Middle finger pain in left hand

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Avatar n tn Also I've met aot of people with left middle finger injuries.
Avatar f tn this is the third day that my right index finger is swellon and hurts to touch. keeping in mind that it could be either arthritis or a insect bite because i was in shed.
Avatar m tn For the past 2 weeks I've had pain/soreness in my right middle finger (dominant hand), which occurs usually when bending or flexing. The problem began distinctly when I woke up one morning with this unusual pain. It doesn't hurt when the finger is at rest, and none of the other fingers hurt at all, it's only the middle finger. The finger itself is not swollen or any different in appearance to the middle finger on my left hand.
Avatar f tn When I wake in the mornings, my left thumb and my 3 middle finger joints and thumb on my right hand hurts like mad. What can this be? I work in an office and use the keyboard and mouse constantly, can that be the reason this is happening? Is there some topical ointment I can rub on it to make the aching pain go away? If not, is there some oral medicine used to treat this kind of pain!! Thank you in advance for your help.
Avatar n tn i noticed last summer a pea sized lump on middle left hand finger...not painful..whitish color..felt watery not hard...numb to touch...this year it has spread to just under nailbed..not as larger but rather flatter and wider..also my finger nail on this same finger is deformed...it has deep ridges. once in awhile there is hint of pain in whole area around lumps.. also seems finger nail is brittle,chippy just unhealthy nail. what does this sound like?
Avatar f tn I'm 21 years old, for the past 3 or 4 days I've had this pain in my middle finger on my left hand. it mainly hurts down by my knuckle.It hurts whenever i type and sometime when i move my hand. i wasn't sure if this could be a carpal tunnel symptom or what?
Avatar m tn Excercise almost every day/ For the last 2 months I have had a recurrent pain in the middle finger of my left hand. The pain is in the area between the palm and the knucke. It feels at times like a burning sensation or a knife going through. There is no swelling or discoloring . I had a Harrington rod fusion in my back 22 years ago and have been fine.
Avatar n tn You can also have these symptoms like numbness in both hands, left palm burning, right middle finger pain with back / spine problems. Take an appointment near an orthopaedician. Take care!
Avatar n tn My left hand fingers go down in stairsteps from the index finger. My right hand has the middle finger much shorter than the index and ring finger which are the same length. A doctor noticed it one day and got very excited about it. She said it was very rare and heredity and that I wasn't born that way, it grew that way. I've never seen anyone else that has the same condition. Guess I'm not as "special" as I thought I was.
Avatar n tn I'be currently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I also have high blood pressure. My left hand has been numb for about a week now and my middle and ring finger hurt extremely bad almost feels like they are broken. Does anyone know what could be causing this. Ive read you can get carpal tunnel while being pregnant but I though carpal tunnel affected your wrists more.
Avatar f tn is in the middle joint? If the pain in the finger on my right hand is being caused by an old trauma, why am I getting the exact same pain progression in two fingers on my left hand? And if it is not an old trauma, but a build up of calcium or bone material, doesn't the fact that it's happening to multiple joints at the same time indicate a bigger problem?
Avatar n tn i have had numbness, tingling , and at times small shocking feelings in my index finger and middle finger on my left hand from the nuckle up to the tip of my fingers.in certain positions it sort of hurts. what could be causing this? it has been going on for several weeks and did not accompany a injury. i am a nurse an do alot of physical work but again, no injury.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm a 22 years old male and in the past two days i've being experiencing a moderate pain in my left hand's middle joint of the middle finger. I usually feel this pain when i open my hand and extend my finger or if i touch something or make pressure with the finger and if i were to type something for example. The pain came suddenly and i can't notice any swelling or redness in the joint, but i feel like it is weak.
Avatar f tn The last month my finger pain has really gotten bad and has now started in on my right hand too - and that started with a bout of SHARP pain in the pinky finger joint but is now in the middle, ring, pinky on that hand too - still worse on the left. what gives?
Avatar n tn Atrophy in my left hand (last 6 months) Weakness in my left hand (last 3+ years) middle and ring finger in left hand shake Minor pain in my back EMG showed fasciulations in my left arm and hand My MRI summary report says "There is a oblong focus of enhancement involving the left posterior elements of C7 without significant edema on the other sequences. Potentially this could be a hemangioma. Correlation with CT scan could be performed as clinically warranted.
Avatar m tn I have pain in my left arm, its like a tingling sensation and also have bad pain in the lower part of my left hand upper the wrist. Its happening on and off all day long for 1 month now. Also have chest pain on the left side and my left arm get numb and tingling. All of this happen at rest. I had a lot of heart tests done (holter monitor, EKG, blood tests, echography of the heart, events monitor 2 weeks, stress test...) , my Cardio Doc cant find anything wrong with my heart.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing muscle cramp type pain in the middle to pinky fingers on my left hand intermittently (a few times throughout each day) which makes my left hand painful to use for a few minutes each time. The pain is only in the top of these three fingers (where the finger meets the palm down to the knuckle) and it feels like cramp but isn't helped by moving/stretching the fingers.
Avatar f tn For about 8 months I have had a numb/tingeling sensation in my left pinky finger that extends to about my wrist. Its a constant feeling but does not seem to have any "pain" associated with it.. just always numb. Any ideas as to what could be causing this??
Avatar n tn My numbness is my entire arm but then only the middle finger, ring finger, and my little finger. My pointer finger and my thumb are fine. It's a very uncomfortable feeling!! Have you ever had an x-ray or MRI done on your back to look for arthritis, DDD, or herniated disc's? It might be worth a trip to your Dr. to check it out. You might consider a Rheumatologist and a Neurologist to find out exactly what you have going on. I hope that you can get some answers.
Avatar f tn I was given injections in all places the doctor 'could possibly give me'. That was in the middle of 2007. I waited six more months to see if the problem would improve, but it got worse. Recently I had surgery on the palm of my hand to release the tendons. The stitches were removed but the incision is still open, and the hand is very sore. The base of the thumb and all fingers are very stiff and swollen somewhat.
Avatar m tn I play football a great deal and often jam my fingers. Recently, while playing, I experienced a collision that "jammed" my middle finger on my left hand. I experienced a good deal of swelling and stiffness in that finger (similar to when I have jammed it in the past). I assumed it was simply a jam and that the swelling would go away in time. It has now been over a month and there is still a little pain/swelling near the center of the finger... but most of the pain is gone.
Avatar f tn It hurts really bad and I have a high tolerance for pain, but it is getting so bad, I can't even sleep through the night. Not only does my hand go numb, but my middle finger and the one next to it goes numb and stays numb. Any idea what this is? I have not had any recent trauma to it nor have I have any surgeries on the left side. Please someone, if you have any idea what it is, give me some advice. I do not have insurance so going to see someone is not possible, unless I go to the ER room.
Avatar n tn It may be coming from your neck. It is called Radiculopathy. Google it. EMG studies would confirm it. Go to a clinic if you have to. You should not delay treatment.
Avatar n tn The pain and numbness went away for about 8 months. Then on my left hand my small finger went numb then my ring ringer and half of my middle finger. I have had 4 EMG's (ouch) and prefer never to have another one due to the face they tell me everything is normal. Occasionaly the pad on my left hand hurts and gets numb as well as the lower portion of my arm. My question is: Is this due to the herniated C4 & C5 or is it due to that nerve that is refered to as the funny bone nerve?
Avatar f tn Hi, i've been having numbness and tingling in my right index and middle finger for about a week or so now. I've also noticed that my arm goes weak when I try to hold things (like a fork to eat or a cup of coffee) or when I write or type. I have to stop and shake my hand. The symptoms do not wake me up at night. I have worn a wrist brace on that hand for years and lately have worn it very tightly to avoid pain.
Avatar f tn I have the small painless ulcer, which is the first sign. However it is on my left hand, middle finger. This may be due to inserting this finger into the vagina. What do you think? Do I have it? Possible to get syphilis through this? I'm also feeling very fatigued, glands swollen and joint pain and muscle aches. I went for a blood test, but need to wait 6 weeks.