Avatar m tn I've been taking Minocycline 90 mg once per day for about a month before the incident and continue to take it afterwards for severe acne. As minocycline is known to cure gonorrhea and chlamydia, will it help in fighting it off or make me more immune somehow?
Avatar n tn At the time of my discovery (last week), I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend also last week (once, and total twice in past two months). I contacted the hotel doctor, who said most likely std (chlamydia) and he gave me 1gr zithromax first day, 500mg the second, then 100mg doxycycline twice per day for 7 days. My gf had a sorethroat from the air conditioning, so he gave her 500mg of zithromax, once per day for 6 days, which he said would take care of her if she was infected by me as well.
Avatar m tn Occasionally there has been discomfort extending to the testicles and into the glands area above and to the sides of the pubis. I have been to STD clinics on several occasions after the symptoms begin to get tested. Some swabs have shown signs of white blood cell build up - i.e. NSU, so I have been given antibiotics. After a few days the symptoms clear up. Swabs taken on other occasions have not shown anything unusual. The results for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea have always come back negative.
Avatar n tn She also told me later that she has all the symptoms since two years including occasional swelling of right parotod gland and bumps on the tounge. But she does not know the problem because her STD tests are normal. Q2) do you suggest any more tests? Because I am nt taking anti biotics still because this medecene may inhibit the diagnosis of other bacteria if any thing is there? So do you want me to wait or i can take this medecene now? Q3) Doxy or Mino cyclene which one is better?
Avatar m tn I take 100 mg of Minocycline daily and have been doing so for the last two years. When I went in to get tested back in December, after having three months between that and my then last sexual encounter, I came out as negative across the board for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and HIV. I recently just took another test, due to the fear that I may have had "false negatives" for my first test. I am a perfectly straight man.
Avatar f tn I have been super anxious and have been checking my penis for other potential signs of std multiple times a day, every day. The only potential thing I’ve notices is that while “pulling apart” my urethra to look inside there seems to be a “patch” of the inner skin that is a slightly lighter color. But I don’t know if that is from the previous infection or if it’s really anything. It may have been there before and I didn’t notice. There are no other signs on the skin.
Avatar n tn I recently posted to you regarding a question on receiving breif oral contact and stds. I also asked you if minocycline would protect a person from clamydia. Another question on minocycline... Would it clear up and protect against Goneria (sorry, can't spell), and syphilis? It has been going on three weeks and I have shown no symptoms, except one thing... and I have a feeling it is stress related. I have been having this dull ache in my groin area.
Avatar n tn I was told that my urine was clean, referred to a Urologist, and given a prescription for antibiotics(Ciproflaxin because her initial guess was protatitis and minocycline to cover my bases for STD). I took the Cipro for a week without any improvement and then started on the Minocycline, I took the full course of each (about 30 days) and had no change in symptoms. I have had pain in my testicles and penis along with very frequent urination for 12 weeks now.
Avatar f tn Partner1, I'm 99% sure she's monogamous with me. Partner1 has been taking minocycline for several years. Partner1 has also recently been diagnosed w/ "antibiotic induced hep a symptoms". Symptoms include jaundice, swollen abdomen, yellow eyes etc. Partner 2 also has more than one partner. I've recently caught chlamydia. Of course I want to know where I caught it but in talking to both partners, nobody has revealed anything yet.
Avatar m tn I'm dealing with a bout of moderate acne right now and am on minocycline for a month (with 3 repeats). As a bottom, I've never actually done coitus before, so I don't understand how my penis could've been infected with anything. Could this be a result of an infection by an STI such as syphilis, or is it just a pimple on my penis? If anybody could have any help on the issue, that'd be great, thanks!
Avatar f tn I also take minocycline for acne so I'm doubting it could be gonorrhea/chlamydia. Just started noticing it now. Its been about a week or so, I'm a male.
Avatar m tn For the last year, I've been on 100mg of minocycline per day to treat acne. I looked up that minocycline is an investigatory drug for HIV because it can potentially reduce replication and activation in latent infected HIV cells, primary CD4+ cells. Around 4 months post exposure, I stopped taking this and almost immediately had a strange ache in my knees and elbows, knees especially.
Avatar f tn Anyways sense she most likely gave it to him, he most likely gave it to me (we had unprotected sex because im on birth controll) Anyways I'm prescribed to Minocycline for acne. Minocycline is an antibactieral that is used to treat many other different things INCLUDING chlamydia.
Avatar m tn Two weeks later after two weeks of urethra and meatus pain, went to Urologist, whom diagnosed me with prostatitis, and he put me on Cipro, but that was killing my joints after 5 days, and was switched to Minocycline (15 days now) for 30 days. I have a constant feeling like my urethra is irritated, and the tip of my penis is also irritated right at the opening. With all of the antibiotics I've taken, how can this still be going on? Nothing has changed.
Avatar n tn No pain or bumps on my penis or no type of discharge. I am taking 100mg of minocycline a day for acne. I have been on this for 3 weeks already and will be on it for some time. If i did have gonorrhea or chylemdia, would this dosage clear it up? 3. I sometimes get a pimple on my inner and outer thigh and buttocs and inside my anus. I have never had any type of receptive anal sex. They come one at a time. I have an acne problem on my back and face, this is why i am not too concerned about it.
Avatar n tn I'm female, 19 years old, and have been experiencing symptoms that I'm pretty worried may be an STD. I've had two sexual partners, and the first was unprotected. For the past few months I've had much more discharge than normal lately, noticed an odor down stairs, and have had fairly bad itching. (Although, I am on an antibiotic which may cause vaginal itching.) There are no visual symptoms, but I'm worried enough by the symptoms I have.
Avatar n tn Worried that I may have transferred something from his penis to mine. What are the chances of STD? It's been about 5 weeks. No discharge. No sores. But, my left testicle seems sore and my urethra sometimes feels like I have soap in it - seems worse when I am sitting down. Does not burn to pee or ejaculate. Feel like I am stopping to check my penis every ten minutes and it is driving me crazy! HELP!
Avatar n tn I am in china at that time, so i went to see the doctor and the doctor gave me a zithromax 250mg for first day, then a month for metronidazole 200mg, Minocycline 50mg, Lysozyme 60mg. In mid Jan, I came back to US, I still feel burning on both side of testicles, so i go to the city clinic to check. They give me two more weeks doxycycline 100 mg. And all STD test come out negative. The doctor there said I am clear. But I still feel some burning on my testicle.